Readers’ Contribution – Joseph

Dear Readers,

Joseph is back with a nice story. I won’t hold you any longer: enjoy me in his story.

After not chatting and contacting for so long, since holidays have started I decided to pay a visit to Asumi’s house.

When I reached her house, Asumi opened the door and was shocked. She then gave me a hug whispering next to my ear:

Asumi: I want you in me, I miss you dear

We went into her room, kissing like lost lovers, slowly removing our clothes. Asumi sat on my lap, letting me to lick her right nipple while my right hand was pinching her left nipple. I can tell that she was enjoying it as she was moaning wildly. Soon she got off my lap, laying on the bed. My fingers slowly went to her pussy and it was wet *horny girl*. My index finger went in and out, while I was still licking her nipples at the same time. Her hand then went to my dick stroking it while I continued my “job”. Once she was close to climaxing, she stopped my fingers and whispered

Asumi: In me now, dear

She went into doggie position and I started penetrating her. With both my hands on her boobs, I increased my pace, making her moan loudly. Hitting her G-spot whenever I went in, she cummed. After 2 minutes I felt the urge to cum so I slowed down.

Asumi knew that I was cumming then said

Asumi: Cummm inn..meee

Soon, gushes of cum entered her vagina and I was completely tired. She then started to lick the cum left on my dick while I was trying to catch my breath. Once she was done, she laid next to me on the bed asking me to stay for the night.

Due to the exhaustion, I soundly slept next to her. Next morning, I was awaken by an unusual feeling around my crotch area. Then I saw Asumi giving me a boob job. A grin was seen from her face and she said:

Asumi: You like it dear??

Not answering her I nodded and pointed at her bathroom. We entered the bathroom and she turned on the showerhead. Helping her soap upper part of her body while her hands was busy on my dick. She then rubbed her chest all over my body, turning me on even more. After that, she gave me another boob job to keep it clean. Knowing that she wants it in her, I slowly inserted my dick making her moan and I started banging her. She was moaning non-stop as I was increasing my pace. Soon I was having the urge to cum. I slowly pulled myself out of her and cummed on her butt.

After drying each other, I asked her what she did to me last night right after I fell asleep. She then giggled and said:

Asumi: You come tmr then I tell you hehehe

It has been 3 months that I have last seen her, and yet she is still open to me. Such a lucky guy.

In Celebration of DIY

Dear Readers,

A good oldie that expresses just what I feel today.

We-hell-I see them every night in tight blue jeans –
In the pages of a blue boy magazine
Hey I’ve been thinking of a new sensation
I’m picking up – good vibration –
Oop – she bop
Do I wanna go out with a lion’s roar
Huh, yea, I wanna go south n get me some more
Hey, they say that a stitch in time saves nine
They say I better stop – or I’ll go blind
Oop – she bop – she bop
She bop–he bop–a–we bop
I bop–you bop–a–they bop
Be bop–be bop–a–lu–she bop,
I hope He will understand
She bop–he bop–a–we bop
I bop–you bop–a–they bop
Be bop–be bop–a–lu–she bop,
Oo–oo–she–do–she bop–she bop
(whistle along here)…
Hey, hey – they say I better get a chaperone
Because I can’t stop messin’ with the danger zone
No, I won’t worry, and I won’t fret
Ain’t no law against it yet
Oop – she bop – she bop
She bop – he bop – we bop…

Cindi Lauper

CW and Jas: Long Awaited Reunion – Part 2

Dear readers,

I had to take a break (if you se why I mean) after my previous post. I am sure you are eager to read the rest so I won’t hold you longer.

CW had to call Jas’s Iphone to wake us up. It was time we get ready for dinner. They booked a table at 8 at the Line in Shangri-la. Nothing better than lots of food to reenergise.

Jas planned some party dresses for us. She pulled a long black dress for me and a short metallic white dress with one sleeve for herself. Her range of dresses was just stunning: her cupboard is like a shop. Now I understand how she can fill her a walk-in wardrobe.

After the buffet, we went to Mink. The place is good even though a bit overcrowded. On the other hand, a filled club is better than an empty one. It was ages since I have last clubbed and I tremendously enjoyed partying the night away. I did not get drunk but CW made sure his girls had enough drinks to be in the right mood. Jas and me had a few tight dance moves and I am sure that more than a guy had a hard on when Jas started kissing me on the floor.

