Asumi Sex School – Sky’s Application Form

Dear Diary,

“Teacher Asumi” is back. Asumi Sex school just enrolled a new student.

Please welcome Sky! Let me share with you, dear readers, his application below.

Now, back to work for Teacher Asumi. Let me prepare his first assignment ūüėČ



Student details:

First Name:
Date of Birth:
April 1989
Marital status:
Name and age of siblings if applicable:
Education background:
Honors degree
Name of current employer:
Current position:

Additional information: In order for the school to better cater to your learning needs as a student, please answer the following questions in the number of words given into brackets:

1. How many people are staying with you? 5 people

2. Why have you chosen Asumi Sex School as your school? (200 words)¬†I chose Asumi Sex School is because i love the stories that Ms. Asumi share on the blog. It showed Ms Asumi is a knowledgeable teacher and impart her knowledge to students who are interested in the field of sex. She made me feel excited to join the programme as i would like to learn more about my sexuality and how i can use it to satisfy others and myself. I always curious this field but i don’t have a person to guide me or ask to. So, i felt the Asumi Sex School is a great place for me to enhance my knowledge and experiences.

3. Describe your physical features you prefer? (200 words)¬†I had a normal asian guy look. average height and with a average weight. I’m not muscular type but just look balance with my height and a little bit chubby. Beside, i also not a hairy style but with a clean and neat look.

4. How many sexual partners have you had?¬†I’ve only had sex once. However, I’ve had sexual relations with others girls but did not have intercourse but jz loads of foreplay or oral.

5. How old were you when you had your first encounter? Who was it with? 18yo and is 1 of my friend.

6. Describe in 500 words your best sexual experience.¬†My best sexual experience was with a girl I first sex with. She was my first experience but I wasn’t her as she had lot more experienced. We met in her house, and playing computer. Then, she put her hand on my tight and goes to my crotch. I turned hard¬†immediately¬†and my hand in on her breast. We kissed and then went to the bathroom. We quickly removed each other bottom. I slid my finger into her wet pussy and kissing her as well. Her pussy is dripping the juice while i fingering her. She play my rock hard toy up and down while i fingered her. After that, we get into the¬†missionary position and she guide my toy into her wet hole. I felt my foreskin being¬†flipped¬†while pass through the¬†¬†vagina and the hymen. It felt¬†Incredible. As i reached the deepest and she is moaning. We do it all the way until we both cummed together.

7. What are you looking for in this program (200 words)? I would like to let my teacher know my deepest fantasies and ask her advise on whether they would be suitable for others. I also would like to learn new ways to pleasure myself, while letting my teacher criticise my usual ways of pleasing myself. I love to read story and comic but not really know to write the story. I also got many of question that would like to ask teacher. and i really felt i dunno how to social with other people and cannot date any girls lately. So i would like teacher can give some tips about it.

8. List down 5 of your fantasies and describe in at least 500 words your favourite. 

a. Teacher-student fantasy
b. 3p fantasy
c. Friends fantasy
d. living in the world that no betray and with trusted friend
e. a guy who serve girls
Description: I’ll like to be an obedient. I like to be 1 or more girls together or seeing the girls play themselves.

9. List down any sexual act who do not want to perform during the program. This last can be as long as needed and is deemed exhaustive: any act not listed will be considered as allowed.

b. Anal
c. abnormal sex

My Usual Friday Mood

I am so horny.
I can’t wait to leave the office and go back home to play with myself.

6.50: I messages Jasline to meet up tonight. She can’t ūüė¶
7.10: Reached home. First thing I did was to remove all my clothes and go straight to the bathroom for a shave down there. I am now going for a run. I am wondering whether I am masochist as I know my pussy is going to be very sensitive when I am going to run after the shave.. Well I love building up my excitement for a huge release later. Can’t wait.
Talk to you after my run.

[Picture] – An Old Picture At Friend’s BBQ

Dear Readers,

Today, I found an old picture of mine. I thought of sharing it with you: I know lots of you have been asking for me to share more pictures.

It was taken by an ex-boyfriend (I used to have a social life and have a stable boyfriend back then) at a friend’s bbq. I did not realise at that time I was showing a bit too much ūüėČ
Don’t worry, I stopped worrying this kind of G string: no more cotton-colourul ones. Now I only wear black or red lacy underwears



S Customer – Round 2

Dear Readers,

On Monday, S called me to check whether I was free on Thursday night: the guy from Hong Kong was coming to town.

