Contact Again

Dear Reader,

Missing J. and CW again so I sent Jasline an sms. All is fine for them. Great. They have just been very busy the past few weeks and are sorry for not contacting me. Things are calmer now on their end and we decided to meet up for a drink next friday in town.

Gosh, I am so excited. Been so long I went out and had fun.

Till Friday,



Feeling Lonely Or Missing You

Dear reader,

Today I thought again about J. and CW. I miss hanging out with them. They are such a lovely couple so full of attention for each other. In fact, I thought about them a few times over the past few days. I sent J. a few sms but her answers were a bit cold.. like only a few words.. I guess they are busy with life..

So bored.. or maybe i am just brain dead after work. I feel so lazy to do anything.. even writing a few sentences for you, my dear followers, looks like a great deal of effort..

Maybe I should change my mind by swimming.

oh.. V. just connected on aff chat. Talk to you later. hihihii





The List or Entry Number 17

Having a neighbor looking at me showering

Classification – Not Done

Well to the extent of my knowledge. Seriously I doubt anybody could see me showering as the bathroom glasses are tainted. If I wanted people to actually be able to take a look, I would have to let the bathroom door open as well as the windows of the bedroom. Such setup will make it quite obvious I am putting my body on display!

V’s List Or a Lonely Girl Fantasies – Part 2

Dear Diary,

Last night, I bumped into V. in a room of the adult website. Soon we left the main room and chatted only the both of us.. She told me some of her new “fantasies” to put on my blog.

Since I am such an obedient friend, I am posting them:

V’s List Or a Lonely Girl Fantasies – Part 2

  1. Trying bondage
  2. Masturbating a young boy – When I read this one I laughed so much – sorry V.
  3. Masturbating an old man
  4. Going out with my girls, all wearing like sluts
  5. Going to school naked under my dress
  6. F****** a stranger in a unknown place
  7. Camping in East Coast and doing it all night long
  8. Blackmailing my neighbor (the son or the dad) to have sex with me
  9. Being tied and whipped by old men
  10. Selling my panties online

I can tell you V. has a huge imagination. Yet one or two of her fantasies did wake something up in me. Up to you to guess which one(s)

After she wrote the 5th one, “Going to school naked under my dress”, I reminded her about the way I sometimes shop on Orchard. She made me promise to call her her next time I need to buy something. Now, I need to find something to buy. Maybe some lingerie..


Some Thoughts Out of Tiredness

Dear Diary,

Tonight I was so brain dead that I could not write anything so I started reading my old posts. My gosh, it looks like all of my posts are about sex. Believe me, I am not a sexholic or super deprived for sex. I think I just write here whenever I feel a bit lonely and horny. Plus I can really open freely my mind here as only strangers will read my blog (Except for you V. and I am not even sure you continue reading me).

Anyway, nothing much is happening in my life except for work. My bf and I broke up so now I can really focus on work. *tears*

I am such a loser.. Can’t keep a guy for long.. I miss having girlfriends whom I can share feelings with and can receive advices.

To brighter days, I am going to drink


V’s List Or a Lonely Girl Fantasies

Dear Diary,

In a chat with V. last night, I reminded her she owed me the list of her fantasies. As she always keeps her promises, but since I actually let her no choice she gave it to me.

Here goes her top 10:

  1. F******* my English Literature teacher
  2. Prostituting myself: posting an ad online and choosing a customer
  3. Being groped in the train by a stranger I can’t see the face
  4. Trespassing a construction site at night and do it there with my friend on the raw concrete of an unfinished site
  5. Doing it with two men
  6. Being the centerpiece of a masked orgy
  7. Suntanning naked in Sentosa, next to Tanjong Beach Club
  8. Skinny-dipping.
  9. Spreading nutella all over my private part and having a dog lick me
  10. Trying BDSM

She asked me to post them on my blog but to specify these were just some remote fantasies she had no intention at all to try. Good as some (most) are pretty hardcore.

My 2-cents analysis, lady you have something for group sex.. a subconscious fantasy?

Anyway, I wonder where you got these ideas V. You are having some pretty sick mind, or maybe your hormones are overtaking you sometimes.