Readers’ Contribution – Staplerman

Dear Readers,

I feel so privileged: the brilliant Staplerman wrote a new story staring me. I feels special having now 3 stories written for me by singapore’s bests erotica blogger.

This is my favorite story. It is so nicely written that it touched straight my heart.

I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I did.

Thank you so much Staplerman.


– – – –

Asumi (Whatsapp): ‘Thanks for your comment. I seriously have no idea what to do now. How I wish I have someone to talk to right here.’

Me (Whatsapp): ‘I get what you mean. It’s often the people who aren’t too close that we can safely share our secrets with.’

Asumi (Whatsapp): ‘Any chance you are free to meet now?’

With that, I finished up my work and closed the bar, thoughts running through my mind on how to console this heartbroken lady without causing more damage. Being someone who had been through similar experience, I understood how she felt, especially the confusion about why someone would hurt her when she merely wanted to live normally. That blog she wrote her stories on, was just a therapy for her to balance her life, and desires.

We met at a nearby coffee shop where the night had just started, a place where men gather to spot those working ladies dressed to lure hungry wolves. As a friend, I knew the beers she gorged down served as a way to momentarily take those pain away, but more importantly, I had to find a way to let her sleep tonight. The ringing struggle between comprehension and misjudgement would definitely take its toll on anyone sane, and Asumi was a lady I wanted to help.

The long conversations recounting that night went on past midnight, until she got too drunk, sobbing in the presence of looking crowd. Although I had no plans that night, getting laid was the last thing on my mind. The lack of intention to head home soon led me to check her into a hotel, letting her hide under the blankets and crying her heart out.

For someone who had initially wanted to comfort her, I ended up falling asleep on the comfy bed and the loud splashing in the shower room woke me up. A little relieve came when I saw her feeling well enough to wash up, and I continued lying on the bed, keeping watch at the translucent doors her body was moving behind.

Finally, she appeared in just a towel and plopped next to me, hugging my arm between her boobs.

Asumi: ‘Thanks for listening tonight. I guess there’s no point getting affected by it while you spend your time with me, caring to listen and try to comfort me.’

Me: ‘It’s the least I can do. I don’t know you well enough to hurt you like they did.’

She planted a kiss on my cheeks and I wrapped my hand around her shoulders, pulling her closer to my warm body. Her hand went into the blanket at my waist and felt my shorts still on, so she lightly circled her palm over it.

Asumi: ‘Why is it still on?’

Me: ‘You should just sleep and try to feel better. I don’t think it’s the right time to have sex.’

Asumi: ‘And if I say you can help me feel better by removing your shorts?’

Me: ‘Then I’ll do it.’

Her small hand lowered my shorts enough to expose my raw stick and a pat on my chest signalled to me that it was all she needed. Those long, thin fingers went around my dick and started stroking it, in such a gentle manner as though she was petting a kitten.

As a guy, I did not attempt to move and simply let her did what she wanted, until it was fully erected and throbbing wildly in her hand. The blanket was then lifted aside to give her access to my groin, and she shifted her body between my legs.

Me: ‘Are you sure you’re alright with it?’

Asumi: ‘Since no one can make me happy, why don’t I make someone happy right? At least I still feel wanted.’

Me: ‘But you know that’s not true, you will always be wanted.. ‘

Just as I completed my sentence, her mouth went down on me and she started off with a fast-paced blowjob, coating my dick with her saliva and shoving her head down. The contrasting ambient did surprise me but her dedication to sucking me off was so focused. I could only hang onto the spare pillows and groaned as she vacuumed my rod.

Her lips kept moving across the shaft without hesitation nor pauses, totally submitting herself to please me. It was only ten minutes later the girl cracked her jaws accidentally that got me to realise such a long time had past. Asumi kept her eyes on me when her mouth left the tip, and went over my hips, sitting down on that standing pole. The first thing that melted me was the unintentional rubbing of her slit on my shaft, giving me a feel of that softness without being penetrated.

She had certainly noticed the expression on my face and moved a few more times before raising her body high enough. A easy push of my tip under her pussy enabled her to sit slowly down my rod. Two short groans came from her mouth as she peered at our genitals, still midway connecting. A small lax in her thighs shoved my dick into her and she held onto my shoulders while the initial pain went away.

