My Reward Or.. Her Mission? In The Hotel Room

Dear Readers,

After my previous post, S wants me to write what happened after I was in the guy’s room. I can’t possibly stop where I stopped and I have to describe what happened in the tiniest details. She thinks it is a good therapy to learn how to control my urges.

Once we reached his room, he told me to make myself at home and he offered me a drink: the choice in the mini bar was not fantastic so I opted for a beer. While he went in the bathroom to remove his jacket I went to the huge window. Again the view of the Singapore skyline was fantastic. I could not stop looking at it until he hugged me from behind.

He slowly kissed me in the neck while his hands were squeezing my waist with a man’s strength. He quickly unzipped my skirt that I let fall on the thick carpet. I turned around to face him and unbuttoned my blouse. It soon landed on the floor next to my skirt. My hands worked on unbuttoning his shirt but he quickly turned me around and pushed me against the window. He then took my hands and placed them on the window. He ordered me not to move them. My bra was next removed. In less than 5 minutes I was wearing nothing but my panties and my high heels, facing the window with the curtain wide opened. As if he could read my mind he told me not too worry: he doubted people could see us from outside. Anyway I thought the floor we were at was too high for people to be able to recognize us.

He kissed me again. Gently in the neck before going down along my spine. Each kiss was electrifying. Soon his kisses changed into bites when he reached my buttocks. He squeezed my bums while his lips were continuing kissing my body: waist, buttocks and thighs. He took my panties between his teeth and slowly pulled them down. Standing up totally naked in front of a man I barely knew was a bit scary yet so exciting. His hands would not stop caressing my body: he would enjoy looking at my body shivering with each of his touches. I was having goosebumps all other my skin. I could not take it anymore: I turned and pushed my body against his. My hands looked for his groin. He was really hard. I unbuckled his pants and let my hands in his boxers. After a few strokes he pushed heavily on my shoulders. I went down and I kissed him a few times around his toy before letting my lips meet his tip. He let out a moan and more came out when I starting playing with his hard toy with my tongue.

His next move was to take my hands and pull me on the bed. He removed his clothes and took a condom out of his wallet. He wanted me to continue blowing him a bit longer before putting on the rubber. So I went on for a while before I felt his hands grabbing my waist and then my butt. They soon reached my clitoris and he let a finger in. I let out a loud moan that was silenced by his d*** inside my mouth. When he increased the speed of his finger inside me I could not focus on his toy anymore. My head upped and I was soon riding his finger. My moans were getting loader but I did not are if the other patrons could hear me.

He showed me the condom that was laying on the bed next to us. Once I put it on he pulled my bottom over is d***, my back against hi stomach. I was so wet that it entered smoothly. Maybe it was because it was so long since I last had sex but I was about to have an orgasm at that moment. He made me swing faster and faster. I was almost reaching my climax when he slowed down and asked me to go on my four. In doggy I could feel his strong hands on my back and on my head, burying it into the soft pillows. He was pushing his toy deeper and deeper in my insides. Each of his strikes was accompanied by my moans. The sex was getting raw and I was liking it a lot. Feeling his hands all over my back, my head, pinching my nipples or spanking me was turning me into animal in heat. I already had an orgasm but I knew that guy could give me more. And I was right.

He pulled my hair to make my body stand straight: this allowed his toy to go even deeper in me. I was now riding him with my back against his stomach and my hair tightly held in his hands. He moved his knees up and I was like sitting on his d***. I could feel it filling my vagina and touching the bottom wall. This position was so good it made me come a second time. Realizing my legs were getting weak, he laid me on the side on the bed. He let himself in again and pounded me. Even though I came twice I was still enjoying each time he pushed his toy inside. I let him do me until he came.

Honestly that was the best sex I had for long time. It started gently before getting very raw. The guy managed to make me turn into an animal, his animal for an hour.


My Reward Or.. Her Mission?

Dear Readers,

I love Saturdays when I finally have some time to blog and share the events of last Thursday night with you. Be warned, there was some action… So here it goes:

Before leaving the office, I went to the toilets to touch up a bit. It was 6.30 and I was only supposed to meet S at 7.30 at 1-altitude.

When I reached the restaurant I was totally mesmerized by the view. I felt like a kid looking by the window at all the tiny lights illuminating the night. It was so enchanting. The staff walked me to the table where S and a guy were already drinking red wine. S introduced each other: she said I was a close friend of hers who was in Singapore for 5 years and that I was going through some tough time at work and needed to socialize a bit. He was S big customer for the last 10 years. He is based in HK but often he travels to Singapore for business reasons.

The dinner went smoothly. The guy was charming and well spoken. He was quite fun and he had a lot of stories to entertain us – I believe a few of them were made up just to make us laugh. These stories, the food and the wine were perfect companions to an enjoyable evening.

