A Bit Of Self-analysis

Dear Diary,

This afternoon I had nothing much to do and was getting bored. I wondered: how can a young person like me be so bored so often? I see so many people around me who keep going out, having lots of activities, and always having a fully occupied life on Facebook or Instagram.

Then it struck me: I am socially awkward. I never feel comfortable with strangers, never know how to get a conversation started or even make chit-chats if it is not work-related. I would even say that I tend to dislike people before liking them. If I have the choice between going out for drinks with new people or getting back home, I will often choose the latter. No wonder I do not have many friends who asked me out, even though I would like to. And no wonder it is so difficult for me to make new friends.

I know it is my fault. How to have friends ask me out, when I would come up with a lame excuse to decline their invitation almost every time?

My social uneasiness might also explain why I often surf adult websites. There I feel like nobody is really judging and I can be myself. I find it much easier to chat there than in real life. Plus, you just need to close a window to end a conversation taking a boring turn. No much need for politeness.

Batam Revisited

Dear Diary,

Be warned Reader, you must be courageous because this post is going to be (very) long. My new weekend in Batam with Jasline and CW was totally different from the first one. With experience, life tends to be fuller.

I am not too sure where to start so I guess I will just relate the events in the most straightforward way.. similarly to a Facebook timeline.

Friday night:

The day was horribly long… I lost all hopes of it ending when finally 6pm appeared on the computer clock. -Freedom! I thought to myself, shouting victory too early. A colleague of mine decided to have some drinks to celebrate his closing of an important account. My mind was already wandering around the whole day, dreaming about my incoming sexcapade and now I had to endure 2 more hours of chit-chatting… It turned out to be 4 hours later when I finally reached home, completely exhausted by plenty of unfunny jokes and boring topics.. And the few messages from Jasline expressing how excited she was failed to make my time pass faster. I only had time to quickly pack a few dresses, swinwears and my sunglasses and postpone the rest to early morning.


Contrary to my plan, I woke up late so I had to finish my luggage and shower in a hurry.. The cuties were already on their way to pick me up when I was drying my hair. Why on earth are we always taking the first ferry.. Oh yeah, to fully enjoy the week end!

Even early morning both of them looked so fresh and smily. CW was driving very fast as usual on the ECP. But suddenly the car came to a halt by the side of the road to the jetty along changi airport. Jasline then turned to me and gave me a dress.

– Please remove what you are wearing and put this dress on instead.. and also this necklace. As long as you wear this necklace, that means we are your master and madam and you have to follow our orders, no matter what. If you want to stop this role play, just take off the necklace, ok? No questions will be asked. Also see it contains two parts that can be separated. The part that can be moved away will be some kind of “joker” for you. It gives you the opportunity to “skip” one of our orders during this week end. So use it with judiciously,

– Ok, I said, while putting the necklace around my neck

It was actually quite a cute necklace.. Cheap but beautiful nonetheless.

– Good darling! Oh and when I meant you were wearing the dress only, I meant the dress ONLY.. so please give me your clothes and your undies..

That week end was starting way hotter than the previous one. Good as the last one left only a sour taste of boredom.

Given that the necklace was already around my neck I had no choice: I took my clothes off and passed them to Jasline who put them in the car glovebox. Man, I was naked for a moment on the back seat of the car by the road side with CW looking at me in the rear mirror.

– Nice darling, continued Jasline. I see you shaved.. Your master will be very pleased.

Once I was done changing, CW started the engine and we made our way to the jetty. At the beginning I felt a bit uncomfortable in Jasline’s dress. She is a bit smaller than me and her black tube dress was slightly too tight for me.

We checked in the room at about 10 am. CW took a suite. It was damn big and really nice: gave us plenty of space for some action.

– Darling, outside you wear clothes.. inside you don’t

– but..

– There is no but darling.

– I’d rather not, it is not hygienic to sit on the sofa without anything…

– What did we say? If there is anything you do not want to do.. well use your necklace…

Noon was not even reached and my only joker was already gone.

– Oh, we see you love taking risks dear… OK so what are you going to wear.. show us your panties..

I opened my luggage and they chose my red brazilian cut with dentelle.

We then went outside to test the swimming pool and get some rest. After lunch we walked to the beach. Nice white sand and warm water as usual in this part of the world. We ended up taking a nap listening to the blissful sound of the waves.. so relaxing.

