CW’s Birthday Or The Best Way To Forgot Batam

Tonight is the night: it is CW’s birthday. I have the feeling the day is going to be long, long, long… waiting for the night to come. And as if I could ever forget about the role I would have to play later, Jasline kept contacting me. “Please do not forget to wear a bra with padding”, “hey, remember my sister’s name is Jaime”, etc. I had to ask her to stop otherwise CW would be starting to be suspicious. In any case, I asked her to delete all the communications we had about his birthday surprise.

The time finally came. I was getting ready: took a black tight skirt and decided on a slightly transparent blouse that would show my black underlying bra. I then called a cab to pick me up at my place: no way I would dare to walk in the area wearing like that! (I am not staying too far away from Singapore’s red light district so I preferred to take a cab rather than being stopped by some guy offering me money). I felt my heart pounding when the taxi company sent me a sms informing me a cab would be at my condo’s gate within a few minutes. At the last minute, I decided on wearing a big sweat shirt to hide my top. Man, I must have looked so sexy like that: a big Adidas sweat shirt with short skirt and high heels. That was a great combination. A lady is always spending a lot of time choosing what to wear, what best matches these high heels? Easy: it must definitely be my sports top! I called Jasline when I was in the cab: I took a deep breath and I suddenly became Jaime, her sister. Jasline put the phone on loudspeaker so that CW would know what happened. I started the story that I learned by heart. I had a big fight with our parents. They did not respect my privacy (gosh, this might be their home, but this was my room). I was on my way to their place and I would need her to open me the gate soon. Yes, I did not care it was her boyfriend’s birthday tonight. Yes, I would be sleeping over: I needed a place to crash. Yes I promise sister, I would not make noise. While I was talking on the phone, the cab driver had a few surprised looks in the rear view. He must have thought that young people these days never grow up and behaved forever so teenagerly. But I guess they are used to some strange encounters and after all he should not be eavesdropping to people conversation.

Five minutes later I was at Jasline and CW’s door. I quickly removed the not-so-sexy-but-usefully-covering-sweatshirt in my big bag. I was now physically looking like a little brat, a little slutty brat. I knocked on the door and Jasline opened it. She let to come in and CW was there.. busy watching the TV. Poor him, he must really believed it was Jaime and thought his evening was over. (Girls 1, CW 0). He only turned back when he heard my voice. (Imitating Jaime’s voice was a bit too much of an actor skill for me). He then looked much happier but also disturbed at the same time. What was all of this about? What was I doing there, dressing like that and acting as if I were Jaime. That was when Jasline asked her “sister” to leave her bag in the guest room and then sit at the dining table. They were about to cut the cake. I came back from the guest room and asked if they had beer. Beer was her sister’s favorite drink. (Man, I so dislike beer but what one has not to do to be a successful actor). I then explained to them in details what happened, paying extra attention to highlight some details: I came back from town and my parents were waiting for me in the living room, with seriously disturbed faces (not their usual ones). They told me the maid, Patricia, cleaned my room and inadvertently undo my laptop’s screensaver. Why the hell was she even touching my laptop… Anyway, I left it logged on some websites where one posts self-pictures. The kind of pictures who do not want your parents to find out. Well they just did and a war broke down in the living room. I took my bag and left. That was how I decided to come over but they should not worry as I would go inside the room after the cake and let them do whatever they had in mind *wink wink*. This story made Jasline laugh loudly as planned. She then asked what kind of pictures it could be to make the parents in such a fury and that maybe she should call mo and pa to let them know of my whereabouts. I told her she could call them if she wanted to: I could not care less. Meanwhile, I took out my phone to show them the pictures. (Pictures I just took in the afternoon on my bed promising myself not to forget to delete them as soon as this was over). The pictures had the expected effect. We could see CW’s becoming strangely over interested in the sister (Girls:2 – CW: 0). Jasline gave me a lesson the way you could expect from a good older sister, preaching me I should not do that and god knows what would happen if I ever lost my phone. I had to be careful and stop such idiocies. Then she turned things on. She took a nostalgic tone (a bit overdone but