Asumi Sex School – Sky’s Application Form

Dear Diary,

“Teacher Asumi” is back. Asumi Sex school just enrolled a new student.

Please welcome Sky! Let me share with you, dear readers, his application below.

Now, back to work for Teacher Asumi. Let me prepare his first assignment ūüėČ



Student details:

First Name:
Date of Birth:
April 1989
Marital status:
Name and age of siblings if applicable:
Education background:
Honors degree
Name of current employer:
Current position:

Additional information: In order for the school to better cater to your learning needs as a student, please answer the following questions in the number of words given into brackets:

1. How many people are staying with you? 5 people

2. Why have you chosen Asumi Sex School as your school? (200 words)¬†I chose Asumi Sex School is because i love the stories that Ms. Asumi share on the blog. It showed Ms Asumi is a knowledgeable teacher and impart her knowledge to students who are interested in the field of sex. She made me feel excited to join the programme as i would like to learn more about my sexuality and how i can use it to satisfy others and myself. I always curious this field but i don’t have a person to guide me or ask to. So, i felt the Asumi Sex School is a great place for me to enhance my knowledge and experiences.

3. Describe your physical features you prefer? (200 words)¬†I had a normal asian guy look. average height and with a average weight. I’m not muscular type but just look balance with my height and a little bit chubby. Beside, i also not a hairy style but with a clean and neat look.

4. How many sexual partners have you had?¬†I’ve only had sex once. However, I’ve had sexual relations with others girls but did not have intercourse but jz loads of foreplay or oral.

5. How old were you when you had your first encounter? Who was it with? 18yo and is 1 of my friend.

6. Describe in 500 words your best sexual experience.¬†My best sexual experience was with a girl I first sex with. She was my first experience but I wasn’t her as she had lot more experienced. We met in her house, and playing computer. Then, she put her hand on my tight and goes to my crotch. I turned hard¬†immediately¬†and my hand in on her breast. We kissed and then went to the bathroom. We quickly removed each other bottom. I slid my finger into her wet pussy and kissing her as well. Her pussy is dripping the juice while i fingering her. She play my rock hard toy up and down while i fingered her. After that, we get into the¬†missionary position and she guide my toy into her wet hole. I felt my foreskin being¬†flipped¬†while pass through the¬†¬†vagina and the hymen. It felt¬†Incredible. As i reached the deepest and she is moaning. We do it all the way until we both cummed together.

7. What are you looking for in this program (200 words)? I would like to let my teacher know my deepest fantasies and ask her advise on whether they would be suitable for others. I also would like to learn new ways to pleasure myself, while letting my teacher criticise my usual ways of pleasing myself. I love to read story and comic but not really know to write the story. I also got many of question that would like to ask teacher. and i really felt i dunno how to social with other people and cannot date any girls lately. So i would like teacher can give some tips about it.

8. List down 5 of your fantasies and describe in at least 500 words your favourite. 

a. Teacher-student fantasy
b. 3p fantasy
c. Friends fantasy
d. living in the world that no betray and with trusted friend
e. a guy who serve girls
Description: I’ll like to be an obedient. I like to be 1 or more girls together or seeing the girls play themselves.

9. List down any sexual act who do not want to perform during the program. This last can be as long as needed and is deemed exhaustive: any act not listed will be considered as allowed.

b. Anal
c. abnormal sex

Readers’ Contribution – Staplerman

Dear Readers,

I feel so privileged: the brilliant Staplerman wrote a new story staring me. I feels special having now 3 stories written for me by singapore’s bests erotica blogger.

This is my favorite story. It is so nicely written that it touched straight my heart.

I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I did.

Thank you so much Staplerman.


– – – –

Asumi (Whatsapp): ‘Thanks for your comment. I seriously have no idea what to do now. How I wish I have someone to talk to right here.’

Me (Whatsapp): ‘I get what you mean. It’s often the people who aren’t too close that we can safely share our secrets with.’

Asumi (Whatsapp): ‘Any chance you are free to meet now?’

With that, I finished up my work and closed the bar, thoughts running through my mind on how to console this heartbroken lady without causing more damage. Being someone who had been through similar experience, I understood how she felt, especially the confusion about why someone would hurt her when she merely wanted to live normally. That blog she wrote her stories on, was just a therapy for her to balance her life, and desires.

