Kinky Questionnaire

Dear Diary,

I went through this questionnaire online and wanted to give it a try.

1. What color underwear are you wearing?
Embarrassingly, the top and bottom pieces are not of the same color. Black bra and skin color panty. In my defense, it is late, and I am lazing around before going to bed, so I am wearing my comfortable undies.

2. What’s your favorite physical features of the opposite sex?
Abs.. No idea why since I hate muscular guys. However, I am totally turned on by normal built guys with nice abs and toned arms.

3. Which one of your physical features do you prefer?
I’d say my breast. At first I found it too small, but I have learned to like it. Sure, my boobs are not huge, but they are firm and are large enough to fill a man’s hands.

4. What’s your favorite physical feature of the same sex?
Humm, I’d go for the legs and the butt. I love long legs with nice soft skin that end at  perky buttocks. Hard to resist not to pinch, grope, caress or …

5. Ever watched porn, alone or as a couple?
Oh totally. Girls who say say that they do not watch porns are simply liars. Watched alone and with my bf. Great foreplay to get in the mood. Plus it can give us a few ideas to recreate.

6. Ever had sex in a public place, if so where?
In a park at night, public toilet and on the terrace of a penthouse. The possibility that we might get caught makes it thrilling, but of course I do not want to.

7. Do you own any sex toys?
Only one dildo, but I have a few things that I can use be in a kinky way, such us a ribbon for tying people up.

8. Would you rather have a threesome with 2 girls or 2 guys?
2 girls is great. 2 guys would be better.

9. What’s your favourite position?
Do not really mind as long as I have sex. Wahaha. Joke aside, I like being on my knees sucking my bf or getting licked on fours.

10. Which do you like best, slow sex, fast sex, rough sex?
All. I think the best would be to get them in sequence: slow-> fast -> slow and rough for the big finale

11. What is your favourite sexual fantasy?
I have so many.. Not sure which one is my favorite but anyway, I recently discovered that I love experimenting and I can do surprising stuff if in the mood. Also discovered some nice people out there who were into kinky stuff too.



The List Or Entry Number 22

Watching a couple doing it

Classification – Done

None other than my favorite locals: CW and Jasline. I watched them doing it in a few different occasions. Actually, to be more accurate, not only did I watch them, but I also joined them in the action. I described some of our adventures in this Diary (not all of our meet-ups appear here though).

Honestly, watching only is tough. I guess you would also want to be part of the action when seeing the lady getting pleasure and becoming all crazy in front of you. Which lady would not want to get the same level of excitement?