She told me the guy was insistent in wanting to meet me. He requested that I made myself available on that night. I would join him for drinks after his dinner with his business partners. So I had to make my calendar fit his; which I did. Anyway I was free on Thursday.

S had a meeting with him at her office on Wednesday morning before treating him for lunch. Early afternoon, she called me to tell me he kept mentioning that he wanted to meet me.

We finally met on Thursday at Kudeta. His partners already left. When I joined him at his table, he told me he was extremely delighted to spend some time with me. He kept thinking about me since we last met and he would have been very disappointed should we have not met. Our first drink was finished in no time and he suggested we should have our next one in his room.

After he closed the door of his room, he spanked me and told me to help myself. Not knowing what I was supposed to do, I went to the bathroom to touch up a bit. When I went out he had already taken off his clothes: we were not supposed to have another drink after all.

Him: Asumi, can I call you Joan?

Me: Who is she?

Him: I’d rather keep it to myself

Me: Look, I don’t know any Joan and I really don’t care who she is. Most probably I would never see her. So just tell me who she is and not only you could call me Joan but I promise I would act as if I were her.

He added ashamed that she is my ex-wife’s daughter.
Me: Oh my, you are some little pervert my dear… I like.

I smiled and sia that we had a deal. I gave him my word he could call me Joan. After a short silence, I asked me what he wanted me to do and whether she called him daddy.

Him: No. I refused her calling me daddy. It was making me uncomfortable. I was not her real dad. Also I kept thinking about us doing things. It made me feel so bad. She would just call me by my name.

I was totally turned on by playing the role of a naughty step-daughter turning. I really got straight into it without having any idea where my inspiration was coming from.

Me: For a few years, you have been taking such a good care of mama and myself. You could have been nice to mama only. After all she is the one you married. Yet, you have continuously been caring to the both of us and I would like to repay you. But as you know, my student jobs don’t pay me much and I can’t buy any expensive gift.

Then I went on telling him that Even though I had no money I might have another way to show him my gratitude. I added kinkily while slowly moving to him:

Me: A way a girl like me can thank a man like you.

Him: I see what you mean but I can’t. What would mama say? It is wrong.

Me: I don’t think she would find it wrong. She would be touched to see I am trying my best to thank you for all your support.

I then starting unbuttoning my shirt and I next unzipped my skirt that delicately fell on the thick carpet if the hotel room.

Me: simply tell me to stop if you want me to.

Since he remained silent, I went to sit next to him on the edge of the bed and showed him my back.

Me: Remember you bought me this bra some time ago. Can you open it for me, please?

Once my boobs were free, I stood up and removed my panties.

Me: Do you like what you see? Do I look like mama?

Before he could say anything I continued:

Me: Now you have to tell me what to do… I am not used to this kind of things.

He then instructed me to start with playing with his toy. When I laid my hands on it, it was already hard. After a few strokes I brought my mouth to its tip. Soon it was covering it in whole.

The foreplay did not last for super long. He told Joan a few times what to do: roll the condoms on it making sure not to scratch it with my nails, slowly spread my leg, moan or go on my four…

We had a good time. I enjoyed playing this overzealous girl of his. Honestly, I would not mind playing her again ūüôā


Readers’ Contributions – Staplerman

Dear Reader,

I am hereby bowing down to the ground… The great Staplerman wrote me a story so long ago but I had no time to log in to my computer at home. I had to wait to be on MC today to have some time and take the opportunity to do some long overdue tasks.

Without making you wait any longer, enjoy his story. It is superb as usual.



Hello to readers of Asumi’s blog, Staplerman is here with an entry depicting how Asumi and I spent New Year’s Eve together (or will spend). This story is written based on what I know of Asumi and in no way is an accurate description of her person is reality. Be it fiction or factual, I hope you guys like it. Working in a bar has its perks, and I think this entry will get you guys as hard as how wet she gets. Enjoy!


Asumi (Whatsapp): ‘Hey J, will you be working tonight? On New Year Eve?’

Me (Whatsapp): ‘Yeah. Why?’

Asumi (Whatsapp): ‘Nothing. See you later!’

