The List or Entry Number 28

Running in the rain and…

Classification: Not done but this classification has high chance to be updated soon, particularly during the current rainy season

I am always turned on by the feeling of
rain drops falling and then rolling on my whole body from head to toes showering my shoulders, chest, legs… .

I mentioned this to one of my dear reader and we came up with a way to make use of this feeling: on a rainy day, I will quickly go back home after work, change to my running attire and go for a jog. While jogging, I will focus on the feeling of my body getting wet by the rain and my underwear getting wet by my horniness.. When I won’t be able to stand it, I will jog back home. My reader suggested I pass by some coffee shop and readjust my tight wet top in front of the patrons for their viewing pleasure.

Once home, I will turn on the rain shower and slowly take off my clothes and let my hands do whatever my brain kept wanting them to do during my physical effort.

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