CW then advised us to go back to the room to get changed for dinner. Inside the room, I quickly removed my bikini not to angry my masters and Jasline asked me to join her in the bathroom

– You need to wash me, I have lots of sand and sun tan lotion everywhere… CW, please give her the fluffly sponge.

The hot water was already pouring when I stripped her.. I took her hand and pulled her under the shower.. took some soap and started spreading the foam on her chest first then on her tummy and lower to her long legs.. I was bending to wash her feet when her hand caressed my back… From soft, her touch turned firmer and firmer. My head started to become light and my hands were shivering while massaging her legs back up to reach her intimate part.. I took some more soap to wash her pubic hair.. we then fingered each other with the water falling on our hot bodies.

Suddenly CW entered the bathroom and asked me to wash him. Jasline left and CW replaced her. Touching Jasline’s skin made me super warm and I wanted more of her body but I had to execute: I took some more soap and started his bathing..

Jasline’s voice from the room could be heard saying: – Darling, don’t forget to wash his toy.

I acted on the spot: removed the soap with some water and kneed to give him a warm and wet blowjob. His toy was getting harder under my tongue. I knew how to please him: play with the tip with my lips, slightly bit it and squeeze his buttocks at the same time.  I knew I was getting it right: CW started to moan and asking me to go deeper. He put his hand on my head and pulled it against his balls, the bathing turned rough.

Jasline’s voice again in the background: “I am almost done.. make it quick”.

– Ok, now turn around please, show me your back. I want to cum there.. And CW then masturbated himself and at last fired his hot semen at my backside.

– That was good, now wash yourself and get ready.

When I got out of the bathroom, a mixed feeling of ache (my knee and my mouth were a bit sore) and horniness (that does not exist). I gave pleasure to both Jasline and CW, but nothing on my side. Yet I had no time to think and needed to get ready for dinner. The clothes were waiting for me on the bed: a white and blue stripped dress with a bit of cleavage and with a halter top… of course no underwears. Anybody could see I was not wearing any thing under the dress: by the look on CW and Jasline’s face, I understood that was the purpose 😉 They wanted to show their toy to people and that made me excited.

Dinner was pleasant and well served with wine.

There was a small party that was being held on the beach. Not so many people but quite enjoyable to dance on the sand, like a small zook out. CW is not really the kind of dancer-guy so I danced most of the night with Jasline, tightly and hottly to fire the dance floor and CW in particular. After a while, CW came to us and asked us to follow him further away on the beach.

– Let us swim and have sex in the water.. I can’t stand anymore..

Jasline removed her dress and I followed her lead and we all entered the waves. We kissed and fingered in the ocean.. Wonderful feeling: so free like flying.. but after a while CW found it impractical to penetrate.. so we went back on the beach where  Jasline asked me to knee down first and spread my legs for my master. She them moved in front of me and pulled my face in front of her pussy. I was there again giving them pleasure: I could see they loved toying with me and having me observed their commands. After a while, Jasline was afraid people could see us even though CW tried to convinced her people could only see shades at most and could not recognized us. Madam preferred to play it safe so we walked back to the room. We repeated in fast forward the shower action to get cleaned: I gave Master another blowjob but Madam did not need any hand to cleanse herself this time.

Once we were clean, we moved to the room and CW pushed me against the table.. I laid there, my head hanging, my back against the wooden table and my legs open. I made myself ready for master. Jasline joined the action by the other side of the table. She requested me to lick her. Master was pounding me harder and harder but I could only let go a few moans as my mouth was covered by Jasline’s pussy. Both Master and Madam were enjoying this position. I had no problem on my side as I was also getting pleasure. The cuties then switched: CW took Jasline’s place and put his gun in my mouth while Jasline started to kiss my bum and playing around with my holes. We then moved on to the sofa where we basically did the same thing. The final was on the bed, where me and Jasline were laying side by side and master enterging each of us alternatively. When I felt he was coming he entered Madam and gave her his precious liquid. That was an understanding we had since we first met: priority will be given to Jasline for his cum.


Sunday was very lazy. We woke up quite late as we needed to catch some sleep. We took time to have our breakfast and slowly waited for the ferry by the pool. When we packed our luggages, Jasline show me what they brought. They planned a lot of activities provided what they took. I could see a pair of handcuff, some sexy lingerie.

