The List or Entry Number 16

Giving a blowjob to my boyfriend while he is driving

Classification – Not Done

I can totally do this. We need though to find a desert road (can you imagine if I do this while we stop at a red light and a bus stops next to us?). Also, from a pure technical point of view: I would need a boyfriend. Finally, it might not be so practical. A handjob would be easier  but nastier. One has to stop at the correct time otherwise the driving stick could get dirty. No such problem with a blowjob. Some things melt in the month, not in the hands.

Girl’s Weekend

Dear diary,

I know it has been so long but I have been so busy with work. Like crazy. Pathetic: I have no life except working these days. I feel like crap: sleep, MRT, work, MRT, sleep. New day, MRT, blah blah

I am digressing here and I have to focus on my week end. Let me introduce my friend V. We met on the adult website I sometimes visit when I am bored and in a kinky mood. Funnily, I have never met any guys from that site (mostly jerks) but made a couple of good chat buddies and even some friends. V. Is one of them. We have been chatting for more than year on and off and we always promised to meet up in real life one day. She is looking there for guys for “no-strings attached” relationships even though she has a boyfriend. I do not know how she does it but she seems to be more successful than me.

Last 2 weeks, I told her I needed to get some stream off and she suggested we should go clubbing together. I had nothing against drinking and dancing a bit and offered her to come over my place for the week end. She told her parents she was going for a chalet.

Even though we never met before, it was as if we were long lost friends, we started talking the minute we met and laughed so much. V. is a young (25 year old) singaporean chinese. She is attractive: slim and petite yet with a voluptuous breast (I now know the secret of her success on finding partners). We both had so much fun in the club (we went to Africa). We drank quite a lot of beers and danced like crazy. It felt so good to let go some stress.

At about 2, we were getting a bit tired and decided to take a coffee break at a coffee bean joint just around the corner. We thought that would charge our batteries up but it had the opposite effect. We were feeling good at this quieter place and became lazy to go back inside. I offered V. to call it a night and go back to my place to watch a DVD if she felt like it.

Upon reaching home, V. told me she was getting a headache because of the smoke from the people sitting next to us outside the coffee joint. I gave her a maxi t-shirt and let her take a shower in the master bath room. I short listed a few DVDs that I Ieft on the bed. I told her to choose while I was taking a shower.

When I exited from the bathroom, V. was already under the quilt, with the DVD remote control. Everything was already set up. Perfect

It started like a typical girlfriends night: two ladies in pajamas without make up hugging big cushions while watching a romantic movie. Only the potato chips were missing. But this was a big no-no in my bed.

At some point 2 of the characters kissed. V. asked me whether I ever kissed a girl before. When I told her I ever did, she asked me whether I liked it. I was wondering whether I should tell her about some of the stuff we did with Jasline but decided it was better not to and remain vague. But V. was getting curious after my answer and kept asking me more and more questions. If I ever touched another lady’s breast, had sex with a lady, how it was to be touched by another lady, if I was feeling strange when touched by a lady, if I
was feeling uncomfortable answering her questions. I told her I was ok talking about that as we already shared some intimate thoughts online. But for sure, all these questions coming from her laying by my side (I could feel the heat of her body) distracted me from the movie. I had no idea what was happening and I guess the story was no more of a concern for V. either.

She continued on asking me if I believed it was wrong to do it with someone from the same sex. to me there was nothing wrong as long as you respect the other person and that you were both enjoying it. After all, we are all adults and all have needs. I did mot even finish my sentence that she interrupted me. She wanted to see my breast for a while now but was feeling shy about it. This was the strangest but cutest way of asking for it. I asked her to close her eyes and let her hand wandered under my t-shirt and concentrate on what she was feeling.

Oh my, feeling her shivering hands touching the bottom of my stomach and then slowly moving up turned me on totally. I could hear her breathing heavily. When she reopened her eyes I asked her whether it was good. Her smile turned me on and asked her whether se would let me do the same. I was dying to touch her slim body. It was so warm. This was incredibly nice to be there, doing nothing but discovering each other’s body and answering V.’s candid questions. She kept asking me if she could touch my nipple, then my arm, if she could kiss my boobs.. whether she was pressing too strongly.. I told her she did not need to ask for permissions and could do what she felt like. We then kissed tenderly and i could feel her chest against my stomach. My hand slowly went over to her pubis and I started to finger her. I whispered her to do the same if that was giving her pleasure. Against all expectation she took my hand off. She was not ready for that and prefer to keep it to caressing and kissing.

I was hungry for more but respected her wish. We then continued on playing with her breast, touching our neck, stomach and licking our nipple once in a while. We fell asleep hugging each other.

On Sunday morning there was a bright sun in the sky. I love such mornings. I stood up to prepare breakfast first and let V. sleep. She woke up half an hour later with messy hair and a big smile. So cute. She joined me on the balcony for coffee Oh my, I could see her breast through her t-shirt while walking towards me. I was still hungry and this was not helping. I could not refrain from looking at her nipples and blushed when she caught my eyes. She smiled again and thank me for the night.


The List Or Entry Number 14

Skinny dipping in my condo pool

Classification – Not Done

Hard to fulfill for two main reasons.

  1. There are plenty of kids around. So the only possible timing would be at night
  2. Most of the flats at my condo are facing the pool (I understand it is a selling argument). Consequently, whoever deciding to take a puff at night on the balcony will have a much more delightful experience than the one from the mere tobacco

Conclusion: I would need to try this at some friend’s condo. Plus for skinny dipping: the more the merrier.