A Wet Evening Jog

Dear Diary,

Today was one of these gloomy days of the rainy season in Singapore when night takes over brightness in the middle of the afternoon. Apocalypse seemed set to happen for the end of the day and I wanted nothing else but go back home and lie under the bed sheets to watch a romantic DVD. To add to this gloomy touch, the day seemed never ending as it looked like it was 6pm when your watch was displaying only 4pm.

However I made up my mind to save the day: if it was still raining after office hours I should exercise and go for a run. But that would be a special jog. As I already revealed to my dear readers, the feeling of the raindrops falling on my body and completely wetting it while running arouses me. This feeling becomes even more intense when I am wearing tight running clothes that stick to my skin. A small smile finally illuminated my face while working in the office. Yes that was decided: tonight I’ll do some exercise! And if totally soaked and turned on (which I don’t doubt I would be) I will play with myself in the shower to relax my muscles after the physical exercise.

When I was walking back home the weather was still bad. The rain was pouring less than earlier on but still enough to keep my running plan on. I surprised myself walking home faster than usual proving that my hormones already took control of my mind and my muscles. Once I reached home I quickly walked over to my wardrobe and picked a white tight top, a cotton running bra and a pair of black thighs. These thighs shrank after a few washings and were a bit too small for me (no, I assure you I have not gained weight since I bought these thighs). But that was the exact reason I chose them: they are so tight that they are showing the beautiful shape of the lips of my intimate part. Lastly, I tied my hair and wore my shoes: I was all set to become wet…

After a few stretches to warm my muscles up, I launched an application on my phone that helps me keep track of my exercise sessions. I would go for a 40 minutes/5 Kms run to east coast and back. This distance was at the same time enough to let go the stress I accumulated and not too tiring so that I would still have some energy left to decently play with myself in the shower later. I was sure I would be completely horny by the time my jog was over.

True enough, after only a few minutes of running in the rain my clothes were already soaking. My mind was focusing on the vefy much enjoyable feeling of the raindrops falling on my body and wetting my body on their path to the floor. From my head, to my shoulders, to my stomach and then on my legs: no part of my skin was spared from the soaking of the heavy drops. I really enjoyed this and was getting turned on. I surprised running faster and faster and the idea of looking for a dark and desert place on east coast where I could finger myself crossed my mind for a while. No, I should be strong, resist to this urge and enjoy this special feeling longer. I will only let my hands travel my body and give me pleasure at home. No matter how excited I was I had to finish my 40 minutes exercise before allowing my fingers to give me my solo pleasure. A little torture of mine to endure but a stimulating one.

After 10 minutes of exercise, I was totally wet. Not only my body by the rain but also my intimate part by my arousal. I could feel my hardened tits rubbing against the cotton of my bra at every step I was making. These were 10 mere minutes: how was I going to stand running in such conditions for 30 more minutes?

The answer was simple: focus on running and run faster to make the exercise and sweet torture end as early as possible. I think I have never run that fast over such a long period of time. I managed to finish my 5km run in less than 35 minutes. This is a personal record. It is decidedly helpful to have a real target to aim for when you jog: showering was what I was deeply craving for.

When I finally reached home, I frenetically switched on the water heater. This time I would definitely take my own sweet time in the bathroom so the temperature would have to be steamy hot. I then took off my clothes that quickly dropped on the floor. Even my bra was completely wet. My panty was not only wet, there were some white discharge of pleasure visible at the bottom of it.

When the temperature of the water was warm enough I entered the shower. My head was light and my fingers knew that they would have total freedom to accomplish their task: make my whole body shiver of pleasure. And they perfectly did their job. My right hand started by slowly but firmly squeezing my boobs while the other hand was caressing my upper thighs. My eyes remained closed: while touching myself in the shower I was imagining myself outside in the rain taking a break in my run. I was picturing passers by looking at me totally naked body and receiving delectable touches from my soft hands. Some of them would look at me and ask me if I needed help… But after a while, the pleasure was becoming too hard to control and I opened my eyes. My legs were getting very weak and I had to sit on the floor of the shower. I laid my back against the bay window, opened my legs and pushed my feet against the wall of the shower head. Not that the position was terribly comfortable but I nonetheless remained like that for about 20 minutes; it let open the gate of joy hole to my fingers which were moving in my pussy in search of my g-spot. My butt started to feel painful against the hard floor but the pleasure was too intense to stop prematurely. I continued for a while and I allowed more fingers to enter my sweet hole.