heck, we are all amateurish actors) and told me she always considered me her baby, that she never noticed I was getting older and become a grown up girl, an attractive girl with a nice body. Jasline invited CW to join in the conversation: don’t you think darling that my sister became such a lovely young lady. And her body has.. erm… developed in the recent years. Interrupting a long silent, eyes-popped, painfully-breathing CW, I replied that my body was not that nice and that appearances could be disappointing. My breast was only looking big because of the push up bra I was wearing. I then unbutton one of the top buttons of my blouse to let them have a glimpse and asked my sister to check by herself the double padding inside my bra. When she leaned over CW’s lap to reach my blouse I could feel the heat turning on for CW. (Girls: 3-CW: 0). Actually I could feel my body turning hot as well and I guess Jasline was feeling alike. (so maybe that makes Girls:3 – CW: 1). She then touched my bra. Her fingers accidentally touching the skin of my boobs was making me giddy: this light touch was electrifying. I could feel my skin slowly shivering from my chest to my spine. She confirmed that that was indeed a lot of padding, but she went on adding jealousy that my breast was still bigger than hers. That was not fair: she was the older sister after all and yet her breast was smaller. It was her turn to unbutton her shirt. Except that she was slightly more daring than me: she took 2 buttons out. But big difference: her shirt’s button were more spaced and her bra was actually almost totally uncovered. We were getting too fast… We really needed to make CW remember this night as his most lucky nights.. so I decided to make this little char last a bit longer. I decided to be stubborn: I insisted it was not true. Jasline stopped me to ask CW’s what he preferred: a lady with a larger breast or with a lovelier face. As he chose the first (he understood kinkiness was the theme of the night), Jasline asked him who had the most generous breast: Jaime or her? He took his time replying (certainly thinking over if there would be revenge if he ever gave the wrong answer). I broke the silence asking him if he ever felt betrayed by push up bra and if he ever got disappointed discovering a ladies deflated breast when it looked so round and firm in the bra. Jasline said that my bra was not like these double or triple push up ones and invited CW to check by himself. As CW was a bit taken aback by Jasline’s sudden offer, I added in a laugh that it was his birthday after all and that he could take the opportunity of touching his girlfriend’s sister’s breast as his birthday gift. Jasline continued in the joke: CW was turning an old man now with lots of experience. He had seen and enjoyed plenty of ladies bodies when he was young, so touching a lady’s bra (even if that was her sister’s) would remain a small gift, all the more if I had to sleep over at their place. She repeated as if to make sure I fully understood that they had plans for the night before I came. So as an obedient kid, I listened to my older sister. I nodded to show I fully weighted her point. As an approval, I proposed that he could actually insert his hands underneath my bra and had a touch of the real thing: my breast. He could then compare to my sister and decided once and for all who was better equipped. Jasline agreed that was a better gift and told CW he could actually use both his hands to make the test: use his right hand to check my right boob and use his left to check his girlfriend’s left boob. CW’s did not make us wait before putting this plan into action. Unfortunately, that it was not so practical. he tried to place his hand under our bra but that was not easy.. so I helped him (yes, I was becoming a angel tonight: listening to my older sister and being helpful. I should get an award for that) and unbutton my bra, letting it go loose. Jasline followed my example (the copycat). CW’s could then take his own sweet time and really enjoy checking the sisters’ breasts. He was doing this for several minutes as if he could not make his mind. And indeed, the little smart ass was getting into the game and make this enjoyable moment last. But after a while I was wondering if he really could not make up his mind (or maybe he was being a gentleman and did not want to hurt any of us). In any case, I told him he would not get out of his way that easily and that he will have to make a decision. As hurtful as it could be, he had to behave like a man and gives his decision. He could take some more minutes and use the other boobs if that could help him. But he really did not want to tell us so Jasline just stepped in. She would decide for him: I had the more generous breast and I had to agree on what my older sister is telling me. While we both putting our bra back on, Jasline asked CW to pour us some more wine. She was getting thirsty with all that heat in the room.