We met at a nearby coffee shop where the night had just started, a place where men gather to spot those working ladies dressed to lure hungry wolves. As a friend, I knew the beers she gorged down served as a way to momentarily take those pain away, but more importantly, I had to find a way to let her sleep tonight. The ringing struggle between comprehension and misjudgement would definitely take its toll on anyone sane, and Asumi was a lady I wanted to help.

The long conversations recounting that night went on past midnight, until she got too drunk, sobbing in the presence of looking crowd. Although I had no plans that night, getting laid was the last thing on my mind. The lack of intention to head home soon led me to check her into a hotel, letting her hide under the blankets and crying her heart out.

For someone who had initially wanted to comfort her, I ended up falling asleep on the comfy bed and the loud splashing in the shower room woke me up. A little relieve came when I saw her feeling well enough to wash up, and I continued lying on the bed, keeping watch at the translucent doors her body was moving behind.

Finally, she appeared in just a towel and plopped next to me, hugging my arm between her boobs.

Asumi: ‘Thanks for listening tonight. I guess there’s no point getting affected by it while you spend your time with me, caring to listen and try to comfort me.’

Me: ‘It’s the least I can do. I don’t know you well enough to hurt you like they did.’

She planted a kiss on my cheeks and I wrapped my hand around her shoulders, pulling her closer to my warm body. Her hand went into the blanket at my waist and felt my shorts still on, so she lightly circled her palm over it.

Asumi: ‘Why is it still on?’

Me: ‘You should just sleep and try to feel better. I don’t think it’s the right time to have sex.’

Asumi: ‘And if I say you can help me feel better by removing your shorts?’

Me: ‘Then I’ll do it.’

Her small hand lowered my shorts enough to expose my raw stick and a pat on my chest signalled to me that it was all she needed. Those long, thin fingers went around my dick and started stroking it, in such a gentle manner as though she was petting a kitten.

As a guy, I did not attempt to move and simply let her did what she wanted, until it was fully erected and throbbing wildly in her hand. The blanket was then lifted aside to give her access to my groin, and she shifted her body between my legs.

Me: ‘Are you sure you’re alright with it?’

Asumi: ‘Since no one can make me happy, why don’t I make someone happy right? At least I still feel wanted.’

Me: ‘But you know that’s not true, you will always be wanted.. ‘

Just as I completed my sentence, her mouth went down on me and she started off with a fast-paced blowjob, coating my dick with her saliva and shoving her head down. The contrasting ambient did surprise me but her dedication to sucking me off was so focused. I could only hang onto the spare pillows and groaned as she vacuumed my rod.

Her lips kept moving across the shaft without hesitation nor pauses, totally submitting herself to please me. It was only ten minutes later the girl cracked her jaws accidentally that got me to realise such a long time had past. Asumi kept her eyes on me when her mouth left the tip, and went over my hips, sitting down on that standing pole. The first thing that melted me was the unintentional rubbing of her slit on my shaft, giving me a feel of that softness without being penetrated.

She had certainly noticed the expression on my face and moved a few more times before raising her body high enough. A easy push of my tip under her pussy enabled her to sit slowly down my rod. Two short groans came from her mouth as she peered at our genitals, still midway connecting. A small lax in her thighs shoved my dick into her and she held onto my shoulders while the initial pain went away.

As soon as she felt better, her body began moving on its own and she did not even allowed me to suck on that pair of full breasts. Throughout the cowgirl ride, she had changed to squatting, grinding and the back-forth rocking of her hips. It was so intense beyond my powers that I loved being led in her pace. The muscles in her pussy was squeezing me so hard that I couldn’t last long too. I totally had lost it when she kept grinding me, pushing my dickhead to its limit.

The ecstatic look on her face when she climaxed was so mesmerising, in a way that she was letting herself go completely without restraints. The waves of pleasure was all she could use to forget the pain in her heart. And the continuous movements just kept her orgasm lasting for as long as she wanted.

Me: ‘Asumi, I really.. can’t take it anymore.. ‘

Asumi: ‘Just shoot inside me. I don’t care.’

Me: ‘Fuck no.. It’s not right!’

