About Me and This Blog

Hello dear reader,

First thing, firstโ€ฆ I think it would be safer for me to let you know that this blog contains adult material.. so if you are too young, you better read another blog.

About me: I am Asumi and I am Japanese. I came to Singapore alone for work and discovered life as an independent working lady. With my newly found freedom, came a new lifestyle and this blog relates to some of this aspect of my life.

About this blog: This blog is actually the electronic version of my paper diary. When I came to Singapore, I decided to write down in a small notebook (now it became a few notebooks) whatever feelings I was had and whatever things were happening to me. After a few years, I decided to move to a blog on the internet. The first few blogs are going to be back dated posts from my paper diary and this blog is going to slowly take over my paper notebooks (RIP to you).

I hope you will enjoy this blog and please feel free to leave comments.


126 thoughts on “About Me and This Blog

  1. Hello Asumi,

    Just found your blog today, and had fun spending some time going through (+ visualising) all your posts. Thanks for generously sharing your sexperiences (and pics) here! =D
    Quite a nice job you’d done here, especially considering that English isn’t your first language (since you are, after all, from Japan). Could totally imagine all that stuff happening right before my very eyes as I went along those juicy details… X)

    As for some of the minor grammatical errors in your posts, would you like me to help correct them? No major problem anywhere, but would be nice to help you perfect your posts, and I’m quite free these days. Here’s my E-mail address: XXXXXXXXX (< NOT a joke; it's really my E-mail address, and also my MSN).

    At any rate, will be sitting back and looking forward to the completion of your (currently) unfilled entries, as well as the appearance of new ones (new adventures definitely, and maybe a few particularly memorable ones you'd enjoyed back in your birthland as well?). Keep 'em cumming, yeah? =P

  2. That would be lovely my dear. Very kind of you and very sweet comments. I will send you an email shortly with regards to your offer.

    Thanks for reading me and please continue coming.


    • Asumitok,

      I wanted to ask you about your orgy blog. My gf and I want to try this but so far unable to find a venue.

      Do you have any hints on where we can look up a party.

      Thanks kindly.

      • The only one I attended was at the place of a friend of my friend.
        I guess this is usually the case: at someone who has a big house with a huge living room ๐Ÿ™‚
        Otherwise, if your party is not too big (maybe 2 couples) you could take a room in a hotel.
        I can’t think of anywhere else…

        If other readers have suggestions

  3. Yeah, and maybe they’ll all end up so interested that they decide to invite some ‘special guest’ (no prizes for guessing who! :P) down for a ‘company night out’ or something… ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

      • First prize which comes wrapped (barely) in nothing but pink/sparkly ribbons, for unrestricted use at the discretion of the lucky winner for a good full night at anywhere he/she pleases? Hmm… ๐Ÿ˜€

        Wow…… guess there’s really loads of unique and exotic ideas I should start humbly learning from sexpert Onee-chan… ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  4. True that. And that’s why certain courses (such as biology classes) have both the monotonous theory lessons, and the maybe-a-tad-more-entertaining hands-on practical lessons… :mrgreen:

    • Could biology classes in Singapore be that different from bio lessons in Japan? I have never found them that entertaining. Maybe your teacher found a way to get you interested ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I enjoyed reading your blogs rather than doing the design works that I usually do everyday. And it keeps me arouse i mean awake the whole day (even the thing below is always up) lol.
    i am interested to your sex school.

  6. Hello Asumi, your blog is fantastic,i read each word and it made me so horny.please consider what i told you in my email,am really interested.T.J

    • Thanks. Trying my best to describe my adventures as nicely as possible. Not always easy when English is not your first language. So it is all the more rewarding to receive such nice comments.

  7. Just saw your blog, nice stories here, made me fantasize you and how you look like. Cool nice stories and pictures too, keep updating too! Your fan here ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. Asumi onee san… I have just found out about your site and I must say your posts has been quite a turn on for me. I must say

    I am really interested to find out what you have in mind for the sex school and it will be great if you can drop me an email about it. Please contact me via email if you need more information from me.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hi Yashu,

      Welcome to my blog. Glad I have one more reader. The more the merrier right?

      I am delighted my posts managed to turn you on my dear. Hopefully, I will continue to have such an effect on you in the future. Wahahaha.

      Sure thing, I will send you an email about Asumi Sex School. Check your inbox dear.

      In the meantime, enjoy my blog


  9. was at orihara last nite asumi chan~ & overheard a japanese conversation beside me… somehow can’t help but went to your blog, to see if you have updated it. hope all is well with you… miss you ๐Ÿ™‚ miss your updates :))

    • Ooooooh so sweet my dear.

      I can’t believe you were thinking of me just by hearing Japanese. Maybe these ladies were me and my girlfriend. You should have come and say hi. Who knows what could have happened next? Wahaha.

      • aww… I missed a chance. shall ask the next time. what will happen next? hmm… something as exciting as ur blog stories? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Maybe if one of the ladies is me. Wahaha. If not, you can always be lucky.
        One has to take risks to have rewards. Next time just try.