The discussion then resumed on the pictures. There were not only self-taken pictures where I was naked but also some where I was having sex. A few of them were quite raw and that I do not know how I could face mo and pa again. Man, they had seen pictures of me naked and in some adventurous positions with other men.
Jasline: “wait, other men? how many boyfriends did you have?”
Me: “Well these were not exactly my boyfriends, just some random guy I met up from the site I uploaded my pictures onto”.
J: “Oh my, you are a little slut my dear. Sorry if I may sound harsh”..
M: “Haha, no harm taken. I have to admit I do like sex. Man I am old enough to do such things right?”
CW: “Sure but you have to be careful and not get hurt”
M: “No worry CW. I know where things stand. There are no feelings attached. It is pure sex”
CW: ‘So these guys were your.. fuck buddies”
M: “Yeah, you get it, smart boy. Man, you getting older really makes you wiser”
J: “And these pictures, what are you doing on them”
As I had no picture to show (that was pushing the boundaries of acting a bit too far for me, recruiting a guy for some racy pictures) I had to be imaginative.
M: “erm, dunno.. lots of stuff”
(ok, creativity has never been my strong point). I then remember all these long hours of chatting with guys telling me their fantasies and so on. Now that the time to put all this time to work for me.
M: “Stuff like oral sex, me sucking a guy or a guy licking me.. Ermm I think there was also some pictures of me doing 69.”
J: “Oh my, and the parents saw all of that? They must have been shocked of seeing their baby doing that”
M: “Yeah they saw that and even more.”
J and CW at the same time: “More?”
M: “Like a guy taking me doggy style.. there was this picture of me standing on a sofa and being pushed against the wall by the guy..”
J: “”
M: “While his friends were taking pictures. Man, that was a crazy one. They were kids and for sure they thought that was their lucky day”
J: “Wait wait.. what did you just say?”
M: “Yeah I once did with a group of school kids. I mean not a group.. more like 2 or 3 guys. I always wanted to do that several guys at once”
CW: “You are really a little kinky lady…”
J: “How would I have know that my sister was doing such things”
M: “Well as I told you I like doing it.. and I am not 10 any more.. I notice guys looking at my body so .. yeah.. it is kinda easy to get it going”
J: “A guy looking a you does not necessarily mean he wants to fuck you..:
M: “You’d be surprise but in many cases yes. I can see their look and that they want me.. a bit like CW now.. haha”
CW: “erm”
J: “Are you looking at my sister thinking of .. doing her”
CW: “erm”
M: “It is ok Jasline. I mean which guy would not get turned on after we let him touch our breast to compare them. I am sure he is still hard about it”
J: “Mind what you are saying.. you are talking about my boyfriend here”
M: “Sorry sorry Jazzy.. but this boyfriend of yours did not disagree just now that he was not against the idea about doing me”
CW: “Oh my.. no fight please. It is my birthday remember”
M: “See.. Who does not disapprove, approves.. Well it is ok.. We can let birthday boy have some naughty thoughts.. and F-Y-I, I have never done a couple before..”
J: “What??.. Are you actually seriously thinking something could happen here..”
M: “haha I was just joking… but I am sure that if my sister was not so narrow minded, things could get really hot here. CW could get a nice gift”
J: “Come on, stop that. I am not going to let my boyfriend fuck my sister in front of me and at my place..”
M: “Who says he would fuck me.. If you are so uncomfortable, he could fuck you while I just play with myself in front of you guys.. I am fine with that”
J: “Gosh.. what is wrong with you. You are crazy or what?.. stop that.”