Thinking that Asumi might be coming with her friends to get a drink, I didn’t think much of her questions until it was almost 12am. As the bar closes at that time, I was wondering if she was still turning up. Without any more strength for the night, I tided up the place and turned off all the lights, till the familiar shapely girl turned up at the glass door.

Asumi: ‘Still open?’

Me: ‘Haha! Not planning to let me go home huh?’

Asumi: ‘So.. you want to count down with me? Or go home?’

Me: ‘Of course with you if I can!’

She dropped her bag on the sofa and went behind the counter, where the receipt from the day’s sales finished printing. The lights were all turned off, leaving us blind except for the lights from the draft beer taps.

Right as I turned myself back at her, a pair of panties was hanging at her ankles, above those red heels she wore. Under the dim lights, her slim waist and ample side boobs were most prominent and I wasted no time in stopping what I was doing and hugged her from behind.

Me: ‘You’re not spending tonight with your friends?’

Asumi: ‘I already had too much to drink earlier. Tonight, I want to countdown with an orgasm.’

Her hands behind her worked on my jeans to free my dick and it was out after a full minute. With ten minutes to 12, there was enough time as long as I put my mind to her.

Me: ‘Let’s go over to the back. It’s too cramped here.’

She followed behind till we reached the circular sofas in the back, where she immediately got into doggie.

Asumi: ‘Let’s skip the foreplay k? I’m already wet when I am on my way down.’

Knowing my dick was still dry, she pushed my rod under her clit to let her pussy lube it up. As I moved my hips to get her juices all over, she got wetter with the small tease I was giving. As soon as I was ready, I simply moved back further and let my dick plug into her pussy, where her tightness stopped me before I could fully penetrate.

Asumi: ‘Oops! Hehe. Slowly?’

Not wanting to hurt the nice girl who decided to spend the new year with me, I entered slowly and it didn’t take too long before we were moaning in ecstasy. The perfect seal of her vagina over my long shaft, it was stimulating every area where it felt good. The occasional backward thrusts from her was soothing too, as she tried to get me to go deeper.

The slapping sounds of our bodies did not bother us as there was no CCTV, it was just pure lust and pleasure while we fucked away. As the continuous pounding took my sensitiveness away, I raised one of her knees to the backrest of the couch and let her balance on her other leg. Of course I was there to support her if she lost her balance.

With the slight relaxation of the pressure on my dick, I went faster and her fists clenched to my forceful strokes.

Asumi: ‘You feel so good inside me J!’

Suddenly, I realised we were just minutes away from the New Year, and I had to do it ‘hands-free’ to get to my phone for the radio app. It was after all, our cue to climax at the right moment.

Me: ‘It’s about two minutes away. Are you cumming?’

Asumi: ‘Yeah.. I can feel it. You?’

Me: ‘Need more time.. sorry.’

Asumi: ‘Just go all the way. Clocks are sometimes inaccurate right?’

I placed both her legs back on the couch and packed her knees together. The new tightness was driving me insane as I picked up my speed, going all the way out at the petite, well-endowed girl who was clenching and relaxing her fists to control her orgasm.

10.. 9.. 8..

That was it. I held nothing back as I grabbed her waist, hips pounding on her firm ass that was providing the cushion for a deep recoil action.

5.. 4.. 3..

Asumi (shouting): ‘I’m cumming!’

She squeezed her pussy so tight I couldn’t stand it anymore and as the radio broadcasted 2.. 1.., my gun just went off, firing non-stop into Asumi as she flipped her head backwards, groaning in a single breath as her body started shaking.

Some of the cum got pushed out of her pussy, dripping on the black felt material but it was not too much of an issue to clean it up. My dick got forced out as it shrunk and she did not move from the doggie till the cheers went off in the vicinity.

She rolled onto her back and tapped on my thighs, moving my dick to her head resting on a cushion. Her lips went over it without hesitation and sucked hungrily on it, till I had to beg her to let me rest.

Drained and exhausted, I tapped a pint of Carlsberg and finished it with her.

Asumi (panting): ‘The best New Year countdown I’ve ever had.’

She remained lying on the couch while I massaged her clit, sending her moaning sensually while she got busy on her phone.

Asumi: ‘Hey J, this country is half an hour behind us. Can we countdown again? We have more time.’

I smiled at her and she knew it was a yes. Half jerking and sucking me off, my dick regained its size and was back inside her again. This time, she made me lie down while she mounted on my dick, grinding me as fast as I was banging her earlier.