As soon as she felt better, her body began moving on its own and she did not even allowed me to suck on that pair of full breasts. Throughout the cowgirl ride, she had changed to squatting, grinding and the back-forth rocking of her hips. It was so intense beyond my powers that I loved being led in her pace. The muscles in her pussy was squeezing me so hard that I couldn’t last long too. I totally had lost it when she kept grinding me, pushing my dickhead to its limit.

The ecstatic look on her face when she climaxed was so mesmerising, in a way that she was letting herself go completely without restraints. The waves of pleasure was all she could use to forget the pain in her heart. And the continuous movements just kept her orgasm lasting for as long as she wanted.

Me: ‘Asumi, I really.. can’t take it anymore.. ‘

Asumi: ‘Just shoot inside me. I don’t care.’

Me: ‘Fuck no.. It’s not right!’

I flipped her dangerously to the side of the bed and pinned her arms with one hand above her head, while jerking myself off between her legs. In less than a minute, the thick glob of cum splattered over her stomach and she broke herself free, rubbing the life-giving fluid around her pussy. A futile attempt to guide my dick back into her resulted in me stepping away from her, and forcing her to lie still beside me.

I could only hugged her so tightly that she couldn’t move and before I knew it, soft cries were coming from her. The girl’s face was stained with tears and I just held her in that position, pecking on her forehead until she had fallen asleep.

Very stealthily, I went back to my bed space and laid facing her, holding myself back from kissing that beautiful, worn out face.

Asumi (whispering): ‘Thank you.. ‘

Me (whispering): ‘Shhh.. goodnight.’

And the room went dark with a flick of the switch above my head.

Readers’ Contribution – Joseph

Dear Readers,

Below is the latest story from Joseph. I think I am a very good muse for him: he keeps thinking of stories where I am staring hehe.

This is a great story for starting the day.

I noticed this one is getting a little kinkier compared to the previous ones. A new character appears: Joseph’s brother. I have the feeling I am going to be busy in the next few stories of his :p.

Enjoy reading


– – –

I was doing my research online for my school project. As I finished, I heard the door bell rang and to my surprise it was Asumi. She was drunk, I carried her to my room and laid her down on my bed. She was wearing a white singlet and her blue FBT shorts. As I was about to leave my room, she held my left hand and whispered:

fuck me….

As soon as I heard that I began kissing her lips with my hands roaming her left breast, she went braless on that day. I slowly removed her singlet and went to lick her nipples. She was moaning at the same time enjoying herself. I licked my way down to her belly while my hands were busy on her shorts. Soon I removed her shorts and started to finger her with her panties on. In no time, she cummed… After removing her panties, I positioned my face on her vagina and started licking it until she cummed again

Then I heard the door opening, it was my younger brother. While playing video games, he heard noises and moaning from my room and he wanted to check who it was coming from. Asumi saw him and she walked to the door and she closed it behind him. She knelt in front him unbuckling his pants. She took his dock out of his underwear and then started licking it. Slowly increasing her pace, she went in doggy position giving my brother a blowjob while offering me her private hole.

I slowly inserted my dick into her, and she stopped and gave a moan. Increasing my pace as she inserted my brother’s dick into her mouth. My brother then requested to switch positions and he inserted his dick into her. It was his first time. Asumi was giving me a great blowjob and in not time I felt like cumming. She took my dick out of my mouth and moved her body to rest her back agains the bed. She then asked my brother to lit his dick back inside and asked me to cum on her stomach. She wanted to see both our faces while we were having fun with her. After I cummed in her it was my brother’s turn. He slowly took out his dick and threw his cum on her small body.

We helped to clean her and once all our cum was removed she asked to rest on my bed. My brother then left my room with a broad smile on his face.

So Mad At You

Dear Reader,

I need to shout. I am sorry if that is not a pleasant entry for your reading but I have to let my anger out.
Yes S, I am so mad at you. I thought I could trust you. I gave you all my trust and this is what you do to me? Humiliating me?
Gosh I felt so hurt last night.