Only at about 4 am we decided to call it a night. I was so extenuated that I was thinking of nothing but going to bed. I even fell asleep in the car on the way back. Unfortunately, CW did not share the same plan: in the lift up to their flat, CW pulled my dress above my abdomen and he tried to pulled the top part below my breast but I restrained his hands. Even so, when the lift door opened, my butt was bare: all exposed to CW’s energetic hands in the corridor for the few long minutes Jas took to open the door.

After closing the door behind us, CW hastily removed my dress, pushed me against the dinner table and asked me not to move. He then laid each of his hand on each of my bum and slowly moved them apart, readying my pussy for his fingers. They came into action and this was a bit painful as I was not prepared so abruptly and wet … yet. I could not believe he had so much energy left. He kept pushing my back against the table with one hand while his other hand was busy masturbating me.

Jas was enjoying looking at him eating me but wanted to join.

Jas: Darling, don’t keep her to yourself. Bring her to the room.

Jas’ words took a long time to sink into CW’s brain as he continued moving his fingers in large circles inside me. Or maybe he was enjoying himself too much to pause. Jas had no choice but to come between us and pull his hand out of me.

Jas: Come girl. Go to our bed. Your master and madam want to play with you.

I stood up and walked away, with weak legs to their bedroom. I was so exhausted from the club and CW’s playful fingers that I fell on the bed and I laid there, letting them use my body to whatever desire they might want to fulfil.

CW continued where he left, except that his dick replaced his fingers. Jas positioned herself perpendicularly to my body and pinched my nipples before slapping my boobs. She then laid by my side and asked CW to do her.

CW removed his toy from my joy hole and instead entered Jas. But he made sure my jewel was not left unattended: two fingers continued working on my sweet spot. Jas’ body was sliding against mine under each of CW’s pounding. We remained in these position for what seemed like an hour. CW could really keep up at this, blowing Jas’ mind away. Her moans were getting so loud that CW asked me to cover her mouth. With my hands over her lips, Jas moved on to lick my fingers and sucked my thumb. I could not resist kissing her. We french kissed, our wet lips against each others, while CW was giving his best pleasuring his girls. Kissing her when she had her climax was a great experience that I wish to enjoy again. CW finished by cuming in her and I went on to clean him with my mouth. I could see the veins of his dick exploded, full of the blood that rushed to his tip. When I was sure there was no more juice leaking from its end, I laid against Jas, ready for a night rest.

We finished our night sleeping all together in the bed.

We woke up late on Sunday and just had only time to shower before Jas and CW left for their Sunday family lunch.

A few hours later, while sitting at the dinner table with her in laws, Jas messaged me she had great sex and that her pussy was starting to be sore. She made me promise we won’t wait too long before our next sexed-up week end.. except that this time she requested to be the sub.

CW and Jas: Long Awaited Reunion – Part 1

Dear Readers,

As you might be aware, S allowed me to meet up with Jas and CW again. I was so happy to get her green light and needless to say, I took advantage of her kindness.

I met up with Jas and CW last week end for a terrific reunion, as you can read below.

Last Friday at 8pm, CW came to my place to fetch me even though they stay less than 10 minutes away by walk.

Jas was waiting for me. She looked over joyous when she saw me appearing at the door step: she jumped and tightly hugged me. After leaving my luggage in the guest room, CW came to sit with us on the sofa.

After a short taking news about each other, Jas asked me to stand up: it was time to clarify the rules that would be applied for the whole week end. I first confirmed it was my choice to be the sub understanding that I would have to proceed with whatever orders Jas would give me. Part of these was to call her her “madam” and CW “sir”. To agree with the terms and let the fun start, I only had to strip bare. She let me a few minutes to think about it but as soon as her briefing was done, I smiled to both of them and started removing my clothes. I delicately laid them on the coffee table in front of me while constantly looking into their eyes.

With each clothes taken off and each additional part of my body that I was revealing I could feel the excitement rising inside me. My heart was beating faster and faster and my mind was starting to clear from the stress accumulated at work. I could not think of anything else but what could possibly happen during the coming 2 days with my playful couple.

Once all my clothes were on the table, Jas took them away and passed me a tree-shaped necklace. It symbolized I would wilfully play my role and my removing of it would mean that I wanted to put an end to our sextivities and basically go back home.

Jas: Good girl. Now we are ready for some fun time.

My heart was pumping blood loudly. Oh my, I was truly ready for some fun under Jas’ command: at the same time curious to discover her fantasies and eager to fulfill them.

