Debrief of Drinks with CW and J

Friday was coming. I had to stay late in the office so I met CW and Jasline straight at the bar. They were waiting for me at the terrace at the back. The meet up was very friendly. I felt much more at ease than I thought. CW’s great interpersonal skills managed to make us feel as if we were friends for years. (Note to myself: this guy is dangerous with his talking: he already made him come over his place..). CW and Jasline are a lovely couple and they seem passionate. It is seldom to actually see an asian guy touch the hand of his girlfriend or hug her in public places.

We got to know each other. What we are doing for a living and shared a bit about her life. We planned to meet up in the next few days.

We never mentioned what we were meeting up for. Maybe they chickened feet.

Meet Up Planned in … 2 Days

Hi CW,

I understand your offer is still an early project. I thought you already planned everything and I guess that made on the no side.

I guess there is no harm in meeting up and me getting to know Jasline. We can always share a friendly dinner and enjoy a few drinks. And I could bring you some help in planning your new experience. It seems like you need a little help shaping this up.


PS: my hand phone number: +65 XXXX-XXXX

Not long after I sent my mail, I received an sms:

Hi Asumi. CW here. Thanks for your email. Glad you gave it a thought. Are you free this Friday at say 9pm? Jasline is in town over the week end.

This Friday? Man that is tomorrow. Were they getting pushy? Anyway. I had no plans.

Hi CW. Ok for Friday. Let us meet at 9pm at Margherritas then. Cheers, A.

OK. See you.

CW’s Reply

CW’s email finally came in:

Hi Asumi,

I am so relieved you did not reject straight our proposal. I totally understand you need to know more in order to make your choice as this has to be YOUR choice too. You have to think it over and feel comfortable with us before we do anything.

To be honest, we never really thought of what we would be doing. This has been a fantasy for me for a long time and Jasline is willing to try. Partly to make me happy and partly because she is herself a bit curious by the idea (she is not bisexual). Anyway, Jasline would also need to meet you to see if you both click together. We could meet for drinks or dinner a couple of times before we decide whether we proceed or not. So I guess the “how-we-make-it” will have to be mutually discussed and planned.

As for Jasline, she is a Chinese Singaporean in her early thirties. She is a cabin crew for Singapore airlines and flies frequently. Her body type is petite: she is slim with a rather small breast, long and thin legs. She has long black hair that she mostly ties and a flawless white skin. She does not have any tattoo or piercing. She never practiced sex without protection.

I hope this answers some of your questions.

Looking forward to receiving your email,


So this project of theirs is really at the early stage.. almost just a fantasy. Jasline does look attractive: the Singaporean girl one sees on the posters everywhere.

But I am not interested in doing anything with a lady as pretty as she can be. Tomorrow, I will ask Natsumi if she would be interested in that couple thing and I would give them her contact.

Sleepless Night

Dear Diary,

I kept waking up last night. I dreamt I was tied by a masked couple that were enjoying me… I was there waiting on a bed while they were getting me ready.. tearing apart my clothes… Then the guy removed his mask: that was CW… I fully awoke.

Not knowing what to do, I checked my mails. Natsumi wrote to me.

Hey Asumi-san.

I was thinking about CW offer and maybe you should think a little longer about it. Maybe you could ask more information on what he has in mind. Having a better idea to make a better choice. Plus you do not have to be lesbian to enjoy that kind of fun. You can enjoy the guy while not touching the lady.

Also.. if you really turn down this opportunity, you could think about your friends and share this unique opportunity you do not want with them. See what I mean 😉


This was turning from surprises to surprises. My dear friend just openly tells me she would like to join CW and his girlfriend if I were to say no. I knew she was open minded and loved sex but never suspected it was to that extent. Wonder what they were doing with her ex-bastard, correction ex-boyfriend.

Now I was sure I would not sleep any better. Having some spare time (it was only 4am) I finally took action and wrote to CW. I deleted my draft and sent this instead:

Hi CW,

Thanks for your email. I am somehow touched you are still remembering me. However, I never thought of exploring new experiences by joining a couple.
Maybe you could share with me more details about what you have in mind? Also could you tell me more about your girlfriend?

I am not saying yes (far from that).


Let us wait his reply.


An Answer To Moron

Dear Diary,

Natsumi asked today me whether I replied to CW and what was my answer. I have not replied to him as I did not think that was particularly not polite. Good manners would tell me to “forget” that email and make it as I never received it.

I drafted this:

Hi CW,

Thanks for your email. I guess I should feel somehow honored you are still remembering me. However, I am not interested in exploring new experiences by joining a couple.
I hope you will find that someone that will know how to give both of you the spice that you need in your couple life.


PS: No worry. Your email did not shock me

(Yeah right it did not shock me)

Tomorrow I send it.