M: “Come on sister.. Think about it.. You making love and me watching you.. showing myself to you guys”
J: “Well that does not look like it is going to happen.. “
M: “Sorry then.. but do not tell me you are not turned on.. a bit at least”
J: “No.. you are my sister for god sake…”
M” “Oh come on.. you so frigid.. do not tell me you never had any wet dreams about you being kissed by a lady”
J: “Here is not the topic”
M: “See”
J: “See what?”
M: “Well, you ever dreamed of doing it with a lady”
J: “That does not mean anything”
M: “That means a lot.. I am not the only one excited by new experiences.. and you are no so frigid after all.. And looking at your boyfriend’s groin, I can tell you he would not mind you opening a bit your mind..”
J: “You are looking at his dick?”
M: “Sorry but it is a bit non-unnoticeable”
J: “CW please stop that.. control yourself”
M: “Sister please stop it.. I am sure deep inside, you want it.. “
J: “I never said that”
M: “You never said that but you think it so strongly that it is clear as mud water..”
J: “ Totally crazy”
M: “Well man, I am offering this one more last time tonight.. there won’t be any other chance”
J: “It is already decided.. it is a no”
M: ok then..”

I then leaned over to Jasline. I quickly reached her blouse and managed to open one then two buttons before she even reacted. She pushed me back but without much conviction and I was back again fighting with her buttons. Only one was left when I grabbed her bra. Jasline was focusing on my hands as if to realize what was happening to her and to guess where they would go next. I then put my arms around her, let my hands reach her back, trying to reach for the clip of her bra’s. I was shivering so much it took me some time clam a bit and find it. All this role playing made earlier me surprisingly horribly horny. It was as if my brain was gradually shutting down to let animal instincts taking over.. (Asumi was on auto-pilot, destination pleasure land). I wanted desperately to remove Jasline’s bra to free her breast and to take my own sweet time to have a look at these beautifully curved boobs.. Only CW had the chance to touch them earlier and I wanted to access this privilege as well. Nothing else was in my mind at that time except Jasline’s bulbous chest. I wanted to handle her boobs, fill my hands with their whole warmth and weigh. They were so beautiful and enticing.. After I finally managed to undo her bra, they were before me, totally liberated from any clothes and waiting to be caressed, to be manipulated. Her tits were hardening under: Jasline was enjoying the thought of what would happen next as much as me. Her eyes looking deep into mine, she was doing nothing to retraining me from putting my hands over them except for this light smile.. Gosh, they were so beautiful I almost wanted not to dirty them with my hands. In the end, the animal instinct was stronger than any reasoning. I could not control my hands any longer and they slightly moved to her upper body. My fingers landed on the bottom of her stomach, then were moving higher, slowly, circling first around her belly button.. They were wandering over a new territory that was revealing itself along their stroll.. My body was soon leaning all over Jasline’s. Her arms were now trying to hold me back, as if she wanted to take a mental picture of our positions. We were supposed to get CW in the action but I was actually so turned on by Jasline that I momentarily forgot about him until I felt his hands stroking my hair. He pulled it hard so that I would turn over to him and let go of Jasline.. Luckily her body followed mine: they were already magnetized and when I fell over CW’s laps, she was right behind me pulling my arms over my head. At the same time, CW’s took off my shirt and then my bra. .. I could feel Jasline’s warmth on my back. When her body touched mine, when I felt her breast pressing against my back, a frisson ran all over my skin.

