[Picture] – An Old Picture At Friend’s BBQ

Dear Readers,

Today, I found an old picture of mine. I thought of sharing it with you: I know lots of you have been asking for me to share more pictures.

It was taken by an ex-boyfriend (I used to have a social life and have a stable boyfriend back then) at a friend’s bbq. I did not realise at that time I was showing a bit too much 😉
Don’t worry, I stopped worrying this kind of G string: no more cotton-colourul ones. Now I only wear black or red lacy underwears



12 thoughts on “[Picture] – An Old Picture At Friend’s BBQ

      • I’m sure your readers will be ecstatic. Hope your Tuesday has been going as well as mine. ; )

        I’m still waiting patiently for sexpert onee chan’s assignments for the Asumi Sex School. Is the principal on holidays? Hahaha…looking forward.

      • Check your email inbox. I have just sent you the application form.
        Looking forward to your enrolment. I’d be glad to have a student to teach.

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