I finally came: I could not mute a load moan that I am sure the neighbors heard. I continued touching myself for an additional 5 to 10 minutes hoping to come again. My instinct was correct. I came again so easily after only a few strokes against my clitoris. This whole jogging excited me well above my expectations: I have to try this again I promised myself.

I then washed myself. After all, I was in the shower and I was supposed to get clean.


The List or Entry Number 28

Running in the rain and…

Classification: Not done but this classification has high chance to be updated soon, particularly during the current rainy season

I am always turned on by the feeling of
rain drops falling and then rolling on my whole body from head to toes showering my shoulders, chest, legs… .

I mentioned this to one of my dear reader and we came up with a way to make use of this feeling: on a rainy day, I will quickly go back home after work, change to my running attire and go for a jog. While jogging, I will focus on the feeling of my body getting wet by the rain and my underwear getting wet by my horniness.. When I won’t be able to stand it, I will jog back home. My reader suggested I pass by some coffee shop and readjust my tight wet top in front of the patrons for their viewing pleasure.

Once home, I will turn on the rain shower and slowly take off my clothes and let my hands do whatever my brain kept wanting them to do during my physical effort.

The Scenario For Our Next Sexion

Dear Diary,

Believe it or not but I have been so busy for the past week that I could not find any proper time to think about the scenario of our next meet-up with CW and Jasline. Note that I mention proper time. As you can easily imagine, I kept visualizing bits and bits about my upcoming sexion. You know me too well: I can’t resist to such dirty brain work. However, my mind could not be fully dedicated to the mental process of picturing what we will all be doing together as these images would always came across my mind at the oddest times or places: while queuing for a cab, commuting in the train, or even during a meeting with a customer!

Anyway,let me share with you what little my brain managed to come up with. The main theme is a singular brother-sisters night.

CW is about to come back from camp after serving 2 weeks of reserve. While playing soldier, his long time girlfriend broke up with him. Twin sisters Asumi and Jas only know too well how deep in love CW was with his now ex-girlfriend and they apprehend their brother to be totally devastated. Both of them then decided to do their best to change his mind on the night he is back. Together they planned to first bring him for dinner in town and then draw his sorrow in a bar along Boat Quay before hitting the dance floor of a hip club in Clarke Quay. There, they will oblige themselves to lure a pretty girl to become their beloved brother’s new girlfriend.

However, events might or might not happen as planned, but for sure, this little bait game will make all of them very horny…

Clearly, the twins will wear something suitable for partying the night away: both would be wearing the same short blue bandage skirt with the same white tight tank top.

Not bad huh? I am confident I can improve this scenario a lot until Saturday when our next steamy action will take place. At least that is what I promised to Jas.


Inverse Bidding: A Night With Asumi

Dear Diary,

Unique bidding websites are now quite common over the Internet. For those still unfamiliar with such auction websites I had copied the definition below from Wikipedia:

A unique bid auction is a type of strategy game related to traditional auctions where the winner is usually the individual with the lowest unique bid, although less commonly the auction rules may specify that the highest unique bid is the winner.

How much do you think a night with Asumi is worth? A night means a dinner, drinks and … afterdrinks.

Is 500 SGD a competitive starting bid to you? Tell me what you think by commenting on this post or by sending me an email (you can get my email address by sending me a comment)


Thank you Staplerman

Dear Diary,

This is to let you know how happy I am today. Asumi’s blog now appears on Staplerman’s great blog, which is simply yet sensually called kinky.

I have been reading his lovely blog and I feel really honored that he linked me up.

To all my readers who have not visited his blog yet, do not waste any more time and check it out: there.

I give you my word: you and your underwears will enjoy reading it.


