Readers’ Contributions – Joseph

Dear Readers,

My Dearest friend Joseph must find me a fantastic muse as he keeps fantasising about me. Here is a new story of his featuring me with a lady friend. Nice!

The next day, I visited Asumi house to find what she did to me the previous night. When she opened her door, I gave a kiss on her lips and entered her house. With her sitting next to me,I went on asking her:

Asumi: Last night,right after you fell asleep, I licked your dick as I didn’t have enough fun yet and I couldn’t sleep. Right after that, I was wet and wanted it in me. So I inserted your dick in me while you were asleep, I was bouncing up and down on your laps. And to my surprise, you cummed in me! After that I was tired so I laid beside you and slept.

Me: Hahaha, you horny babe, can never stop having fun with me right??

Asumi: I have not had your dick in me for 3 weeks, and I missed your thick dick. By the way, are you free this christmas??

Me: Yup!! Why do you ask??

Asumi: Secret!!! I will text you the location and time later and bring your swimming trunks along as well.

Without knowing the plans, I promised and left her house after that.

Christmas night

Me: I have reached already…where are you??

Asumi: Reaching soon dear….

Just as we met up at the condominium swimming pool, I saw another lady next to her walking towards me.

Me: Who is she??

Asumi: My Friend, Ayumi. She wanted to learn swimming so I asked you to come by today is to teach her.

Me: But isnt it like late?? Its 8pm alr…

Asumi: She doesn’t want people to see her learning, that’s the reason why I arranged our meet-up at this time.

Ayumi: Hi, sorry for the trouble…

Me: It’s ok… Let’s get started then

After that, we removed our clothes revealing our swimming suits/bikini. We then entered the swimming pool with both ladies being sensitive to the cold water. While Asumi was next to me observing, I asked her to hold her breathe and go into the water. She is a pretty fast learner and managed to hold her breathe for about 40 secs. After that, I taught her the frog style and was surprised that she picked it up very quickly. We took a break at a corner of the swimming pool and Ayumi suggested that we go up to her house to bathe.

When we reached her house, we followed her into her room and they went into the bathroom. Asumi then asked me to join them and I nodded. Not knowing that Ayumi had a nice figure as it was a bit dark when we were outside swimming. Both of them removed their bikini while I removed my swimming trunks. I took the shower head and sprinkled the water on Asumi and Ayumi while both of their hands were on my dick.

The soon started covering their body with soap. Asumi then signalled Ayumi for something both of them knew what to do. With Ayumi in front of me while Asumi was behind me, Ayumi started soaping my chest with her boob while Asumi was soaping my back. The feeling of having two ladies with their boobs soaping me front and back is indescribable. Ayumi then slowly knelt down to give me a boob job, with Asumi still soaping me.

Once done, Asumi signalled her friend that she wanted to swap places with her. This time Asumi was doing the front while Ayumi was doing the back. Asumi then made her way down to my dick, giving me a second boob job. I was so turned on by them and I was enjoying this a lot. After they were all soaped, I took the shower head and sprinkled water down our bodies. I took the towel and helped to dry them up while teasing at the same time by fondling their boobs.

We walked naked out of the bathroom and laid down on Ayumi’s bed. Both of their hands went straight down to my dick, stroking it up and down endlessly. I was busy as well: my hands were on their boobs while I licked Ayumi’s nipple first. Ayumi then gave a cute moan, then switched to licking Asumi’s nipple. After I was done, both laid next to each other while my fingers did their work. My left hand was on Asumi’s clit while the right hand was on Ayumi’s and I slowly inserted my fingers into them. Both of them moaned. That turned me on even more so I increased my speed. While my fingers were busy, they were kissing each other like they were lesbians fondling each other’s boob. Once I was done, Asumi went into fours while Ayumi positioned her vagina in front of Asumi’s face while I positioned my dick at her clit. I inserted my dick slowly making her moan while she started licking Ayumi’s clit making her moan as well.

With both my hands on Asumi’s boobs increasing my pace at the same time until she chummed. I told Ayumi to swap with me this time. Asumi gave me a blowjob while Ayumi was licking her vagina. It felt so good when Asumi was licking my tip and slowly inserted my dick into her mouth. I felt the urge to cum so I begged Asumi to stop.

This time I asked Ayumi to go into fours while I positioned my dick on her clit. Asumi then went to tease her nipples by pinching them making her moan. At the same time I inserted my dick into her making her moan even louder. Increasing my pace while Asumi was busy licking her nipples, I was about to cum. I pulled my dick out of her. With both of them positioning their mouth next to each other while my dick was in between them, I cummed on Ayumi’s and Asumi’s mouth. They played with my cum in their mouth with their tongues before swallowing it.

After that I laid down on the bed, Asumi licked the semen left on my dick. Asumi then kissed Ayumi and started having sex together. I enjoyed watching what they are doing to each other with both of them fingering each other until they cummed.

Soon Ayumi and Asumi laid next to me with me in between them and soon fell asleep.