Sadly, we missed the second countdown as we lasted longer than expected, but the next two countdowns we went for was on the dot. By the time we were done, it was almost three in the morning, and she offered to sleep over at my place since she had told her roommate she would be home for the night.

Well, I didn’t have a room to myself, sharing it with my brother. Guess what happened?

Readers’ Contributions – Joseph

Dear Readers,

My Dearest friend Joseph must find me a fantastic muse as he keeps fantasising about me. Here is a new story of his featuring me with a lady friend. Nice!

The next day, I visited Asumi house to find what she did to me the previous night. When she opened her door, I gave a kiss on her lips and entered her house. With her sitting next to me,I went on asking her:

Asumi: Last night,right after you fell asleep, I licked your dick as I didn’t have enough fun yet and I couldn’t sleep. Right after that, I was wet and wanted it in me. So I inserted your dick in me while you were asleep, I was bouncing up and down on your laps. And to my surprise, you cummed in me! After that I was tired so I laid beside you and slept.

Me: Hahaha, you horny babe, can never stop having fun with me right??

Asumi: I have not had your dick in me for 3 weeks, and I missed your thick dick. By the way, are you free this christmas??

Me: Yup!! Why do you ask??

Asumi: Secret!!! I will text you the location and time later and bring your swimming trunks along as well.

Without knowing the plans, I promised and left her house after that.

Christmas night

Me: I have reached already…where are you??

Asumi: Reaching soon dear….

Just as we met up at the condominium swimming pool, I saw another lady next to her walking towards me.

Me: Who is she??

Asumi: My Friend, Ayumi. She wanted to learn swimming so I asked you to come by today is to teach her.

Me: But isnt it like late?? Its 8pm alr…

Asumi: She doesn’t want people to see her learning, that’s the reason why I arranged our meet-up at this time.

Ayumi: Hi, sorry for the trouble…

Me: It’s ok… Let’s get started then

After that, we removed our clothes revealing our swimming suits/bikini. We then entered the swimming pool with both ladies being sensitive to the cold water. While Asumi was next to me observing, I asked her to hold her breathe and go into the water. She is a pretty fast learner and managed to hold her breathe for about 40 secs. After that, I taught her the frog style and was surprised that she picked it up very quickly. We took a break at a corner of the swimming pool and Ayumi suggested that we go up to her house to bathe.

When we reached her house, we followed her into her room and they went into the bathroom. Asumi then asked me to join them and I nodded. Not knowing that Ayumi had a nice figure as it was a bit dark when we were outside swimming. Both of them removed their bikini while I removed my swimming trunks. I took the shower head and sprinkled the water on Asumi and Ayumi while both of their hands were on my dick.

The soon started covering their body with soap. Asumi then signalled Ayumi for something both of them knew what to do. With Ayumi in front of me while Asumi was behind me, Ayumi started soaping my chest with her boob while Asumi was soaping my back. The feeling of having two ladies with their boobs soaping me front and back is indescribable. Ayumi then slowly knelt down to give me a boob job, with Asumi still soaping me.

Once done, Asumi signalled her friend that she wanted to swap places with her. This time Asumi was doing the front while Ayumi was doing the back. Asumi then made her way down to my dick, giving me a second boob job. I was so turned on by them and I was enjoying this a lot. After they were all soaped, I took the shower head and sprinkled water down our bodies. I took the towel and helped to dry them up while teasing at the same time by fondling their boobs.

We walked naked out of the bathroom and laid down on Ayumi’s bed. Both of their hands went straight down to my dick, stroking it up and down endlessly. I was busy as well: my hands were on their boobs while I licked Ayumi’s nipple first. Ayumi then gave a cute moan, then switched to licking Asumi’s nipple. After I was done, both laid next to each other while my fingers did their work. My left hand was on Asumi’s clit while the right hand was on Ayumi’s and I slowly inserted my fingers into them. Both of them moaned. That turned me on even more so I increased my speed. While my fingers were busy, they were kissing each other like they were lesbians fondling each other’s boob. Once I was done, Asumi went into fours while Ayumi positioned her vagina in front of Asumi’s face while I positioned my dick at her clit. I inserted my dick slowly making her moan while she started licking Ayumi’s clit making her moan as well.

