Plans For CW’s Birthday Or Jasline’s Indecent Proposals

Jasline sent me a message this morning:

Darl, its CW’s birthday next month. What about preparing him a little gift he wld not forget?

I quickly replied:

Sure. Anything in mind he might want? Did he give you a few hints.

Her answer:

I have sthg in mind he’d love… some sex show for him. The both of us.. Need to think how to do it

Ok Jasline. This is a naughty gift for him. I you have more idea, tell me but why not.

Good. Ill think about it and send to you by mail. Love darls.

Later on that day:
Can we meet instead? Easier than a mail. Can I come over tonight?

No problem but I will be late from office. Say 10. I sms you my address later.

See you later darls. Kiss

This lady is definitely more bisexual than I am. I do not think I would do Jasline alone if not for her husband around. This time it is going to be a bit different as we would plan something together.

So Jasline came over at about 11. Not much time left so we went straight to business. She had thought the thing over and she submitted me several ideas with a good sales speech for each. Hard to make a choice but I selected two only:

CW and Jasline are having a quiet birthday dinner the both of them. Suddenly Jasline receives a call. Her sister is on her way, crying as she had a fight with their parents. This will irritate CW as I was told they do not really get along him and Jasline sister.
When the door of their lift opens, tada.. It is me. I am wearing the same clothes as Jasline, which would be something rather skimpily. Some short skirt and top showing an inviting cleavage revealing my pushed up breast.
Jasline calls her sister in and we continue the dinner with the cake cutting. During the discussion I explain I left home as I had a fight with our parernts: they entered my room and discovered my collection of porn and sexy pictures. I got angry as I felt betrayed not having any private space at home and left over for my sister’s place. Jasline is then supposed to laugh and ask me questions about “that porn collection and my pictures”.. Enough questions and details to turn CW horny.. As Jasline wonders if I did not overreated I then showed them some of my self pictures on my cell and asked them how I could face my parents again after they saw them. If CW is not hard by that time, we would have completely failed in our gift… Jasline is then supposed to tell me she did not recall me growing up and that she always considered me as her little baby. But now, look at me, I am a grown up lady, with desires and with an attractive body. Right, CW? She is all so lovely now. This is when I am supposed to do something slutty.. We have no real idea yet as to what.. I suggested I shall reply my body is not that nice and that my boobs are rather small. They look big only because I always wear extra padding. I then open my blouse a bit more to show my bra to prove my point.. Then Jaslin, presses my bra to check and she would show back her bra to saying mine were bigger. She would then invite CW to check by himself.. I then joke saying that he could go ahead and touch my bra as his personal gift as I came last minute empty handed. Jasline would then reply saying her husband was a big guy now and would need much more for a gift, especially if I had to sleep over at their place. That would change their plans. I would then reply he could open my bra so that he could check directly that my boobs were indeed smaller than they looked..
At that stage, we expect the birthday party to slowly move to the bedroom.

They are having dinner and towards the end of it Jasline asks CW if he heard anything in the bedroom. He would say no (as there would be no noise) but she would ask him to go and check, saying she was a bit afraid. She would follow him. W hen he enters the room, she pushes him on the bed, blindfolds him and ties him (we hope he will her do so otherwise failure here). She would then silently invite me over. We would go in the bedroom together, half naked. We would then remove his blind and tada: enjoy our little show.. We would do some girls-only stuff in front of him until midnight. At that time, he would turn one year older and we would untie him to let him join us.

I prefer the first proposal even though it is way kinkier. My, this sister role play is quite a step further in the world of fantasy but I am sure we could do something nice with Jasline. Jap-Chinese sisterhood, go!
Moreover, concerning the proposal2, I am afraid we would not know what to do for about an hour or so Jasline and myself to keep him hungry.