Analysis of Batam

Dear diary,

Today I had a chat with Jasline on msn and we discussed about our week end in Batam.

She admitted it fell short of her expectations as well and that she and her CW were disappointed of the way it turned out… but the she hoped we would give it a try. As I was ok with that (actually more eager than ok) I believed we should plan more on the getaway.

Looking back that at the Batam retreat, we realized that a few things needed to be corrected:

  1. Do not take two rooms but only one. This will force us to spend the night together. Plus, no lonely sunday morning.
  2. Have some scheme for the events, similar to some scenario that will put things into motion. Nothing worse than all these awkward moment where people are thinking too much and things get stalled.
  3. Bring more booze. That remains the best things to make spirits lighter.
  4. Wear your happy mood

Convinced we had the working formula for the best “sexcapade”, we elaborated a scenario. Details still need to be ironed but the main thread is there: it will be a submissive and dominatrix week end. Basically, poor me is going to be the toy of Jasline and CW for the whole week end from the moment they pick me up at my place to the exact moment I closed the door behind me on Sunday night. Yummy!

Now I cant wait for them to “compute” their next available week end (I am pathetic as all my week ends are available). I let them decide on everything: location, hotel, activities.. Am i not supposed to be powerless plaything of these master and mistress?




Week End in Batam Or The Beginning Of Nothing

Dear Diary,

I am just back from Batam, which is a small island in Indonesia at about 30 minutes away from Singapore by Ferry. As I have already blogged about this planned week end, I am sure you are eager to learn what happened there. Here let me break the suspense: … nothing, zero, zip, nada! I know you are disappointed and so was I.. very much to be frank.

You know how both scared and excited I was about this week end in Batam. This was the time when I would start a new chapter in my sexual life and that would be with this nice couple with CW and Jasline.

A summary by points might be a good approach to clarify the events.

The place: Batam and its main city called Nagoya are a bit gloomy. This is a bit harsh but my feeling was such since arrival to departure. It is hard to feel cozy and carefree there. Maybe too many people, cars and noise. In one word, it feels too much like in a big messy city to be feel relaxed. However, there is a good point (possibly the only one): there are plenty of cheap and massages and some are truly very good.. But be careful to which salons you enter 😉

The hotel: CW booked two rooms at the Golden View Hotel. The hotel itself is not so bad but not fantastic either.

The events:

Saturday: We decided to enjoy this week end to the fullest so we took an early boat. That meant we had to wake up very early and god knows how long I take to wake up, being all groggy until I finally emerge. After checking-in the hotel we all agreed to go for some lunch as we all skipped breakfast. The hotel reception advised us we would find good eating spots at that shopping mall called mata hari. Man, this is so different from Singapore. The standard are.. well.. lower. When our tummy were full, a good massage was deserved. As we had no clue where to go, the first one we saw was the chosen one. This proved to be the wrong choice. Well, the massage was good but let us say that CW asked for a massage with a little “bonus”… which made Jasline totally mad when the parlor gave us the bill. CW’s massage was like twice the price of ours which raised questions from Jasline. This created some tensions between the two that lasted until we reached back the hotel. This little episode destroyed Jasline’s mood. Man, we were supposed to have fun the 3 of us and here I was watching them fighting. Cold was the afternoon which we spent by the swimming pool. Nothing happened: we all ended up sleeping in our loungers and the hottest thing that happened was CW’s spreading some sun tan lotion on my back. Yeah, I know this is hot stuff.

Before dinner, we went to buy some drinks at the supermarket to loosen up the mood and make something out of this week end. At that time, I was thinking to myself: “This is it, girl! My first threesome will take place in this hotel room, maybe on that sofa or the master bed, later in the night”.. But the night never really took off. This was so awkward as this was a first for us. We did not really  know what to talk about and how to get things started… At about 10pm, I was wondering if Jasline and CW opted for not doing anything. In the end, we finished by just sitting in the sofa and drinking some wine. That was enjoyable but not as according to my plans.

At 2am, I started feeling tired and saw no point continuing talking so I called it a night and returned to my room. Jasline and CW did not ask me to stay with them longer…

Sunday: The bad thing with staying in two separate rooms is that we did not wake up at the same time. I had my breakfast alone and only saw the Jasline and CWs at lunch time by the pool. They were tired and decided it was a good time to have a rest.

The ferry was at 4pm to return to Singapore so the afternoon was pretty short. Very short actually as it meant we had to be at the hotel lobby by 3pm: so just after lunch.

Reaching Singapore, CW and Jasline drove me back home. I offered them to come up for a while but they declined my offer.. The whole week end went bad.

I ended up watching TV on Sunday night with no “new” memories to share for you.