Cyber Monday For Sex Toys

Dear Diary,

It has been several weeks since I last met with CW and Jasline, even though I hadd contacted them a few times to offer to meet. They always seem busy. I started to think that maybe they did not want to meet up again, and instead just want to focus on their couple life. I was slowly accepting this idea of my dear couple distancing themselves from their little pet (me).

Yesterday, however, Jasline forwarded me a confirmation email from a shop about some items they purchased: a few sex toys. According to the list of items, it appears that they are planning to include me in their future actions.

I will let you judge for yourselves:

  1. a couple dildo. Not too sure how this works
  2. some lingerie:
    1. a pair of “country girl” suits: basically an extra small checkered blouse and a matching extra short skirt that is open on the side
    2. a red lace see though “chemise”
    3. a black lace “chemise” exposing the breast and the butt
    4. a couple of panties and pantyhoses (mostly g-strings)
  3. a whip and a pair of leather gloves
  4. some playing cards

It looks like they are getting ready for our next meet up.

No additional words from Jasline in the email. Knowing her this is just to tease me and, damn, that pretty much works!


My Ad On Craigslist – Results

Dear Diary,

It has now been a few days since I posted my ad on Craigslist, and a few conclusions can be drawn.

  1. To my disappointment, only a few ladies responded. Few but with high potential I should quickly add.
  2. I got some unrelated replies:
    1. A guy sending me a picture of his dick. Nice, but not what I asked for in my ad.
    2. A couple offering me to join them in a 69. Same thing here: great offer but not what I was looking for.
    3. Some foreigners asking to meet. Same same… I will keep your contacts for another time maybe.
  3. There is potential in some of the replies and to be honest, I am quite excited about a few contacts.

I will keep you posted if there is any development.



Best Comment Ever From A Reader

Dear Diary,

Today I received the nicest and cutest comment from a friend reading my blog.

She indeed wrote:
hmmm i read your blog and it makes me pretty wet . Oh i will play with myself after this [comment].

Oh my. You have no idea how thrilled this comment made me. Thrilled and happy to see that there are other ladies enjoying my diary to the extent that it makes them wet.

To this particular reader: thank you and I hope you will continue enjoying my posts. Please keep reading me.


My Ad On Craigslist

Dear Diary,

Today I posted the following ad on craiglist. Let us see if it creates any reaction..


I am Asumi.

I am a Japanese lady who has been working in Singapore for 4 years now.

I have been writing a blog that has become my personal erotica over the years, as I love talking about intimate stuff and sharing about my sexual needs/fantasies.

So here I am, looking for a lady who could share some of her fantasies with me. I believe intellectual discussion about sex could be as good as the act itself.

Hope to find this rare soul,



Group Sex: My First Orgy

Dear Diary,

Excited by the title of the post? I hope you are as excited about reading this post as I am about writing it.

Looking back I would have never thought that I would ever blog about my sexual life and even less about my first orgy. I would never have thought that I would ever attend a group sex party to begin with. If you had asked me only a few years ago, I would have said I was conservative about things related to sex. But ever since I met CW and Jasline, I came to the realization that I enjoy kinky things. In short, I became more in harmony with my sexual needs and fantasies. Luckily, CW and Jasline provided (and are still providing) me with ways to realize them, such as my first orgy.

It all started with a call from CW asking me whether I would be up for some group fun. He had a couple friend who were planning a sex party at their place and were asking him to join in. Since it was not really Jasline’s cup of tea (she tried once but did not really like the whole experience), she suggested that I replace her. I reminded CW I had never tried this before and that I anxious about groups so I asked him to give me some time to think it over. The following day, I called Jasline to share with me her experience. She told that me the party she attended was OK overall but there were too many people for her taste: about 20 guys to 5 ladies. She found the ratio too imbalanced and she ended up too “busy” to enjoy. She concluded that she was not into sex involving more than 1 couple and that in the end, our little arrangement was just great. That was perfect to me as well and I reminded her one of our sex-capades was long overdue.

Since Jasline reassured me a bit and I now feel comfortable and safe with CW, I gave him the green light to bring me to his friend’s party provided that there would not be too many people.

The Party

It was held at CW’s friends’ condo in central Singapore. The invitation was for 8.30 but when we reached early at about 8.20 there were already 4 couples drinking and happily chatting. It looked like the participants were eager to enjoy their evening. Another couple joined in much later at about 10. To make sure that the guests would feel comfortable and uninhibited enough, there were lots of drinks, and the bottles that each couple was recommended to bring were not needed.

The couples

In total, there were 5 couples including the hosts. The whole crowd was rather young: in their 30s to mid 40s. The host guy was in his mid 40s, average build, sporty and smart looking. His wife was in her 30s, petite and slim. Except for myself and a Vietnamese lady, everybody was local and most were professionals like bankers, lawyers. This was basically a smart crowd that works hard, which implied that they also play hard sometimes. And tonight, my impression was that people were without doubt wanting to play hard.

We gave a short introduction about ourselves. People asked if it was the first time that CW and me were attending, and how we felt about groups. People could sense I was a bit nervous and they all told me not to worry, that it would be great and I would love it. Plus, since I was the only new participant tonight, they will all take care of me. This was not too reassuring to me as I pictured all of them around me doing their best to keep me entertained.

Before the party began we were reminded of the rules were.

The Rules

Rules for sex parties are very simple, as participants usually do not use their heads much.

Respect everybody: do not force anybody. If someones asks to stop or is uncomfortable with doing something, people have to stop. Being open minded does not mean one can force.