I flipped her dangerously to the side of the bed and pinned her arms with one hand above her head, while jerking myself off between her legs. In less than a minute, the thick glob of cum splattered over her stomach and she broke herself free, rubbing the life-giving fluid around her pussy. A futile attempt to guide my dick back into her resulted in me stepping away from her, and forcing her to lie still beside me.

I could only hugged her so tightly that she couldn’t move and before I knew it, soft cries were coming from her. The girl’s face was stained with tears and I just held her in that position, pecking on her forehead until she had fallen asleep.

Very stealthily, I went back to my bed space and laid facing her, holding myself back from kissing that beautiful, worn out face.

Asumi (whispering): ‘Thank you.. ‘

Me (whispering): ‘Shhh.. goodnight.’

And the room went dark with a flick of the switch above my head.

Readers’ Contributions – Staplerman

Dear all,

It is with extreme pride that I post this Readers’ Contributions.The reason for this? It is written by none else but the best erotica blogger in Singapore Staplerman!!! Please check out his blog. it is so fantastic that you will soon spend hours and hours reading it.

Not only I am pride that staplerman reads my blog but also that he took some time out of his busy writing schedule to feature me in one of his stories. This latter is a great contribution for all of my readers and lovely personal gift to me.

Now enjoy his writing skills imagination: it is pure pleasure.

After I had closed the bar at twelve, a lady wearing a white blouse and mid-thigh length black skirt, alighted a cab that had pulled up along the busy road. She walked right to the glass door of the bar and I was ready to inform her that we were done for the night, but a quick raise of her hands to make an ‘A’ shape brought our meeting to mind.

I hastily placed the last of the beer glasses back on the rack and invited her in, handing her a cold beer from the fridge before asking her to proceed upstairs where it was more comfortable to chill. Finally, the lights at the shop was turned off and I made my way up, to find her drinking quietly while typing away on her phone.

Me: ‘You’re on time.’

Asumi: ‘Yeah. Today was my off day, and I was wondering what to do when you emailed me.’

Me: ‘Lucky day for me huh?’

She patted on the empty space beside her and I took my seat, taking a large mouth of the fruity beer. As though we were long lost friends, her friendliness made it easy for my quiet nature to talk to, covering pretty much about everything under the sun. And it was through the conversation that I learnt a fair bit about her too. With the time passing unmonitored, we found ourselves to be sitting closer as we drank, even letting me wrap my arm around her neck to give her a taste of what I was drinking and in return, a sip from her bottle of beer.

Slowly, my last bottle was emptied and hands were free to rest on her exposed thighs, talking right in front of each others’ face about the secret stuff of our blogs. With the close proximity and the high from alcohol, the advances from my hand up her skirt met no resistance, and she was constantly resting her head on my arm behind her.

Sensing her state of high, I knew it was only right to ask for permission, and in a non-offensive way too. It was the time to think out of the box.

Me: ‘Can I show you a trick to get drunk without drinking?’

Asumi: ‘Huh? How?’

Me: ‘Wait for me.’

I ran downstairs to the bottle of Bacardi, containing 40% alcohol. It was simple knowledge to those who took drugs, but definitely unknown for average people like us. I poured a shot glass full of it and brought it to her, dipping my finger into it to get a generous coat all over my skin.

The next thing was a ‘do or die’ move. I slipped my hand with the Bacardi under her skirt and pushed her panties to the side, in turn getting a stern look from Asumi. ‘Shh.. ‘, I whispered that before she could question me, and my fingertip ran up and down her slit, wetting it until her bodily fluid came to dilute the solution. From that, I knew she was feeling a little horny, and the alcohol made work easier.

My hand exited her skirt and made another dip into the shot glass, going back to her panties to sink my digits into her. After three short minutes, her face was redder than ever and was muttering words I couldn’t understand. And so, I’ve got what I wanted. I got up and slipped my hands under her skirt to pull those panties off, putting it in a pile on the wide arm rest. She was totally aware but unable to gather any strength to help. A push of her skirt lifted it up to her hips and I raised the shot glass to her tummy, pouring it in a steady stream while fingering her.

It was an instantaneous effect when alcohol was absorbed through the part of a woman’s body with so many nerve endings. Seeing her drunken state, I gave in to my urge to kiss her and it advanced to a passionate tongue fight in no time. The next thing I knew was the frenzied rush to get my jeans off, and getting her perspiration-soaked top unbuttoned. Staring at those beautiful curves of her breasts in her bra, my fingers were still busy keeping her wet.

