Challenge – Follow-Up

Dear Diary,

V.’s schoolmate did receive my email and replied to it.

Hi there my japanese admirer,

I have no idea how you got my email address but anyway tks for the pics. They are nice.. but as you know (I don’t know how) I surf the web and I do see lots of pictures there too.

So unless I can see these breast for real, these are nothing more than random pictures to me.

I replied a few days later:

Dear Benjamin,

I truly understand your sorrow: this breast remains digital and might not compete favorably against the tons that can be found on the internet. But please keep in mind that these latter are usually from paid models or from actresses promoting some of their movies. Nothing else than business! On the contrary, I posed for your viewing pleasure: I had you in mind while taking these. I hope you appreciate this. Moreover, mine are not digitally enhanced: what you see is what you get.

Student life can be stressful and you need to release your stress. I assume this is why you resort to surfing. However, I do feel sorry for you to fantasize about remote and “random” (to use your words) pictures. I would like to bring you comfort and offer you some more pictures. To prove my good faith, I wrote a dedicated message on my chest. I hope you like them.


Your secret japanese admirer

Note: the message was “All yours, dear Benjamin”

Kinky, huh?




Dear Diary,

Only a few words.. more like a depressed shout:


Everyday I go back home and nobody is waiting for me. No loving message or sweet email.

So depressed.


My Challenge Is Done – Overdone Maybe.

Dear Diary,

You need to be updated with this very important if not crucial piece of information.

During this long rainy week end I completed my “loser penalty”. I respected my commitment with style. As I was bored at home I decided to make myself busy and fully embrace this little project of mine. I braced myself for the extra mile. After all, I love giving myself to my all in whatever I do.

I did not attached one, but two pictures of my breast to this lucky school boy!

One wearing my white bikini and one… guess what? Without. That was the whole challenge.

I also included this little message:

Dear Benjamin,

As one of your school mate informed me you loved surfing japanese porn during your spare time, I found it cute and therefore decided to send you my own breast. I hope you will enjoy it to its fullest value but in case you missed them I would like to highlight some points:

  • What you are seeing are real pictures that I took at my place with my digicam. Hence the amateurish look. Pardon me for the poor finish but I am no professional (at photography and modeling).
  • These are natural breast: you might think my chest is small but un-siliconed boobs feel much better under the hand. Less gluey and viscous. Additionally, the tits are much more responsive to touching; they hardened faster and are easier to bite.
  • These breast belong to a real japanese lady that is staying only a few kilometers from you and not thousands of miles. Can you believe it, our paths might have even crossed in the past.
  • In case you missed that point: these pictures are real.

Hoping I could contribute to your wet dreams,

Your secret japanese admirer.

V. loved the text. It was so fun, and she is certain that it will turn the guy crazy.



The List Or Entry Number 20

Giving a handjob to my boyfriend in a movie theater

Classification – Not Done

This fantasy belongs to the category of the ones that are feasible. What makes me want to do it is that I once saw a couple doing it in a theater. They were sitting a couple of rows in front of me. I noticed the lady was moving a tad too much to be watching a movie and then I saw her “disappearing”.. The slow movements of her boyfriend’s head gave me a hint: He was enjoying himself, so I guessed that she was going down on him.

What A Poor Loser

Dear Diary,

Today was the “time to play” day.

Unfortunately I lost. The referee is so rigorous. I am truly convinced that I deserved a second chance but rules are rules and it is better to abide by them.

Here is how the game went.

I was in the office and was attending an external training when I received the trigger SMS. My heart started to beat very fast out of excitement and I quickly asked to go out to make a customer call. I went to the toilet and removed my panties. All of that in a record timing. I decently kept my bra on as I was wearing a white shirt and the whole audience would have noticed that something was missing. I took a picture of my panties and whatsapped it to V as proof. I was convinced that I nailed it until the reply came: ”what about the top part?”. My explanation was no good to her.

The bad thing is that she completed her challenge. The little brag bcc-ed to me the email.

Now it is my turn to regale one of her classmates. Worst thing is that I don’t even know how the kid looks like. I have to accomplish my task by next week. I ended up with something to do this weekend.