If the only reason you wanted me to join your girlfriends monthly meet up was to humiliate me, I would have refused your “kindness”. Come one! I felt so happy you finally let me meet your friends and considered me see a part of your personal life. Why did you have to tell your friends how we got to know if other? You did not have to tell them about my blog and my addiction to sex. Gosh, I felt so humiliated when they were looking at me. I felt as if their eyes judging me, reaching the most inner part of my mind.

And why are you not answering my calls? I need you to explain to me when you degraded me like that in front of your friends. Was it pleasant for you? I am the one who should be mad not you, so please answer the phone.

So disappointed.


S Rules To Get My Freedom Back

Dear Diary,

So S offered me to help cure my addiction to sex. I knew that being two would be better for me than being alone. Anyway, I knew deep down that I could not do it alone.

I was convinced could really help me. She is a determined lady who knows what she wants and know how to get it: she is working at a senior level management level in a big investment company. And she is only mid-40.

She said that in order for her to be able to help me she needed my full trust. She warned me that the road to freedom might not be easy and some hard choices and decisions might come into the way. However, she told me I would not be alone: she would be by my side until I am completely cured.

To her I should start by “cleaning” my lifestyle. Too many things are busying my mind that I should momentarily get rid of … at least until I feel much better. She came up with a list of such “things” she was forbidding me. Agreeing to that list was the pre-condition to me getting any of her help.

No-No list from S:

  • No more kinky thoughts
  • No more porn surfing
  • No more adult chatting and emails
  • No solo pleasure without her prior approval
  • No more sex which implied I could not meet J and CW anymore
  • I tried to get S allow me to masturbate. After all, I did not see what was wrong with that but She did not changed my mind and that the list was as it was and that I could not change it. Only her would see fit according to me progression.

    She also came up with a to do list:

    To do list:

  • Plenty of physical exercises
  • Work hard
  • Call her whenever I needed to talk
  • Now dear readers you understand why I was so quiet for the past several weeks. It is only very recently that S let me post again here. It was a reward for respecting the lists.


    At My Lowest Low

    Dear Diary,

    I would first like to apologize for my long silence in my blog. I received a lot of messages from readers wondering whether things were fine with me. I would like to thank all and each of them for their tender words. The truth is that if I did not write or even answered emails, it was because I was not so well.

    It all started on a Friday 4 months ago. Or a Thursday night to be correct. I was feeling horny after work so I decided to switch on my laptop and make myself comfortable in bed to surf my regular “adult” sites and chats. A few hours of such frantic cyber surfing made me even hornier and I had to play with myself to let off some of the steam.
    I did not sleep that well that night as my mind kept playing with me throwing in plenty of kinky ideas. I woke up in the middle of the night and pleasured myself.

    The next morning, I was still hornier than ever. The whole day I felt restless and I could not focus at all in the office. Seeing every single guy would turn me on. My mind would try to guess how the guy would looked like naked or how he would perform in bed. Every hour I kept thinking about sex and I could not clear my mind despite a lot of efforts. That was tiring and that made me extremely angry at myself for not being able to concentrate and get some decent work done. I was so horny the whole day that my hands were shivering. By 5pm I could not stand it anymore and asked my boss for early release.

    I booked a cab and left as soon as I received the message from the taxi operator informing me that the driver was reaching my workplace. Inside the car, I felt the urge to play with myself during the 20 minute ride back home: could not resist to the idea and moved to the seat behind the driver. I laid my bag on my laps before leading my right hand under my skirt. I let my finger slip under my panty and enter my private hole. I waited for that sensation the whole day. I tried very hard not to let any moan not to hint the uncle driver what I was doing. The ride was very pleasant by judging the little amount of juice that was covering my fingers by the time we reached my condo. I quickly paid the taxi driver and I even asked him to keep the change to save me time.

    I hurried to take the lift, to open my door and dropped all my bags by my bed, removed my skirt and continued touching myself until my first orgasm came. But I was so excited that day that I could not stop my fingers. I had to keep playing and playing with my pussy. I was like a crazy lady. After a while I took out my laptop and surfed the web, with my left fingers entering my private hole once in a while just enough to keep my mind on the edge.

