Asumi Sex School – Sky’s Application Form

Dear Diary,

“Teacher Asumi” is back. Asumi Sex school just enrolled a new student.

Please welcome Sky! Let me share with you, dear readers, his application below.

Now, back to work for Teacher Asumi. Let me prepare his first assignment 😉



Student details:

First Name:
Date of Birth:
April 1989
Marital status:
Name and age of siblings if applicable:
Education background:
Honors degree
Name of current employer:
Current position:

Additional information: In order for the school to better cater to your learning needs as a student, please answer the following questions in the number of words given into brackets:

1. How many people are staying with you? 5 people

2. Why have you chosen Asumi Sex School as your school? (200 words) I chose Asumi Sex School is because i love the stories that Ms. Asumi share on the blog. It showed Ms Asumi is a knowledgeable teacher and impart her knowledge to students who are interested in the field of sex. She made me feel excited to join the programme as i would like to learn more about my sexuality and how i can use it to satisfy others and myself. I always curious this field but i don’t have a person to guide me or ask to. So, i felt the Asumi Sex School is a great place for me to enhance my knowledge and experiences.

3. Describe your physical features you prefer? (200 words) I had a normal asian guy look. average height and with a average weight. I’m not muscular type but just look balance with my height and a little bit chubby. Beside, i also not a hairy style but with a clean and neat look.

4. How many sexual partners have you had? I’ve only had sex once. However, I’ve had sexual relations with others girls but did not have intercourse but jz loads of foreplay or oral.

5. How old were you when you had your first encounter? Who was it with? 18yo and is 1 of my friend.

6. Describe in 500 words your best sexual experience. My best sexual experience was with a girl I first sex with. She was my first experience but I wasn’t her as she had lot more experienced. We met in her house, and playing computer. Then, she put her hand on my tight and goes to my crotch. I turned hard immediately and my hand in on her breast. We kissed and then went to the bathroom. We quickly removed each other bottom. I slid my finger into her wet pussy and kissing her as well. Her pussy is dripping the juice while i fingering her. She play my rock hard toy up and down while i fingered her. After that, we get into the missionary position and she guide my toy into her wet hole. I felt my foreskin being flipped while pass through the  vagina and the hymen. It felt Incredible. As i reached the deepest and she is moaning. We do it all the way until we both cummed together.

7. What are you looking for in this program (200 words)? I would like to let my teacher know my deepest fantasies and ask her advise on whether they would be suitable for others. I also would like to learn new ways to pleasure myself, while letting my teacher criticise my usual ways of pleasing myself. I love to read story and comic but not really know to write the story. I also got many of question that would like to ask teacher. and i really felt i dunno how to social with other people and cannot date any girls lately. So i would like teacher can give some tips about it.

8. List down 5 of your fantasies and describe in at least 500 words your favourite. 

a. Teacher-student fantasy
b. 3p fantasy
c. Friends fantasy
d. living in the world that no betray and with trusted friend
e. a guy who serve girls
Description: I’ll like to be an obedient. I like to be 1 or more girls together or seeing the girls play themselves.

9. List down any sexual act who do not want to perform during the program. This last can be as long as needed and is deemed exhaustive: any act not listed will be considered as allowed.

b. Anal
c. abnormal sex

8 thoughts on “Asumi Sex School – Sky’s Application Form

  1. Me wanna join as a student as well!
    セックスーパトあすみ先生個人的に教えるがしたい!! I hope what I just typed is correct ><

  2. I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now and I would like to sign up as well if possible? hope to get a chance to learn from the awesome asumi! 🙂

  3. I hope this isn’t my second post! If it is, I’m really sorry!

    I have regularly been reading your blog and love it very much! May i enrol in your school as well? I would certainly like to learn from a teacher such as the awesome asumi! 🙂

    Hope to hear from you! 🙂

  4. 始めまして 明日美ちゃn!is this how you write your name? 🙂

    been awhile since you last posted. where have you been? you are missed! ぜったい!^_^

    I can’t believe I didn’t find your blog earlier. but I guess things happen for a reason. after all, better late than never eh? 😉

    I want to enrol to be a student under asumi sensei. but I think that can wait first. more importantly, is to find you! coz if you’re not found, how do I even enrol? haha!

    come back please! おねがいします!

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