Jas: Girl, this is going to be how you will be wearing this week end: nothing. Now show us some of your sexy moves.

At first, I was taken aback and I did not know what to do. Moving my body as sensually as I could was awkward. But, slowly, with both Jas and CW watching me, I was starting to be in a sexy mood. I loved feeling their stare while I was caressing various parts of my body. First my hair, then my face, arms and eventually my breast and tummy before moving down to my pussy. After a few minutes of my hands wandering increasingly wildly over my body, I decided to get bolder not to lose their interest: I went to sit on CW’s laps. He was enjoying my butt sliding against his stomach: his breath was getting deeper against my neck. At that time, Jas left the living room and shortly came back with a black dress. It was time to go out for some drinks.

There was no surprise in her choice of dress: clearly slutty. A tight black dress with bare back that was showing my legs in a more than indecent fashion. Jas changed to a similarly revealing tube white dress that was showing as much of her legs as mine. She was wearing a bra boosting the size of her breast.

We spent for an hour or two in a bar on Club street where a couple of drinks led to a very pleasant time. Except from a few glances from guys from adjacent tables, nothing happen.

On the way back, Jas asked me to sit in the middle of the rear seat and to pull my dress above my waist. CW should be able to have a good look at my private part while driving. When we reach the east, I suggested to go to some quiet place along East Coast Parkway. To my disappointment, Jas was not keen: they had some plans in mind for the rest of the night that would require some accessories at their place.

When we reached their place, Jas ordered me to stay in the entrance and they both walked to their bedroom. A while later Jas came back with the gears: a collar with a leash and a travel mask.

Jas: I should not have to ask you to remove your clothes when you are here.

Her sub finally undressed, Jas put on the collar around her neck, plugged the leash to its hook and placed the travel mask over her eyes. Everything became black. She then pulled the leash and my neck with the rest of my body was suddenly put into motion. After a few steps, I was thrown over their bed: ropes were quickly tied around my wrist and ankles.

Gentle caresses followed this spur of roughness. These were meant to make me horny. Jas’ delicate fingers were caressing my whole body. She dropped a few kisses on my sensitive parts before touching my pussy and letting her fingers in. She whispered to me she would rub me for a while until I was completely wet for Sir. It did not take long. CW’s hands soon joined the party: their two pair of hands were turning me crazy. Jas was now only focusing on my small hole while CW was busy squeezing my breast. He always loved to slap my boobs. After a few minutes, Jas let my pussy to CW and moved over my face to offer her clit to my mouth. She was moaning under my tongue’s attack. Before long, I joined her moaning with CW ramming his fingers faster and faster in my pussy. CW then asked Jas to turn me around. They pushed my face againt the bed while pulling up my butt so that Sir could satisfy himself. Jas’ whispered in my ear to go on the doggy position before squeezing her body under mine. She rested her head over the rope tying my hands and put her legs in between my knees before spreading them. My butt was now at CW’s entire mercy with my legs wide apart. But he did not insert his toy inside me.

A deep gasp from Jas let betrayed his action: he chose to put his rod inside her instead of his sub. The bed was moving and Jas’ body was sliding under mine with each of CW’s strokes. While ramming Jas, CW entered his fingers in my opening and put an hand on my back. His whole body weight was pushing me against Jas. My breast was compressed against Jas’ and our boobs were swinging against each other with each of CW’s moves. Jas’ hands were pulling my hair and caressing my back. Her moans were getting loud, almost deafening being so close to my ear. I kissed her to silence her moans but they abruptly stopped: she was having an orgasm: I could feel her entire body uncontrollably shivering under mine. Her nails scratched the skin of my back. Knowing Jas’s orgasm was over, I wanted my share of the action: I spread my legs and positioned my bums against CW’s toy. I invited him to enter me whenever he wanted. However my move was too late. After Jas’s orgasm, I soon felt his warm semen dropping over my butt.

I was disappointed.

CW took a tissue and wiped his juice. My body was turned over once more: on my back again. CW pulled the rope tying my hands and forced me in a sitting position. Jas sat next to me and pulled down my jaw. CW’s dick soon entered my mouth. He was still hard and I could feel his toy periodically quivering under my tongue and letting out some drops of his hot semen. Jas was kissing me on my cheeks while I was pumping him and cleaning him of any semen left on his toy. When he was getting soft, Jas untied me and removed the mask from my eyes.