  10. I love your blogs. I’ll be back… I also have a second blog on old pictures.
    SENSUALITE | La beautรฉ ร  l’รฉtat pure

  11. I will definitely try if I know one of lady was you ๐Ÿ˜‰ so far not much lady luck, pretty much a quiet person. hai~ shall try the next time when I have the chance again.

  12. wow…I just discovered a gem blog!!keep on writing asumi-chan!!kept rubbing my cock while reading…erm…wanna share something with ya but cant find youremail..gambattekudasai!!*kisses on ur tits*

  13. something dat would satisfy ur crave for time being :P….
    P/s: The new rules set by S…real tuff babe…lol..have wet weekend ahead.c”,)

  14. Just came across your blog… I must say it’s very interesting read. Keep them coming. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Makes me wanna create and write about the stormy relationship i am having… hoping it can help relax my mind a little…

  15. it happened again last night asumi-chan..

    I was at the popular boon tong kee restaurant having my dinner, and I noticed there’s 2 japanese ladies sitting beside me. I keep checking if any one of them is you.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ also looking at your picture online while figuring out should I or should I not make a move..

    I did not.. as its a restaurant and much people were around.. I was so tempted to leave your blog on while my phone sits on the table, hoping they will notice and react to it ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Thank you.
      It always makes me happy to read people commenting that they love my blog.
      It is not always easy for me to share and write in English but whenever I receive comments like this one, I know it is worth the challenge.


  16. Bonjour Asumi San,

    Thank you for sharing your fantasies and adventures the way you do. True, a feminine touch bring much more sensuality in the writing and the narration, your blog makes no exception to this rule. Maybe one of the few only rule not to break ๐Ÿ˜‰
    It’s funny, sometimes, while reading you, I recognize some experience I lived which makes things much more enjoyable.
    So yes, please, continue to be beautiful, full of life and desire.
    Humbly yours,

    • Thank you Ungern Von.
      Glad you can relive some of your experiences through my writing.
      That is the actually the initial purpose of this blog: to share with my readers so they can share back with me and my readers and get some open discussion from there ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Absolutely, sharing stories is not only caring LOL, it’s mostly opening eyes and doors. The ancient Geek had no blog nor internet, they had theatre play and were sharing stories as “catharsis” a way to purge the repressed feelings or emotions, allowing individual to live things they were not allow too or repress by the moral an Society. Back to present day in Singapore, I’m sure your stories allow young asian to open their mind and discover things they are not allowed by their traditional culture. It’s not only about sex and fantasy, it’s also about freedom of thinking and openness outside the “cocoon”…
        Apply to me, it gives me back the desire to write again, to experiment, my way and play the Guru…
        I’m awfully lazy, I’ve still have to compile my Bali and Singapore chapters before opening the Jakarta chapter next week.
        On a personal note and I’m not judging, I’m still curious about how S is interacting with you, as the limit between friendship & business use is quite blur..but I don’t know everything & you’d be probably right to send me back to my corner ๐Ÿ˜‰

        As usual, always a pleasure Asumi San ๐Ÿ˜›

  17. Hi asumi chan. Ur blog has contributed much during my lonely times… The images ur writting has created lies deep down in my mind n i’m abit embarrass to admit that it has lead me to self manipulate countless times while reading and imagining about u… cheers.

    Love xoxo

    • This is very sweet Zhonganawa.
      I am glad my blog is having an impact on you, in whatever way that is.
      I hope to count you among my avid readers.

      Please do leave me plenty of such nice comments.


      • It has for sure. I read them repeatedly over n over again… just so every illusion is so vivid…

        Hugs & kisses

  18. Dear Asumitok,

    I have been reading your blog for sometime now. I have been fascinated by your “sexcapades” here in Singapore.

    I am also an expatriate myself who lives in Singapore (an Indian-Australian myself). Until recently, I used to live in Europe, where I was involved in the alternative swinging scene. As you of course do know, the swinging culture there is quite open and parties are “readily accessible”, one could say.

    In the case of Singapore, I find it more difficult to attend a swinger’s/orgy party, due to the conservative nature of the local society. The scene here seems to be more underground and therefore invites are primarily done by word of mouth.

    I was wondering if you can please advise me on any swingers or orgy parties which I can attend here in Singapore? If so, please tell me how to get an invite.

    Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,


  19. KONICHIWA Asumi … great blooggg keep going okayyyy?
    recently went japan. hmmmm i would be glad if i could see you
    wishlist can drop me email of yours ?
    reason would like to more about you than just the blog itself

  20. Hi Asumi San,

    You didn’t reply to my last message, when you answered all of your other fans’. I hope I didn’t offend you? If so, I’m sorry.

    Best wishes,


      • Asumi San, it is a pleasure to hear from you and thank you for your understanding. I am glad that this an open minded venue. So in regards to my previous message, I was inquiring on how does one get to attend sex parties here in Singapore; if they are single men such as myself? It is very different from my days living in Europe, when such gatherings were readily available to singles such as myself. I had a lot of fun in the process ;-). So, how does one get onto the sex party scene here in Singapore? Please do let me know. Thanks!

  21. Hello Asumi,

    I found your blog few week ago, Your entry are always interesting and nice. Thanks for sharing all your experiences. I can’t stop imaging while reading your story.