Before the dessert was served, S excused us: we, ladies needed to go to the toilets.

Inside the close space of the toilets, S asked me how I found the guy. I found him quite a pleasant company and I thanked her for inviting me along (it was her company that was paying the bill). The dinner changed my mind. Then S told me he used to be her major customer but that in the recent years he was closing less and less deals with her company. She thought it was because he once hit on her but she made clear she was not interested in anything beyond a professional relationship between them both. S added that the situation was however different for me. I was wondering what she meant I asked her to clarify. I had no such limitations and I could do whatever pleased me tonight. She gave me a green light.
– Like having sex with him? He is your customer… I interjected.
– Anything and yes, he is my customer, not yours.

Her answer made me wonder whether S was telling me I could have fun with her customer if I wanted to or that she wanted me to actually offer him so fun. My puzzled face must have been obvious for her as she added:
– Don’t look offended like as if you mind a bit of casual. I told you I had a reward for you. This is your reward. When was the last time you had some action?

Spot on. She knew it was months and that my hormones were well to aware about that situation as well.

As it was time for us to go back to the table without being too suspicious, I asked S another question :
– Are you was asking me to have sex with him?
She replied with a smile.
– I would not mind and I know the reason why that customer accepted my dinner invitation. Reason that I cant give him but you can.
– What does that mean?
– You are smart enough to know.

We then went back to the table where desserts were shortly served afterwards.

The discussion continued and I noticed that S customer was becoming flirty. Maybe our toilet chat opened my eyes or the wine was disinhibiting the guy. S glimpsed at me a few times and added comments here and there about how wild I can be when I party or if I drink too much. That was her way of getting the guy’s interests popping up.

At about 11 S went to pay the bill and informed us she had to go back to look after her daughter who was alone at home. We could however stay and go upstairs for some more rounds of drinks. The customer seemed excited about that plan and I agreed to follow. Before leaving, S whispered “enjoy” to me.

The customer and I then went one level up to the roof bar even if I did not need any additional drinks. I was already more than tipsy. When we reached the upper level of the bar, my jaw dropped in awe: a gasping 360 degrees view Singapore skyline by night was offered to us.

While we were talking the guy was getting more daring: he would try to touch my hand a few times and tell me that I was really pretty, his type of girl. At first, I did not know how to react and I would only reply with a smile and remove my hands. But after a while, alcohol took control of my brain. I surrendered to his charm attacks: I let him touch my arm and later, my waist. Damn, I was feeling good being touched by a guy again. The conversation turned more and more naughty: whatever was happening after the drinks was becoming clear. After maybe one hour, I was getting tired at playing the flirt game and decided to shake things up a bit so I asked him at which hotel he was staying.

– Just there he told me showing MBS.
– Oh nice! I have never been there but I was told it was great
– Yes great view and great pool. Would you like to check the place?

That was an invitation I did not want to decline. There was simply too much teasing going on before for me to spend a quiet night. All my senses were fully awake and my body was begging for some action.

A short taxi ride and 20 minutes later I was in the guy’s room. It was nice: very bright and fitted with nice furnitures which were covered with a suitcase, papers and a laptop. I imagined that soon these papers would fly away.

They did

Readers’ Contribution – Joseph and Asumi

Dear Readers,

Another story from Joseph staring… me.

Enjoy reading.


Asumi was tired after having long hours of work so I decided to give her a massage at her house. Asumi wasn’t expecting me to come today and was surprised after seeing me at her doorstep. She was still in her working attire, so I suggested that we take a bath together. She nodded and started removing her clothes. While we were showering, Asumi was stroking my dick as my hands were on her boobs. We were soaping each other most of the time and soon Asumi gave a gesture that she wanted to give a blowjob. I told her to do that later as I had a ‘surprise’ for her.

Both of us walked out of the bathroom naked after drying ourselves. I told her to lay down on her bed with her back facing me. She did what she was told to and I sat beside her. I gave her a shoulder massage first and I could tell that she was enjoying it. After that I gave her a back massage and I slowly massaged my way to her thighs.

Asumi said:
– so comfortable!you are so good at it!

Once I was done, Asumi gave me a kiss and to thank me she started giving me a blowjob. Licking the tip of my dick always turns me on. While she was doing that my fingers went to her clit. She gave a soft moan. Soon I was fingering her and she cummed. I licked my fingers and positioned my dick in front of her clit. She went into doggy position and slowly inserted my dick into her. Going in and out of her, making her moan turned me on. I grabbed her left boob and my right hand went to her right nipple and pinched it. Soon I was reaching my limit. Asumi wanted me to cum in her. I shot in her and slowly took out my dick. She gave me a blowjob again after that to lick whatever was left on my dick. I spent the night at her house and has another round of sex.

What is my Reward All About?