Asumi: ‘Are you just going to look at them?’

My free hand quickly reached under her shirt to her back to unclasp the hooks, replacing the restrictive bra with my mouth, trained to use the teeth and tongue to put her into overdrive. It wasn’t pain that my technique created, but it was the alternating hard and soft teasing that made her lose control.

With my jeans halfway down my legs, she gave my underwear a hard tug and grabbed my dick painfully. By then, her body had slouched a bit down on the sofa and I stood with my body bent over her so I could reach between her legs.

Me: ‘Can’t you be more gentle?’

Asumi: ‘No, I prefer to do it as how you would.’

She took the glass of unfinished Bacardi and poured a little over my rod, stroking it up and down to get every part covered. For a low alcohol tolerance person like me, I had to sit down after a few minutes as my mind was turning into a white screen, and she seemed sort of happy to put me in that situation too.

She then turned her body towards me and pushed me down to lie on the sofa, head resting next to her sweet smelling panties. I did not know why but I stopped her before her mouth touched as it was not right for me to get this privileged treatment from her, especially from a lady I respect for writing awesome contents.

Asumi: ‘Don’t worry. I’m just going for the liquor.’

Liquor? She meant the Bacardi she wiped on me. Her mouth engulfed the tip and sent me into a trance, mixing pleasure with the high from alcohol. As expected, she stopped after a while once the ‘drink’ was finished, and returned to her seating position, legs wide opened for my turn.

I hopped off the couch and sat between her legs, diving in for the yummy, juicy abalone that was dripping wet. It was more like a XO abalone treat to me then. My lips sucked on her clit and my teeth came forth to give it a nibble, resulting in a struggle from her to push me away but my head was firmly buried between her legs.

Knowing she couldn’t last long with this mode of attack, I intentionally kept going until she was groaning in pain, thereafter swapping the licking with my fingers to rub on her sensitive clit. After some time, I just couldn’t hold myself back from putting my fingers inside her, especially when she was so tight.

Me: ‘Come, turn around and kneel on the sofa.’

Asumi: ‘Is it time already?’

Me: ‘Nope. I think I’m late.’

She gave me a sly grin and turned herself over, sticking her butt out as an invitation. I quickly rummaged through my jeans lying on the floor for a condom and rolled just the tip over, before using her small opening to complete the job. I started off slow to let the condom roll down the length, and once it was on, I emptied the glass of leftover Bacardi to use as lubricant and rammed hard into her.

The sight of her turning into a little monster was most unexpected as she clamped her pussy down on me even harder. Her translucent blouse from the perspiration and the waist height skirt was a feast to my eyes despite the dimmed environment. With that tightness, the only thing my mind wanted me to do was ‘go harder’. And so I did.

The grip on her waist was making sore marks, and the half-drunken state was making me insane. I could only kept ramming the breath out of her and myself, totally losing the power to delay. After some time of crazy rear pounding, I flipped her over to her back and did a half-squat to position my dick downwards at her pussy.

She held it in place for me and I simply lowered myself to sink it in. That serious look appeared once again on her face and I could only smile as I did my miniature squats. The new angle from my entry was pushing all of her buttons that sent her body into an adrenaline pumping mode, flooding her mind with the buildup to a huge orgasm she could never be ready for.

Seeing how much she was enjoying herself, I kept going, changing to a forward thrusts after my calves tire themselves out. Pounding my hips hard on her butt, the juicy sounds were squishing loudly in the empty floor. Oh how much I wanted it to last longer, but her last few orgasms truly made me wild and crazy, pushing me to my wit’s end.

After the last clench of her pussy on my dick, it was time to end the night, or so I figured. I closed her legs together and flipped her to the side, resting one of my knees on the edge of the sofa. Making shallow but quick thrusts, my dick only went in 80% but the response from her was overwhelming the same. It was the change in angle doing the work again, but that was where it would all end. I kept going non-stop as fast as I could, until the creamy load rushed up my dick and I sank the full length deep into her, while letting my cum fill the condom up.

It was a moment that I wished would last forever, to be inside of this wonderful, witty girl, warm and cosy, passionate and respectable. Still, I knew it was impossible in any universe for that wish to come true and I pulled out of her, dripping cum onto the floor with the overfilled condom.

