Rendezvous in 10 minutes

Dear diary,

It feels so good to be able to wake up late and to enjoy a lazy sunny morning. I opened my eyes at only 11 and since then I did nothing but having a big breakfast while watching nat geo music. I feel rejuvenated by these 10 hours of sleep.
I kept my to do list simple: beautify myself, which means shower, do my nails and shave.

Now the clock is showing almost 2pm and I am all ready. I packed a few stuff in my bag and I am waiting for CW to pick me up.

I am so excited.

Talk to you soon dear diary


Rendezvous Taken – Follow-Up

Dear Diary,

This morning a message from J. was waiting for me when I woke up (She sent it at about 2am). It was:

– sorry darl but Sunday we r visiting my in-laws for lunch. Well need to leave at 11. Can u come over on Friday instead?

I sent her back:

-ok for Friday honey.

– Gd. C u friday at 2 at our place. Or u wanna come Thursday after work? CW can pick u up at ur office

– Friday is good. I will stay in the off late on Thursday. End of financial year for us so lots of work.

– ok no probs. see you friday darl. Have a gd rest this week 😉

Yeah, one less day to wait. So it is going to be work hard until Thursday and them play hard.


Rendezvous taken

Dear Readers,

I know it has been ages since I last blogged and I sincerely apologize for my recent hiatus. I have been very busy with work but today I decided to use my lunch break to share with you a little about my week end.

Actually nothing much happened, very much reflecting my social life so far this year. I met with my dear CW and Jasline on however Saturday night. J. asked me out for some drinks to which I agreed even though I planned to spend my week end hibernating. I don’t know why my bed is so tempting past weeks.

We met at 9 pm in a bar on Emerald Hill. Meeting up with CW and J. ad catching up on our respective lives made me feel good. J has been flying quite a lot recently, mosty long hauls. She is having about 10 days of rest now (damn lucky wahaha). As for CW, he is doing good at his workplace. He got a big bonus as a reward of his good results of last year.

On my side, I informed them that I have been splitting my life between the office, my flat and cabs. J, as cheeky as always, asked me whether I had a good F*** recently. She could not believe that I, Asumi, could be so busy not to have any bedroom action for the past month (yes this is how non-existent my sex life became). Nothing live except a few solo times. Feeling very pitiful, CW offered to help me. That would be good for me to take a bit of time out. Changing my daily routine would do me great and I would focus better at work and be less moody… In other word, I had to have sex to be a better employee. For sure, CW knew how to speak to Japanese ladies.

A lot of non sense followed for the next 4 hours we stayed at the bar. A very pleasant place by the way. We all came back at about 2 am and they offered me to drop by their place if I wanted.

I was too tired and half heartedly declined the offer. But honestly, I kept yawning for the last hour and was thinking of nothing else except my welcoming bed.

On Sunday morning, Jasline watsappedd me to tell me she was sad I did not come over their place. I excused myself again and told her I was too tired the previous night and that I could not have given myself 100% to whatever they had in mind for us.

“Y don’t you get a gd rest on Friday and come over to our place this week end? Pls pls say yes”

replied J.

“tempting offer. Let me think about it ;)”

came my answer.

“come on. Your as desperate as us for a good fuck. Just say yes”

“since you ask so kindly, ok”

“great…. And by the way, you will be our sub”

I forgot I told them about my recent reading of sub blogs and that I was curious about trying this… I should have drunk less on Saturday night.


Reader’s Corner – Happydog

Question: What are your vital stats?

Answer: I am convinced that you can estimate my stats by looking at the pictures I posted here and there on this blog.
But just in case some of my readers are really into numbers (I imagine those poor mathematicians lost without exact figures), I agree to share them with the world:
Vital stats: 79 56 84
Height: 165,
Shoe size: 37
Weight: For me to know…