Dear Diary,

Last night I texted S about my reward. I wanted to know what it was about and whether there could be any chance it could be about Jasline and CW. I told her that they repeatedly asked to meet me up and that I was dearly missing them. Also I was afraid they will think I don’t want to see them anymore.

S told me she had already planned my reward and that I have to make myself available on Thursday night. I will have more information later in the week.

I wonder what she has in mind. But I know it has nothing to do with my sweet couple 😦

It better be good as I really behaved for the past few weeks.


Sporty Sunday

Dear Diary,

After a lazy Saturday, I woke up early this morning full of energy. I took a quick and light breakfast and went for a jog on east coast. The weather was so sunny and hot I had difficulties running at my usual speed. Yet I felt good exercising my fat away. I realized yesterday I could fit again in my preferred tight jeans and I wanted to keep it that way. I slowly walked my way back home and took a shower. A shirt nap refilled my energy and I decided to go for a swim. There are days like that when I can’t stay idle more than 5 minutes.

10 minutes after I entered the pool, I saw this hot Chinese guy with a tight swimming trunk coming to the pool. That is my lucky day. I never saw that neighbor before and I told myself that was a shame. He smiled at me and then swam like a real sportsman.

A couple of minutes later another hot well groomed Chinese young folk came and join us in the pool. My heart beat faster in excitement: two hot guys in the pool with me was like a dream come true. Plus they stay at the same plus as me. The afternoon was starting to be interesting.

The new guys brought a buoy with him. He could not swim and the first guy was actually teaching him how to swim. Unfortunately, I soon realized these two guys would not be interested in me, as in I am a lady. Why do hot guys have to be gays?

After a few lengths I went to the pool deck to sunbathe and blog. While writing this very post, I can still enjoy the show that these two hotties are offering me. Their bodies are so slim yet muscular. Yummy. I feel like joining them in the water and put myself between their hot bods. I guess my swimming moves need some improvement and I have a lot to learn from a private teacher. Please sweetie, teach me how to swim. Wahaha

As I don’t want to leave the pool deck I will just continue writing this entry with whatever crosses my mind. Sorry about that dear readers.

Last Thursday, J sent me (again) a new message to offer me to meet up. I feel so bad always giving her excuses not to see each other. S has not allowed me yet to meet them again and I don’t want to jeopardize her efforts in helping me. I just have to be patient even though I am afraid J and CW will think I want to stop seeing them whereas this is the opposite of the truth. I don’t know what reward S has for me but I cross my fingers it has sow thing to do with these two. Maybe I should hint at her.

I want to go out tonight but I have no plans. Anyway I am now too busy “hotties-watching” to think hehe. Actually how can my afternoon be any better? I am sunbathing and I am enjoying a great view at the same time.



Dear Diary,

Today is Friday and you should know by now how hornier than usual I tend to be on Fridays. I guess knowing that the week end is just around the night makes my body feel more relaxed and my mind more… free to wander its imaginative path. Also, performing my intimate shave last night is not helping. Any lady will tell you that when this part is recently shaved, it is a lot more sensitive to contact with the panty cotton. Yes, today I was in a playful mood.

Obviously I did not want to go back home straight after work. Nor did I want to have drinks with my colleagues: I see their face enough during week days not to extend this visual treat even longer. So I decided to go for a movie: it has literally been weeeeeeks since I last caught anything on screen. I was so excited during my lunch break buying the movie tickets and go on a date with myself, wahaha kind of desperate I know. Going for a movie on Orchard is also good way to avoid the formula 1 frenzy in the city center. In the afternoon an idea popped in mind mind and seduced me: I will go to the toilets just before the show and remove my panty and bra. Anyway, in the dark room of the theater, nobody will know except me. Yet I will feel terribly sexy with nothing under my white blouse.

I left the office very late and had to take the train in a hurry to Orchard. I ended up reaching Lido on time and after I redeemed my ticket, I looked for the toilets.

And there it was: big disappointment. It was as if a hurricane passed by just before me. The place was so freakin dirty that my mood instantly snapped. I turned my wheels 180 degrees and just walked to the hall.

The rest of the evening went by eventless. After the movie, I took a cab and I am now in my bed feeling as if something was unfinished.


Sunnier Sky

Dear Readers,

Today I decided to take a back seat and have a honest look at myself and how I changed during the past few weeks.

Without bragging too much, I am proud at myself. I managed to have a healthier mind and control my needs way more efficiently than before. I now think about sex much less often and actually almost never when I am at work. When I do happen to have kinky thoughts I usually manage to control them and clear the ideas quite fast.

In a nutshell I am happy at what I achieved. I am aware this would not have been possible without the help of S. so I called her to let her know my gratitude. She agreed I did a lot of efforts and these were already paying off. She then added I deserved some reward that she will think about. I have no clue what she has in mind; I never know with S.

Anyway, I am feeling contempt and I wanted to share my happiness with you.