Reader Fantasy (Tina): Golden Shower

Dear Readers,

Warning: this post is not for the faint hearted. It should be rated as R-30. Wahaha

If you have read Tina’s first assignment you might guess what today’s post could be about. Let me give you an additional hint: read the last few sentences of her essay and keep the expression “golden shower” in mind. I am sure you get it by now.

Anyway, finding the idea pretty unusual, I asked Tina to write a few words about this fantasy of hers.

Again I am emphasizing that you might get surprised/shocked by the development of her story. You can’t say I did not warn you.

Enough said…

From my dear student, Tina:

I put down the huge glass of water, and walked to the sofa. Ms Asumi was already sitting there, her legs spread open.

The moment I reached her, I pulled her so that she was lying on the couch, and I helped her spread her legs. The mound of flesh in between her thighs made my tongue water, and I took a smell of her bald pussy. The whift of her sex drove me wild, and I licked her clit, just to see her reaction. The response I got was positive. Miss Asumi took a sharp intake of breath, and her legs spread even wider. Encouraged, I started licking more, and flicked my tongue all over her swollen pink clit. Soon, I felt a warm gush of pussy juice all over my mouth, and I continued eating it all up until Miss Asumi motioned me to stop.

“Good work Tina. You have improved so much now. But today, I will like to be your slave, for a difference. Today you will own me, and you will be permitted to use me as you please. I will call you Mistress, and you will order me any way you want. Is that ok Tina?”

“Yes Miss Asumi. I mean… yes bitch.”

Miss Asumi gave a giggle, and sat with attention.

I got bolder, and told her to shower my body with kisses.

Eager to please, Miss Asumi pushed me onto the sofa, and started kissing me everywhere. My face, neck, chest, breasts, armpits, tummy, thighs, ass, calves and feet.

“Good girl. Now, time for you to pleasure your mistress. My hairy pussy is all yours now.”

Miss Asumi hungrily searched for my clit, and started sucking on it. Instinctively, she pushed one of her long but slender fingers into my joy hole. The combination was driving me wild. I started moving my body to her finger’s motion and soon, felt my pussy throbbing.

“Stop bitch, I need to go to the toilet. I feel like peeing.”

But Miss Asumi stopped me, and looked down, coyly.

“What is is bitch, why are you stopping me for?”

“Mistress.. is it ok if you could pee on my instead?”

“Really? You don’t mind?”

“I don’t know..I’ve never tried it..but I want to be your dirty slut. Can you please pee on me?”

“Ok.. lie down on the floor. And spread your legs.”

I felt my pee coming on full force, and I quickly positioned myself over Ms A. Slowly, I let the pee trickle onto her breasts, then her tummy. Then, I let a steady stream of warm urine onto her pussy and her ass. After that, I sat back on the couch, and spread my legs. I motioned Ms A to come near my pussy.

“Smell my pussy, and tell me what it smells like.”

“It smells slightly rancid, and has a strong urine smell.:

“Good. now stick ur tongue out and lick my pussy up. Tell me how it tastes like.”

“It is slightly salty, and feels warm on my tongue. I like the way it btastes mistress.”

“Good girl. Now rub ur entire face onto my pussy, and clean it up for me.”

When Miss A looked up, her face was full of my urine, and and I kissed her tenderly, savouring my own urine.

“Next time, I will lap ur your juices, is that ok Miss A?”

Smiling, Miss A walked to the bathroom to clean herself up.

New Task: Looking For Meetup Ideas

Dear Diary,

TGIF and a sexy one thinking about my dear couple.

Jas is much more efficient than me: within one hour after I sent her my thank you email, her name popped up in my yahoo mailbox. That is in total contrast to my delayed response.

As you can read below, she found a sexy way for me to thank them.

hiya sexy,

Great that you are getting excited.. You should :p

I see a simple way for you to thank us: plan our next meet-up. Let your imagination go crazy but lots of foreplay, ok?

By the way, are you free on Sat 15? Hopefully, we will have received the package by that day… i am thinking of having dinner first before going back to our place. Of course you will sleep (or not) over.

Can’t wait to see you again,

Anyone has any suggestion? It is Friday so I am in the mood to be open to any recommendation.