CW then laid on the bed while Jas and me went to clean ourselves in the bathroom. We then slept next to CW.

As you can expect, we woke up quite late on Saturday morning. After a quick coffee that provided me with a much needed caffeine mix, it was shower time: Madam and Sir asked to wash them.

I first entered the shower and switched on the rain shower with the correct temperature: not too hot, not too cold. Once my whole body was soaked, I opened the shower door to call for CW. He quickly removed his clothes and joined me in the shower. I covered my whole upper body with soap and started caressing his back against my chest. I regularly added soap on my breast to make sure CW’s whole body was soaped. After a while, I kneeled down on him and started a boob job: I made extra sure his toy was clean. It had to be as I knew it would end up entering me. I enjoyed looking a CW’s facial expression as I was squeezing my boobs against his hard rod. My tongue was busy licking his tip hole while my hands continued pressing my breast against his balls. The water falling all over my hair and against my back was exciting me: I closed my eyes and imagined I was giving a blow job to a stranger under the rain outdoors. In the end, CW begged me to stop as he did not want to cum but keep his stamina for later in the day. Jas then took his place in the shower. I took the water head in my hands to pour water all other her body. I took some soap in my hands and started spreading it all over her slim body. I added some more soap on my body and started sliding my body against hers. Similarly to what I did to CW, I kneeled down on Jas to clean her private part. I pushed her against the bay window to make her sit and I spread her legs. I let my tongue wander over her clit and then slowly licked her joy button. Jas was moaning with each of my more and more adventurous tongue attacks. She pushed my head against her clit and closed her legs against it. I was suffocating but I continued to give my best until I felt her whole body shiver. She then loosened the pressure on her legs and asked me to rinse her. Jas then dried herself and disappeared. She reappeared a few minutes later to let some clean clothes for me on the toilet bowl: a white tee-shirt and black leggings, with no underwear. When I put the tee-shirt on I realised it was quite thin and let the darker part of my areolae visible.

CW suggested to go to a local hawker in the Siglap vicinity to chill for breakfast. When we reached there, a few uncles stared at us. I felt like they where stripping me. It had a vicious effect. I knew they could guess my areolar and were enjoying looking at them. Instead of being disgusted, I was aroused which in turn made my nipple erect under the soft cotton of the tee-shirt.

Jas: You seem to enjoy old uncles looking at you.

Oh my, was it so obvious that even Jas noticed?

Jas: No worry, I like giving them a good show myself. Poor old men, they don’t have such pleasures at home any more.

She was wearing a Chang beer singlet tourists usually buy in Thailand and that let most of her red bra exposed.

When we were done with our toasts, CW notified we needed to buy some condoms if we wanted the action to go wilder later on. Jas then gave me a 50 dollars note and asked me to go to the guardian at the shopping centre next door. Before I left, she reminded me that one should be environmentally friendly and should not take any plastic bag that one does no need.

My heart was thumping so fast on the way to the shopping centre. I was wondering how I could hide the packet of condoms back to the kopitiam. At last, I had no choice but to hold it in my hand. This made both Jas and CW smile when I reentered the food centre, my face all red. Renewed interest arose likewise among the uncles at the next few tables. We left a few minutes later for their place.

Learning my lesson from the previous day, I automatically removed my clothes inside their flat. This time, they did the same. Jas went to sit on the sofa while CW pulled the coffee table aside. Jas showed me her clit with her index and CW asked me to walk to my madam on my four. When I reached Jas, she pulled my head against her closely shaved pussy while CW went to my back and widened my knees. He took me straight in doggy style while I was giving Jas a good lick. With each of his thrusting, my tongue was sinking deeper in Jas’ inside. CW’s pace was getting faster and it was blowing my mind. I already had an orgasm and was about to get another one. My knees were getting weaker and weaker and CW had to hold my waist to keep me from falling on the side.

Jas: Baby can’t take it, let’s switch

She then stood up and went on her four to offer her butt as replacement to CW’s dick. She gave me the best oral sex I ever received and she managed to make me cum in no time. With CW pounding harder on her she laid her hands on my legs. Her elbows were sinking deeper in the flesh of my thigh with each of his pounding. After long minutes of pleasure, CW finally let his hot juice flow in the condom. His amazing stamina tired both Jas and me. We needed to rest after this sexercise and Jas and me chose to lay on the sunlounge chairs on the pool deck.

Without surprise we felt asleep.