I turned my attention to the disposal of the rubber, careful not to let any of my sperms touch her and she wore her clothes back, adjusting to straightness as though nothing had happened. Leisurely, we packed the place and left the bar, making our separate ways home to rest after the eventful night.

On the way home, she sent her first text to me which I left my number in my email to her.

Asumi (SMS): ‘When was the last time you cummed?’

Me (SMS): ‘About two weeks ago?’

Asumi (SMS): ‘Wow! No wonder. Just want you to know that it was the most I have ever came across. ;)’

This is a fictitious entry and in no way reflect the character of the fellow blogger, Asumi. In my impression, she is still that lovely girl who simply wanted to share her fantasies and sexual life with her supportive readers.

Readers’ Contributions – Joseph and Asumi

Dear Diary,

I started this new category of posts called Readers’ Contributions to give to my readers the opportunity to share some of their intimacies (be it pictures, stories, ideas or fantasies).

One of my reader took this opportunity to write a story staring none other than me! I felt very much excited and proud about this and could not wait to read what my reader would have come up with. Would it be kinky or erotic? What would I do or what would be done to me? So many questions I could not wait to see answered.

Enough written, here is Joseph’s new story. Enjoy!

After chatting for a fews weeks with Asumi, I received an email from her asking me whether I wanted to go swimming with her. As soon as I received her email, I asked myself whether to meet her at a specific place so that we can go to the swimming complex together or just meet her at the complex. Then just when I agreed to go swimming with her, she gave me her number so that I could text her on that day. Both of us decided to meet at Toa Payoh swimming complex at about 1pm.

On that day,when I saw Asumi I could not help but stare at her breast as they were so bouncy. She was wearing a white top and a pink FBT shorts and one could tell that she wore her bikini inside with the string attached to her neck. Once we settled down on an area, she slowly took off her top and her shorts, revealing her perfect body. As I changed into my swimming trunks, she asked me to help her to apply some sun block on her back as she couldn’t reach. She laid down on the bench with the back facing me and I slowly applied the lotion on her. Once we were done, we went for a swim.

While we were swimming we took a short break and chatted a little about each other’s life. After swimming for 3 hours, I asked whether she could teach me about sex since I never experienced it before. Asumi then said:

“hmmm,ok why not you come my house then I teach you??”

She added that she was living alone and wouldn’t mind some company. At this time, I was infatuated by her body and I packed up while she wore her top and shorts back since she said her house is nearby. I followed her obediently and we finally reached her house.

Asumi closed the windows so that no one would be peeking and I followed her to her room. She then called me to take a sit and I sat on her bed. Soon she knelt down in front me and slowly unbuckled my pants. I was shocked and said:

“I thought you were going to teach me??”

She then replied:

“yup!! I am going to teach you by showing you”

then I released my grip and soon my pants were down. My dick was in full view in front of her and it was already erected. She giggled:

“wa!!!so thick…making me horny”

She then started stroking it up and down increasing her speed slowly. Being a beginner at this, I moaned a few times. Once she was done, Asumi removed her top and shorts including her bikini, showing her bear body in front of me. She then instructed me to insert my middle finger in her cunt and wanted me to lick her boobs at the same time. Inserting the middle finger in and out of a cunt made her moan while her hands were busy with my dick. As soon as she cummed, she asked me to insert it back into her as she was really “hungry”.

She was in the doggy position and I started poking her pussy with my dick. I slowly inserted it and soon it hit her g-spot, making her cum again. As I increased my pace, I could feel her vaginal walls getting tighter and tighter. After a few deeper thrusts, I finally reached my limit and she said to take it out and she would do the last job. I slowly pulled my dick out of her and Asumi knelt again in front of it giving me a blowjob. Soon I reached my limit and unloaded the cum in her mouth. Asumi quicly swallowed it.

We then took a bath with my right hand on her nipples and left hand fingering her. Once we were done, she gave me a peck on the lips before I left.

How do you find the story? I liked it as it made me perform my two favorite positions as if Joseph could read my mind. Wahaha.

Joseph also requested me to post a picture of my FBT shorts. Since I do not have any, I tried my best to please Joseph’s request and I am posting some other shorts ūüėČ