    Then it struck me. This could not last forever: my sex drive was taking control over me. It even forced me to leave work early. I suddenly started to feel panicky and sad at the same time. I had to be able to gain control back over my desires. I was beginning to hate myself for not being able to have the upper hand and I cried. I hate feeling weak; and I was weak.

    I was feeling pity for myself, even disgust. I was crying alone, half naked in my bed with my fingers still covered with my own juice. I cried for I do know how long. It was still too early to sleep so I just went for a shower to clear my mind. That’s when I thought of asking help from someone and I whatsapped a friend.

    She is a reader of my blog that dropped me a few emails. We became friends and I regard her as some friend of good heart and advise. I desperately had to talk to someone that night. Her line was busy I left her a message to ask her to call me whenever she had time. Her call only came in past 11, when she was leaving her office. She was wondering what was wrong with me and I explained her what was happening to me. I asked her for advice and help. She is a very good listener and I knew she would care and give me sensible advices. And I was right.

    We talked for almost 2 hours and when she realized how affected I was, she offered to help me fight my addiction to sex. When I finally hung up the phone I felt slightly better. I slept peacefully that night: I realized I had a friend to rely on, a friend that would help make me stronger.


    Readers’ Contributions – Joseph

    Dear diary,

    Joseph’s follow up to his first contribution. One can say he knows for sure how to fully enjoy my character.

    Two thumbs up for Joseph’s contribution.

    After the lesson I had with Asumi that time, I just couldn’t seem to forget her as I enjoyed what I did with her. I wanted to invite her to watch a movie with me so I smsed her:
    want to watch iron man 3 with me on saturday??if you got time??
    Soon she replied
    sure!!!why not???wanted to watch that movie this weekend anyway.

    We decided to meet at amk hub at about 6.30pm and have dinner together. On that day ,as soon as I met her I was mesmorised by what she was wearing: she was wearing a black top with shorts.The shirt was so long that it covered her shorts. Anyway we had our dinner at mac and headed for the counter to buy our tickets. I treated her the movies tickets and the popcorn for the “lesson” I had with her last time.

    During the movie, I saw her shivering as it seems she had forgotten to bring her jacket. So I removed mine and lent it to her. She then smiled and said thanks and leaned her head on my shoulder.

    After the movie, she asked whether I wanted to go to her house for drink as a thanks for just now. I nodded and soon reached her house. It was the second time since I have been to her house.

    While I was in her room sitting on the bed, she went to the fridge to get me a drink. As soon as she gave me the drink, she sat next to me with her hand on my groin. She then told me to drink later and have “fun” first. She then slowly unbuckled my jeans and soon my dick was in front of her. She then gave it a lick like my dick is a lollipop. After that, she told me to strip her and I did what I was instructed. I removed her top and was shocked that there was no bra underneath. No wonder she was so cold in the movie theatre. She then gave me a giggle and I proceeded to removing her shorts. This time there wasn’t any panties underneath. She then said she wanted to go commando. I carried on: I licked her boobs with my right hand on her nipple. She moaned and at the same time stroking my dick. I slowly licked my way down to her stomach making her laugh as it is ticklish and finally to her clit. Licking her vagina made her cum and I swallowed it. Then she asked me to try anal and I positioned my dick in front of her ass. With my tip of the dick poking her, she gave a soft moan. Slowly inserting it into her, and increasing my pace at the same time. Soon I was feeling the urge to cum then she went into fours asking me to give her doggy as it was her favorite position. I inserted it into her vagina thrusting in and out, making her cum again. I finally reached my limit and wanted to take it out but then she stopped me. She said
    cum in me!!!
    Then I told her she could get pregnant and she said she was under medication so there is no need to worry about that. Soon I cummed in her and as I took out my dick she gave me a blowjob so that my cum would not be wasted. After the session, I apologised for cumming into her but she gave me a kiss and said it did not matter.

    With both of us sweaty on the bed she asked me to stay over for the night. With her hand on my dick and my hand on her boobs we fell asleep. Next morning, we went for a shower together and I left her house after that.