My Usual Friday Mood

I am so horny.
I can’t wait to leave the office and go back home to play with myself.

6.50: I messages Jasline to meet up tonight. She can’t 😦
7.10: Reached home. First thing I did was to remove all my clothes and go straight to the bathroom for a shave down there. I am now going for a run. I am wondering whether I am masochist as I know my pussy is going to be very sensitive when I am going to run after the shave.. Well I love building up my excitement for a huge release later. Can’t wait.
Talk to you after my run.

13 thoughts on “My Usual Friday Mood

  1. My my… perfect flat washboard. Wow. Impressive ne~ Would luv to give you a Good Rub (pun intended) after your jog… from the top, rite to the south 😀

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