I was now sandwiched between the couple, similar to a hopeless prey between two predators. As CW asked me to stand up, Jasline took my skirt down. She left my g-string untouched, keeping it for CW I assumed. I understood at that time I became their plaything: they decided to enjoy my body and Jasline was sharing the birthday toy with her boyfriend. I was not repelled by this thought. On the contrary, I felt strangely comfortable: I knew I was well taken care of and that they would appreciate me very much. I was only wishing they would let me enjoy them as much as I would let them enjoy me. Jasline was relying against my back, her boobs pressed against me. Her hands were going down my body from my shoulders to my stomach and then to my waist.. They stopped around my lower back to play with my undies.. She was pulling the string and that was making me crazy.. I wanted to shout at her to tear it apart.. but I knew she would not. That was reserved for CW and she did not want to steal that pleasure from him. I was then pulled strongly by CW and we started kissing while Jasline was getting ready for her next move: she removed both her skirt and her panty. Only totally naked could she get back her boyfriend’s attention. His eyes were indeed only devoted to me but they soon spotted Jasline. He let her get closer and made her some space by moving me on his left.. I was not keen in moving and I continued kissing CW until Jasline joined me. Suddenly my lips reached Jasline’s. They felt so soft, much softer than a man’s. Our mouth then opened slightly to let our tongues meet. CW stopped for a while and asked us to continue. He wanted to have a little show and we had to demonstrate him how much fun we could get together.. The wishes of the birthday boy were our command tonight. So Jasline and I did not make him wait.

I pushed Jasline against the carpet, leant over her and I started to kiss her all over again. Our hands were dancing frantically: mine were stroking her hair while hers were squeezing my bums. After compressing them, she widened them.. I could feel my ass opening before CW’s eyes but I did not mind. I was only hoping he would not join us as yet. I wanted our girl game to last and go on. My whole mind was focused on getting pleasure from Jasline’s body, and oh boy, I did. My lips left her mouth to start kissing her cheeks, then her neck and lastly her boobs. I began to lick them while pinching her hardened tits. She took as much pleasure as me: her heavy breathing made no doubt. Her body was arching under my fingers. Every single of my touch produced a moan. That was a welcomed invitation to continue, so my hands went down to caress her feet then moving up along her legs, reached her knees, her thighs and her upper thighs. Finally my fingers reached her genitals and pressed her skin at the edge of her hole. Jasline took my right hand forced my index into her hole, finding the place wet.. My finger was soon covered with her cum. Jasline recovered her mind and followed my example. We were masturbating each other on the carpet.. After a while, when fingers were not enough, we knew we needed a man and invited birthday boy over. He took off his clothes in a hurry and took his bird out and put it before our eyes.. Jasline reached for it first. She looked so wild sucking him I could do nothing but looking at how passionate she was blowing him. I doubted I could do better and regretted for not sucking him first. I will look so lousy after that expert.. Once her mouth had enough, she invited me to take over and lick his tip while she went on her back, crawling in between his legs and mine.. She starting sucking his balls while I was sucking him hard.. The two sisters were truly giving themselves 100% to make sure he would remember that night. I could feel Jasline’s body in between my legs: her pussy against mine.. without realizing it, my waist was moving and we were riding each other, our movements getting faster and faster. CW then decided he should diversify his pleasure and to put his dick somewhere else.. He had a few holes to for this.. he chose his girlfriend. He pulled her and pushed her against the sofa, taking his butt in his strong hands and starting to enter her vagina.. I became a spectator to their sex making, but I was not decided to remain that passive. I let them enjoy a little while only before I took the same position as Jasline, showing CW I was waiting for him.. He reacted as planned and he moved his body towards my back. He took both my arms behind my back and made his way in my inside. It was Jasline’s turn to have a look at us. However, she was more resourceful and as a retaliation, she sat in front of me and strongly pulled my hair towards her pussy.. She wanted me to lick her and.. I obeyed, putting the only thing I could to work to the task: my mouth. That was a great sensation: I was in between the girlfriend who I was licking and the boyfriend who was penetrating me.. Each time he stroke me, my tongue was getting deeper inside her. Yet she was pushing my head harder against her: she wanted me to get in her always deeper. My body was stretched with CW pulling my arms against me so that he could penetrate me deeper. I was becoming a puppet with my body following the motion they forced it into. When CW felt he was about to cum, he removed himself from me and went back to work on is girlfriend.. left alone, I touched my self, looking at them. I soon reached an orgasm.. A few moments later, it was Jasline’s turn immediately at the same time as CW’s was unloading himself into her.

This time was way better than our first experience. No awkward moment. The three of us enjoying every single instant