Once we reached singapore, I felt somehow disappointed the week end was already over. It went much better than our first one. Good we discussed what went wrong the first time.

On the way back, CW stopped again the car. Jasline opened the glove box and showed me my clothes we left there on Saturday morning. Tog et them back, I needed to make a last effort and please Master as noone took care of him that day. While I was undressing, CW left he wheel and sat on the back seat next to me. He unzipped his pants and pulled them down. I had to give him a last blowjob before we call it over. So I gave my outmost care: I was showing Jasline how to give the best bj and it took master less than 10 minutes to cum. Once we was done he put back his pants and return to the driver’s seat. I took my clothes back and wore them. In exchange I gave them back the necklace. Now it was officially over. Till the next one!



Young Girl Alighting The Doubledecker

Dear Diary,

It has been ages since I last logged in my blog. Do not worry, I am fine. Life has been treating me as usual. Nothing much new under the sun in Singapore.

For the past two days, I attended some conference in a hotel near Orchard. I like attending such conferences as they often mean I can get up later than usual and end my day earlier than usual (provided that the conference does not end to early or I would have to drop by the office). That particular conference ended at the perfect time on both days: about 4pm.

Yesterday, I decided to go back home and change to my jogging attire to sweat my fats away. Sadly, I became too lenient on my food intake and drank a bit too much. The results was not surprising: gained some weight and action was much needed.

As for today, I was very lazy and I was wondering whether going back home or walking around on orchard road and do some long deserved window shopping. Without being able to make up my mind, I lazily sat at the bus stop outside the hotel and waited for an idea of what to do to strike me. That was something else that stroke me. Suddenly I saw this young girl (at most 20 year old) who was wearing a single maxi tee-shirt that she neglectfully used to wash her spectacles. But for that purpose, she had to pull her top up which consequently uncovered the higher part of her thighs.. Then I something black caught my eyes. I became curious and looked at her to see whether that black thingy was a short (girls in Singapore love wearing these mini or should I say micro shorts) only to realize it actually was her panties.. Yes, you read well, this young girl was wearing nothing except that maxi tee-short in town. Was she on her way to school, or to meet her boyfriend, or else? I have no idea but this was right in the middle of the day and a crowded place. What’s more, her maxi tee was quite see through and with wide sleeve, leaving much of her black bra exposed. Ok, her breast was small so it was not extremely shocking but yet… that was very daring from her part.

Seeing this little girl dressed so skimpily suddenly woke up my hormones: I could not believe I became so horny. The decision was now clear to take: go back home and let unload the steam. I quickly hailed a cab and as early as I reached home, I headed to my empty bedroom (unfortunately no boyfriend was laying on the bed with open arms for me) and quickly stripped to my pink thong for some solo enjoyment.

How can a young girl arouse me so much?


The Challenge

Dear Diary,

V. came up with this simple game, quirky as to her habit that she read on a blog. She shared it with me and I also fancied it. Let us play I told her. All days look the same to me recently so nothing wrong in entertaining myself a bit.

As I mentioned the rules can’t be simpler. It must have come out of the brain of a first grader.

Participants give challenges to each other. If both participants complete their assigned tasks, it is a draw and a new round of challenges follows. The game goes on until one of the participant does not manage to clear its task. This latter then has to carry out the “loser penalty”.

The game can be triggered by any of the participants by simply sending an sms: “time to play” whenever the number of views of the video YYY on youtube reaches XXX hits.

My task: Remove my underwears (panties and bra) anywhere I am and continue my activities for the end of the day.

V.: Email a picture of her naked breast to one of my colleagues signing by “your secret admirer”. I provided her with his corporate email address. The guy is sitting just in front of my desk and I can easily see his screen. This will be funny.

The “loser penalty” as we could not agree on that one we eventually chose it would be the contestant’s taks. I find this nice in the end as it makes you think twice before being too sadistic 😉

Can’t wait for the game to get started.


The List or Entry Number 19

Help a boy lose his virginity

Classification – Not done

I am having this idea stuck in my mind since V. told me about her fantasy. Man, this could be really exciting.. It is a bit similar to my entry of having a sex student somehow. Imagine this: a hunky boy, say about his late teens or early twenties asks for to help him lose his virginity. He lets me do whatever pleases me as long as I give him some experience. This absolutely turns me on. A young boy full of energy following my orders (or supposedly advices) without questions. Such a dream.. Am I not right ladies?