The List or Entry Number 7

Having a sex student

Classification – Not Done

This might be hard to do even though that might be one of the entries that I would love to fulfill the most. Any candidate here? All you have to do would be to follow whatever order your teacher is giving you. Like at school. I would give you assignments and tests and mark your progress. Note that an online curriculum could also be made available.

Humm, I am drooling only by thinking about what I would teach my pupils.

I just got an idea: maybe if I were to post an ad, I could find students: say “Japanese tuition for hot, hunky males”. Could this work? Wahaha

The List or Entry Number 5

Posting self-cam pictures on the Internet

Classification – Not Done

A more accurate classification would be: “Not yet”. I will be thrilled to read people’s comments about my body. Give me some time to find some pictures on my computer (not sure there are any on my current computer and my old one died recently). Comes to worst, my iphone can take proper pictures too. Click and share, they say.

Conclusion: it is only a matter of time before this entry can be re-listed as Done. Don’t worry I will keep you posted.

Orchard Or The ***less Shopping

Dear Diary,

Hummm… My week end turned kinky and is worth sharing with you. Read for your own pleasure.

Again, one of these raining days in Singapore. This year the rainy season is so early.
Consequence: I stayed all day long on Saturday at home and surfed aimlessly on the Internet. Nothing new: one whole day wasted that should have been spent cleaning the flat or exercising.

The weather turned out much better, a full sun was high in the sky early morning. After wasting already half my week end, it needed to be saved. That equals: shopping on Orchard!  Though, I usually do not like shopping that much, I was bored: I had to do something and get out of the house. I wrote bored, well it is more accurate to say bored and a tad horny. Shopping is OK but it had to be spicier: I would go “uncovered”.

Even though, I have been going out braless a few times in the past, this time I pushed the limit a bit: not 50% free but 100% free: no undies at all. Kinky but, hey, i was bored all alone at home and was not going to hurt anybody anyway. When one goes out without bra, the question of what to wear becomes critical: you don’t want to show you whole breast to just anybody. However, the whole experience of going braless is to show some skin. Complicated trade-off !

I finally made my mind on a cotton pattern blouse that was not too transparent (slightly only) and a light blue skirt with yellow wedges. The two top buttons skipped (the number is mood adjustable) and I was all set for Orchard!

I do not know if many of you ladies tried but it always electrifies me to go braless in a public place. Your breast can finally move freely and on each of your step: the faster you walk, the more it bounces. Be aware, this oftentimes becomes a vicious circle: sensing my breast bouncing and my tits touching the cotton rouses me. My nipple harden and point under the blouse, which in turn makes you even more excited as someone might notice.

Anyway, this little trick to fire my day worked: I caught a handful of guys glancing at me and some even turning back. No idea whether they checked my bottom and noticed something was also missing there.

So not wearing any bra turned me on. What about not wearing any panty you might wonder? Contrary to a bra, it is definitely harder for people to realize you are not wearing any panty. Therefore, not wearing any panty is more of a personal pleasure. You feel a bit slutty but safe at the same time.

After a few hours walking up and down Orchard, I entered to Forever21 looking for skirts and dresses. A pretty dress caught my attention and when I tried it, I become totally naked in the changing room. This is a curious sensation to be all bare in a unfamiliar place in the middle of an overcrowded shop with loud music. I only hope there was no hidden cctv in there.