Be nice to people. If someone comes over to you and politely asks if you are up to something, unless you are really uncomfortable with the request, you should agree. Anyway, the guy host repeated that all the participants were good looking and there was no reason to discriminate based on looks only.

Wait patiently for your turn. Do not join in unless the people are open to your joining in.

Enjoy as long as you want.

The lady host then explained that it was a small party (much to my surprise) and that “numbers” would not be needed. She explained that often, when there are too many people, in order to avoid guests rushing they will give random numbers randomly to ladies and guys. Then guests with matching numbers will be paired together to start the party. I was glad we did not have to resort to numbers as you can’t choose who you start having sex with.

Then the host turned on an alarm clock for 11.30. By that time, anybody who was still there was deemed to have agreed to the rules and willing to take part in the action.

The action

Finally the alarm rang. My heart started bumping fast, my hands were slightly shaking and becoming a bit wet. Nobody had left by that time, so there were 5 couples. The lady host then declared the party was on and invited us ladies to make a straight line in the living room and instructed us to remove our clothes. At first, I felt apprehensive but I stripped like the other ladies. Being naked with the girls standing up in front of 5 men looking at us with lust turned me on before long. The lady host then reminded the guys to behave like gentlemen, which meant to stop staring at us and bring us drinks instead.

CW came to me with a glass of wine and asked me if I was still all right. I comforted him by telling him that I was fine and, anyway, I knew what to expect by coming here. I somehow expected to end up naked, at least partially. In any case, it was too late to leave and I confess that I was actually in the mood for some flesh-to-flesh action. This made him laugh and he left telling me I was the prettiest girl but that he nevertheless wanted to try the Vietnamese lady. I noticed him looking at her a few times since she arrived with her boyfriend. For sure, her big breast has caught his attention and libido.

I was alone for about 5 or 10 minutes sipping my glass of wine in the nude. When I looked around to check what was happening, I saw the lady host walking to one of the guys and unbuttoning his pants without saying a word. After pulling down his boxers, she started to give him a blow job: the action has kicked off, I told myself. At that moment a guy came over to me: out of the 5 guys, he was the least good looking. He was slightly balding, wearing thick glasses and was a tad overweight. Full of himself, he asked me straight if I wanted to fuck him. Even though I knew the rule about not rejecting anybody’s request, I politely told him I was not “ready” yet. This was my first time so he had to be understanding and maybe look for some fun with another girl in the meantime. He stayed a bit for a chat (he turned out to be a geek) before another guy joined in. This one was average looking, not fantastic, but was by far a better option than the nerd. When he realized that my glass was empty, he offered to refill it and suggested that we sit on the sofa. We would be more comfortable there, even though there was already a couple having oral sex. The guy was sitting while the lady was sucking him with her knees on the carpet.

After a while, with the steamy action all around, the moans and the spanking next to me, I was feeling horny and I moved closer to the guy. He gave me a few compliments about my physical appearance, and he said that he found my breast particularly nice. If he liked it, what else was he then waiting for but to touch it? These words went out of my mouth faster than my mind could think. Diligently, he started to caress my boobs and kiss them. After some caressing, his right hand was going down my hips then on my legs. I could not take his soft touch anymore and I pulled his fingers towards my pussy. My hands were busy squeezing his dick. We spent a few minutes like that, fondling and petting before he asked me whether I was fine with having intercourse. Well, this was partly the reason why I came and so I pulled down his pants. Next thing I knew, we were fucking right next to the other couple. Slowly initially, but then harder and harder. I exchanged glimpses and smiles a few times with the other couple. The guy had good stamina and it took him a while to get done. After the sex, we remained on the sofa and chatted a bit.

At that moment, the first guy came back and inquired whether I was fine now. He had looked at me fucking and declared that I should be warmed-up enough now. Since I had already declined the first time, I considered that it was better not to push him away again. So I followed him into one of the bedrooms. On the way, I saw CW and another guy sharing the Vietnamese girl. She gave me the impression that she was an expert in what she was doing. My conclusion was that it was not her first time. I was jealous: CW was having fun while I would have to endure sex with that unattractive guy.

As expected, the sex was disappointing. That guy was really into licking and foreplay, which were absolutely not needed in this situation. In any other occasion I would love licking and stuff but not that night: I was already wet thanks to the previous guy. On top of that he was talking way too much. I had to cut his crap by begging him to put his dick inside me. Luckily the guy was rather quick to cum. After he left, I stayed for a moment lying on the bed. CW entered the room and asked whether I was having fun. I told him it was ok but as far as he was concerned, he appeared to totally enjoy his night. He went out with a smile.

I went back to the living room where all the action was taking place. The coffee table has been pushed against the wall and the host lady was buysing herself with 4 guys on the carpet. They were literally taking turns to put their dicks in her pussy or her mouth. Even though she was petite, she knew how to spread her body and please them all. This lady definitely had experience and was ready to use it. I told myself it would not hurt to have a look and learn from her. I joined another lady on the sofa to get a good view: the show was certainly good as she was fingering herself. When I sat next to her, she smiled and put her legs on top of mine without pausing her self-pleasure.. After a while, I was also touching myself. This lady was truly skilled: it was like watching a porn movie live. I sat there for a while fingering myself and occasionally touching the other lady’s legs.

While CW was driving me back home, he wanted to know my impression. That was a good experience despite the less-than-great second guy. He pitied me and promised me the next time would be better. There would be a next time? I was not sure about that: some things taste better when they are done only once. However, I was glad I tried as this was a long-entertained fantasy of mine. I changed topic and asked him how the Vietnamese girl was. In his own words, she was freaking great. Her body was so hot, her boobs so big and she was keen in everything, even the back door… I stopped him there: that was too much detail for me.