    I will continue support you and keep the new entries cumming ya!! GAMBATEH~ ^^

      • wow, finally you replied me~ How are you recently? still waiting your new entry~~
        Keep it up ok? ^^
        Is it possible to email you some of my nice stories? If it’s ok~ just drop me an email ya ๐Ÿ™‚
        Wait your good news~ Cheers!!

      • Sorry if I sometimes take time to reply and/or post entries. I am a lazy lady and sometimes I don’t have the energy to write what I did. If only I could just talk and my computer writes what I am saying, I would post more often.

        Please check your mailbox sky. I can’t wait to read your stories.


  22. Good day to you Asumi,

    I can’t believe I’ve only stumbled upon this treasure chestique blog now. The engagement with your readers here is very much applaudable and I think you’ll do really well in a community
    relations role (not that it pays well though). ^-^

    It’s really refreshing to see, especially with so many blogs being a one-way communication channel. You’ve really put effort in each and every blog posts, what with the in-depth descriptions of the sexcapades you’ve had. And its your second language for heavens sake! If only I had such literary talents like yours, I’ll definitely be monetizing my sex blog. Hahaha.

    I’ve just spent the last two hours in the office reading this up and I’ve trouble keeping my bulge down. You’ve gotten me so horny that I’ve messaged my FB for a quickie session, but unfortunately it’s too last minute and she can’t make it. Guess I’ll have to make do with my hands.

    Would be keen to know more about the Asumi Sex School if I may?

    Thank you and here’s wishing you a great night ahead, sexpert onee chan : )

    • Thank you very much my dear new reader.
      You are being very nice: I doubt I have that much of a literary skill. I simply try to write down what little events happen to me.

      See so little post these days: means nothing much is happening ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      About Asumi Sex School. It is a distance learning shook where the teacher (me) gives assignments to her student. Please note the “distance learning”: no classes with teacher Asumi unfortunately. Wahaha


      • Now there, you’re being too humble Asumi. I’m sure most of your readers will agree with me on this one.

        You’re actually the one who controls what will happen. Nothing much is happening because you don’t want it to happen. I’ll bet my fortune that there will be a long queue of takers if you want “something” happening.

        And no worries about the distance learning, I’ll be keen even if it improves my sexperience just a little. Do kindly send me an email on this when you’re free.

        Thanks onee chan!


  23. Hey Asumi, great to see your blog, it’s nice to get to know you. I used to live in JP and loved it, but don’t know many Japanese in SG. Be great to hear from you, so hope you drop me an email. We should go for sushi or yakiniku sometime ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Yes I was working there and lived in Kyushu. Was a great experience and love the food. Would be good to chat more with you about JP and SG life

      • Hey Asumi, where have you disappeared to? Drop me a message and let’s go for sushi ๐Ÿ™‚ Miss my Japan days so would be good to see you ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. What a pleasant read thus far. Erotic stories have always been my centered interest, sometimes even over visual porn! The special thing about stories told by you, is the “real” factor. Fictionous or not, the context is extremely tasteful. Let me help expand your fan base by 2 Asumi!


      • Ah you see, I wasn’t intending to multiply, or rather I’m probably in no position to. I literally meant to expand it by 2, myself and mini-me. And my, you’ve got a million readers? Wonder what took me this long to discover this. Seems like I’ve been missing out!

  25. Thank you, and you know taking time to reply each comment is truly remarkable. Looking forward to more of your sexcapades! Cheers

  26. Hey Asumi, I just started writing eroticas in my free time and I would be honoured if someone as qualified as you would take a look at what I’ve written so far. Send an email my way if you’re interested ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Hi Asumitok, I have been an avid fan of your adventures over the past year. You do certainly lead an extraordinary swingers life in Singapore :).

    Just wondering, I’ve noticed that Swingers groups in Singapore do not seems to permit single men. Are there any which allow single men to addend their gatherings? Thanks! Robert

  28. Hi Asumi San

    Konichiwa . Amazing blog esp considering that English is not your primary language

    After reading your blog i must say its difficult to keep myself down (and something below down as well ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    Amazing . Wish i could join some day in one of your escapades

    Btw I was in Japan for two years prior to coming to singapore

    Do drop me a mail on my email id



  29. Hi Asumi. I have bumped into ur blog a couple of time thru a random search in the net. However , I didnt manage to see it. However , today while I was on my way back from Woodland. I bump to your blog again.. Finally I have it a try to read all.. I start from the very early whereby how do you get to know Jas , CW thru after jog in a cofee shop. All from the way from here till the latest.. Read all your experience between them. very wonderful. By reading and understand how you guys relationship form is priceless. However , i do skip some. But related to the CW and Jas , I read all. Thank for sharing. Last but not least , I feel its good that finally a person S advice u to stop all these. Are you still in Singapore or back to japan already ? Which line are you working ?

  30. Hi Asumitok,

    Wonder if you are still active in this blog.

    Just happened to came across your blog while searching for some information on Swingers party in Singapore.

    I would like to ask, this kind of party, do they use condoms or raw sex?

    Sorry to ask this kind of weird question as I have never heard this or done this before.

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