S Customer – Round 2

Dear Readers,

On Monday, S called me to check whether I was free on Thursday night: the guy from Hong Kong was coming to town.

She told me the guy was insistent in wanting to meet me. He requested that I made myself available on that night. I would join him for drinks after his dinner with his business partners. So I had to make my calendar fit his; which I did. Anyway I was free on Thursday.

S had a meeting with him at her office on Wednesday morning before treating him for lunch. Early afternoon, she called me to tell me he kept mentioning that he wanted to meet me.

We finally met on Thursday at Kudeta. His partners already left. When I joined him at his table, he told me he was extremely delighted to spend some time with me. He kept thinking about me since we last met and he would have been very disappointed should we have not met. Our first drink was finished in no time and he suggested we should have our next one in his room.

After he closed the door of his room, he spanked me and told me to help myself. Not knowing what I was supposed to do, I went to the bathroom to touch up a bit. When I went out he had already taken off his clothes: we were not supposed to have another drink after all.

Him: Asumi, can I call you Joan?

Me: Who is she?

Him: I’d rather keep it to myself

Me: Look, I don’t know any Joan and I really don’t care who she is. Most probably I would never see her. So just tell me who she is and not only you could call me Joan but I promise I would act as if I were her.

He added ashamed that she is my ex-wife’s daughter.
Me: Oh my, you are some little pervert my dear… I like.

I smiled and sia that we had a deal. I gave him my word he could call me Joan. After a short silence, I asked me what he wanted me to do and whether she called him daddy.

Him: No. I refused her calling me daddy. It was making me uncomfortable. I was not her real dad. Also I kept thinking about us doing things. It made me feel so bad. She would just call me by my name.

I was totally turned on by playing the role of a naughty step-daughter turning. I really got straight into it without having any idea where my inspiration was coming from.

Me: For a few years, you have been taking such a good care of mama and myself. You could have been nice to mama only. After all she is the one you married. Yet, you have continuously been caring to the both of us and I would like to repay you. But as you know, my student jobs don’t pay me much and I can’t buy any expensive gift.

Then I went on telling him that Even though I had no money I might have another way to show him my gratitude. I added kinkily while slowly moving to him:

Me: A way a girl like me can thank a man like you.

Him: I see what you mean but I can’t. What would mama say? It is wrong.

Me: I don’t think she would find it wrong. She would be touched to see I am trying my best to thank you for all your support.

I then starting unbuttoning my shirt and I next unzipped my skirt that delicately fell on the thick carpet if the hotel room.

Me: simply tell me to stop if you want me to.

Since he remained silent, I went to sit next to him on the edge of the bed and showed him my back.

Me: Remember you bought me this bra some time ago. Can you open it for me, please?

Once my boobs were free, I stood up and removed my panties.

Me: Do you like what you see? Do I look like mama?

Before he could say anything I continued:

Me: Now you have to tell me what to do… I am not used to this kind of things.

He then instructed me to start with playing with his toy. When I laid my hands on it, it was already hard. After a few strokes I brought my mouth to its tip. Soon it was covering it in whole.

The foreplay did not last for super long. He told Joan a few times what to do: roll the condoms on it making sure not to scratch it with my nails, slowly spread my leg, moan or go on my four…

We had a good time. I enjoyed playing this overzealous girl of his. Honestly, I would not mind playing her again 🙂


8 thoughts on “S Customer – Round 2

      • Impossible is nuthing 🙂

        For a start, how about stepmum (you) with her son (same age as you)? Follow by an elevator assistant (you) with a customer in the lift and finally end it with jogger (you) and a jogger doing it in the open nature? 😀

  1. If I may take this question, isn’t it precisely because you’re young and nubile that you can easily turn the (smaller) head of an older divorced man towards yourself? Grown-up children (note that I didn’t just say “sons” :mrgreen: ) will be the extra meat in the package (or main course, as per this roleplay). 😛

  2. Of course not, you will still be the young beautiful you but married to an older divorced man only.

    Called stepmum because he has a son who is the same age as you, but he always peep when you are showering and fantasize making out with you while he jerks off 😛

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