With both my hands on Asumi’s boobs increasing my pace at the same time until she chummed. I told Ayumi to swap with me this time. Asumi gave me a blowjob while Ayumi was licking her vagina. It felt so good when Asumi was licking my tip and slowly inserted my dick into her mouth. I felt the urge to cum so I begged Asumi to stop.

This time I asked Ayumi to go into fours while I positioned my dick on her clit. Asumi then went to tease her nipples by pinching them making her moan. At the same time I inserted my dick into her making her moan even louder. Increasing my pace while Asumi was busy licking her nipples, I was about to cum. I pulled my dick out of her. With both of them positioning their mouth next to each other while my dick was in between them, I cummed on Ayumi’s and Asumi’s mouth. They played with my cum in their mouth with their tongues before swallowing it.

After that I laid down on the bed, Asumi licked the semen left on my dick. Asumi then kissed Ayumi and started having sex together. I enjoyed watching what they are doing to each other with both of them fingering each other until they cummed.

Soon Ayumi and Asumi laid next to me with me in between them and soon fell asleep.

Readers’ Contribution – Joseph

Dear Readers,

Joseph is back with a nice story. I won’t hold you any longer: enjoy me in his story.

After not chatting and contacting for so long, since holidays have started I decided to pay a visit to Asumi’s house.

When I reached her house, Asumi opened the door and was shocked. She then gave me a hug whispering next to my ear:

Asumi: I want you in me, I miss you dear

We went into her room, kissing like lost lovers, slowly removing our clothes. Asumi sat on my lap, letting me to lick her right nipple while my right hand was pinching her left nipple. I can tell that she was enjoying it as she was moaning wildly. Soon she got off my lap, laying on the bed. My fingers slowly went to her pussy and it was wet *horny girl*. My index finger went in and out, while I was still licking her nipples at the same time. Her hand then went to my dick stroking it while I continued my “job”. Once she was close to climaxing, she stopped my fingers and whispered

Asumi: In me now, dear

She went into doggie position and I started penetrating her. With both my hands on her boobs, I increased my pace, making her moan loudly. Hitting her G-spot whenever I went in, she cummed. After 2 minutes I felt the urge to cum so I slowed down.

Asumi knew that I was cumming then said

Asumi: Cummm inn..meee

Soon, gushes of cum entered her vagina and I was completely tired. She then started to lick the cum left on my dick while I was trying to catch my breath. Once she was done, she laid next to me on the bed asking me to stay for the night.

Due to the exhaustion, I soundly slept next to her. Next morning, I was awaken by an unusual feeling around my crotch area. Then I saw Asumi giving me a boob job. A grin was seen from her face and she said:

Asumi: You like it dear??

Not answering her I nodded and pointed at her bathroom. We entered the bathroom and she turned on the showerhead. Helping her soap upper part of her body while her hands was busy on my dick. She then rubbed her chest all over my body, turning me on even more. After that, she gave me another boob job to keep it clean. Knowing that she wants it in her, I slowly inserted my dick making her moan and I started banging her. She was moaning non-stop as I was increasing my pace. Soon I was having the urge to cum. I slowly pulled myself out of her and cummed on her butt.

After drying each other, I asked her what she did to me last night right after I fell asleep. She then giggled and said:

Asumi: You come tmr then I tell you hehehe

It has been 3 months that I have last seen her, and yet she is still open to me. Such a lucky guy.

In Celebration of DIY

Dear Readers,

A good oldie that expresses just what I feel today.

We-hell-I see them every night in tight blue jeans –
In the pages of a blue boy magazine
Hey I’ve been thinking of a new sensation
I’m picking up – good vibration –
Oop – she bop
Do I wanna go out with a lion’s roar
Huh, yea, I wanna go south n get me some more
Hey, they say that a stitch in time saves nine
They say I better stop – or I’ll go blind
Oop – she bop – she bop
She bop–he bop–a–we bop
I bop–you bop–a–they bop
Be bop–be bop–a–lu–she bop,
I hope He will understand
She bop–he bop–a–we bop
I bop–you bop–a–they bop
Be bop–be bop–a–lu–she bop,
Oo–oo–she–do–she bop–she bop
(whistle along here)…
Hey, hey – they say I better get a chaperone
Because I can’t stop messin’ with the danger zone
No, I won’t worry, and I won’t fret
Ain’t no law against it yet
Oop – she bop – she bop
She bop – he bop – we bop…

Cindi Lauper